Law 13: “The 48 Laws of Power.”


Law 13: Taken from “The 48 Laws of Power.” Pg 95

“When asking for help, appeal to people’s self interest, never to their mercy or gratitude.”

“If you need to turn to an ally for help do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds. He will find a way to ignore you. Instead uncover something in your request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion. He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.”

Sometimes if I’m really wanting to exercise my power muscles with some of my models I’ll do a little experiment. It ain’t no mystery that I pay alot of the ladies for work and sometimes I’ll play the Nice Guy role and hit them with free money just because I like to treat my girls right. And if you know how to work the Nice Guy role the ladies will bend over backwards to please you and treat you like a Gawd damn King. Now remember I said “If you know how to work the Nice Guy Role”. Allot of cats don’t know how to work the Nice guy image and get walked on and played. There are tricks and rules which must be applied carefully when using the “Nice Guy” approach.

Most of the females I fuck with have their minds set on little shyt. They often don’t see the Big picture. They often live day to day and don’t stress about what happens in a week or a month from now. If they think they can game me or hustle me for 20,50 or 100 dollaz in the immediate present, then you best believe they gonna do it. And I often count on this shortsightedness. But hold up…I’m getting off track ,let me get back to the subject at hand.

Like I said I like to test a female at times to see how much she will be worth to me in the long run. And that usually starts with me giving them some money with no strings attached. Or we will do a Video shoot and I’ll tell them you have to do this or that for the cheese and then I’ll let them slide without doing the whole performance. Now most oftentimes the female will want to do the whole performance just because I’ve laid the Mack groundwork before the video shoot. And the female often wants to please me to the fullest. But sometimes me and a female have personality conflicts or dominance issues which needs to be addressed. And the best way to deal with a chick like this is to appeal to her own self interest, Never, ever, ever bring up the fact that you did this for her or did that for her and she owes you for tyrin to look out for her when she was hungry or he baby needed some pampers. Don’t ever whine or beg a bytch to be compensated for you playin a trick role. Instead of that tactic use the obverse. Just remind her in a subtle way that the world is a better place with you in it than not in it. Let her know that if you stay in her life she will be well taken care of and looked after. When she sees you, she gotta see a way out of the bullshyt of life. You gotta represent Hope, a wondrous adventure, a gawd damn broke bytchez dream! Now whether you decide to deliver on her hopes and dreams is up to you, I usually don’t like to deliver to much, I just give em enough to keep them chasin me.See below an example of what I’m talkin about. This is me on the phone with a female talkin about a video shoot. I’m tryin to get her to do work for no money at all. Check out how I test the waters with a female and then peep how a buster would handle the situation.

The Mack Approach:

3XL: What up Girl? Where yo fine ass been?

Tina: Nowhere,I been here stuck since my car broke down last week. I need some money to get it fixed.

3XL: Damn baby what happened to the money I hit you wit last week? You know you should of taken care of business with that cheese instead of spendin it on them broke ass Niccaz you be fuck’n wit.

Tina: I know, but if you hit me up with some more money, I’ll promise to use it to take care of business this time.

3XL: You tryin to tell me yo family, yo friends and yo damn Boyfriend can’t put enough money together to take care of you and make sure you got food on the table and a car for transportation?

Tina Nah, we all fucked up over here.

3XL: So you want daddy to bail you out again, huh? Well I’ll have to think on that. You know how I like to please the ladies and take care of fine muthafukkaz like yoself. And you know I can help you out like I have in the past and like I’ve helped alot of ya girl friends, but I’m looking to handle some business right now myself. And I was wondering can you help a Nicca out. I was gonna call Monique but she don’t appreciate a Nicca like you do, and I’m cuttin loose all these unappreciative bytchez. I’m only tryin to have top notch honies on my roster. You know when I gave Monique that ride to children’s services last week, she had the nerve to act funky when I dropped her off just because I couldn’t pick her up as well. I said catch the bus back or call baby daddy, but I got shyt to do. Here I am doin shyt her muthafukkin man should be doin and she wanna gawd damn trip on me?

Tina: Ahh, she know she wrong for doin that, I don’t know what’s wrong with these girls actin like that. You know me and you cool, I don’t ever call you unless it’s an emergency and I really appreciate the help you give. I’m not like the rest of these girls.

3XL: I’m glad you feel that way, that’s the kind of attitude I’m lookin for. You know later on this week I’m gettin some females together for a bachelor party and there will be alot of Ball’n type Niccaz at the spot and a female could make alot of cheese if I chose to bring her along for the ride. But I’m only bringing the females I think deserve to be put on. Them ungrateful bytchez can stay home.

Tina: Ooohhhh, I know you taken me right?! I need that money!

3XL: I’ll tell you what, I need a video shoot today in the park, and it won’t take long, you down for that?

Tina: How much I’m gettin paid?

3XL: Ain’t no payment, I’m just on some freak shyt and want to get freaked. But you know I’ll take care of you some way or another, have I ever let you down? Let’s just have some fun.

Tina: Are you serious?

3XL: You down or what?

Tina: Okay, what time?

3XL: A.S.A.P

The Buster approach

Buster: What up Girl? Where yo fine ass been?

Tina: Nowhere, I been here stuck since my car broke down last week. I need some money to get it fixed.

Buster: Damn baby what happened to the money I hit you wit last week? Why you waste that money that I gave you? Your priorities is all fucked up. That’s why I don’t help ya’ll females with shyt ya’ll just fuck up money. 

Tina: I know, but if you hit me up with some more money, I’ll promise to use it to take care of business this time.

Buster: This time? Nah you owe me big time for the last chunk of change I gave you. I put some serious money in your pocket and I think you should show me some love.

Tina:I thought you gave me that money with no strings attached?

Buster: It was, but all i’m sayin is when you gonna show me the same love I show you? I go all out and try and make sure your taken care of but every now and then I think you should show me the same love. I feel you owe me some attention.

Tina: I don’t owe you nothin, you never said anything about payin you back. Why you playin games?

Buster: Ain’t playin no games, I’m just wonderin when you gonna help me out? I helped you out so I think you should try and do the same for me.

Tina: What do you want from me?!

Buster: I’ll tell you what, I need a video shoot today in the park, and it won’t take long, you down for that?

Tina: You want me to get down for free?

Buster: You down or what?

Tina: Well I got some stuff to do today and I don’t have a baby sitter. Holla at me tomorrow and I may be able to do something.

Needless to say she ain’t gonna call yo pathetic ass back.

First of all never go into trick mode! All that beggin shyt must stop if you gonna ever get a female to act right. Don’t be sayin a broad owes you shyt if you freely give them money. You just end up lookin like a lame. The purpose of giving away the money is to show that you have power and pull and can get shyt done. And if you give it freely it will work. But if you try and directly get compensation it makes you look desperate and weak. Woman more than anything want a muthafukka that can get shyt done. And they want a Nicca that’s about Bizness. It’s in their nature to submit to a man who can provide for them.

Did you see how I compared myself to her family, friends and her man? Did you see how I made sure she knew that I alone had the power to help her? Did you see how I compared her to the other model Monique? Monique is ungrateful but I made sure I let Tina know that I thought she was nothing like that. She was good and appreciative. Did you see how I dangled other money making opportunities in front of her face? You have to make it obvious that it isn’t in her best interest to alienate or disappoint you. You have to make her fear losing the one thing in her life that is bigger and better than anything going on in her life at that given time. Now some would say what the fuck is the difference? You gave a bytch free money, now you gettin her to do a free video shoot? That Video shoot isn’t really free then if you gave her free money earlier that month. And that’s absolutely right. But if you play ya cards right, you can get to the point of doin all kinds of free video shyt in succession without ever paying them again. It’s a gamble no doubt, but I usually come out way ahead. So remember don’t beg a bytch for shyt and don’t appeal to their gratitude, kindness or generosity. Self interest in the best way to motivate people.

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