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13 July 04

Simone next to the Mack wagon when we use to be cool.

Simone next to the Mack wagon when we use to be cool.

Found out Chatty got evicted from her section 8 spot in N.L Village, now she stays in Parkside with her moms.

Anita Called and wanted me to dick her down today.

I’ve been lookin for Tia for the past month. The last time I talked to her she was on the verge of getting evicted from her spot. I told her to holla at me in about 2 weeks because I may have some work for her. I dropped her off over her moms crib across town with her 5 kids and I ain’t seen her since. The rumor is that Tia was stealin money and county checks from her friends, including her once main friend and partner, Alexxxis. I asked Alexxxis about the rumor and she said it was true. Alexxxis tells me that Tia is hiding out over her mommas house because, she knows that there are a couple of people lookin for her and want to whoop her ass.

Ice, Mz Vee and Chocolate called and wanted to serve daddy. I told em all that I’ll holla back at em later.

Tiffany called and is sweating me about some pix of her and Sparkle. I took her the pix about 10:30 and heard through her that the police was lookin for Simone and Sparkle. John called also and said Sparkle called and was begging him for money to get a hotel to hide out for the night. H e also learned that Vanilla Thrill a.k.a Crackhead Mary was picked up by the police and was questioning her about there alleged involvement in check cashing scams. John told Sparkle he could’nt fuck with her since she was possibly wanted for a felony and he was about to be aiding and abetting a potential felon.

This shyt just gets more looney by the minute.


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