The Alpha Bytch.




In the course of doing this cyber-pimp’n you gonna meet many types of females. Your gonna have to have the ability to out maneuver and outwit all of them by knowing their nature. Today’s lesson is gonna be on the most irritating broad that I deal with on occasion. I like to call her the Alpha Bytch! I once heard “The Dean” from the “Pussywhipped Show” refer to some of the females he meets in the clubs in the same manner. And once he described what they were about and how they perceive themselves and others, I knew that he was a brotha that knew his shyt. Plus I thought it interesting that we had coined the same phrase for females like this.
An Alpha bytch is just simply a broad who thinks that she is the best, the brightest, the sexiest piece of ass on the planet. She often gets by on her looks and she is use to being the center of attention. If she is at home, in the club or at church, she is used to men looking past her friends to get to her. All her friends look to her for guidance, strength and support. Her word is law among her immediate circle of female friends and associates. She often manipulates men and gets her way just because she looks so fly. She ain’t use to the word “No”, and will often throw a fit or a tantrum if her needs are not met. She will give you major attitude if you are not catering to her needs or acknowledging her importance or beauty. Now I believe “The Dean” says that Alpha bytchez don’t have to be sexy or the flyest chick in the crew, but I tend to disagree. The whole Alpha bytch persona is usually built upon the principle that this particular female is first in everything. She is use to getting what she wants, when she wants. Now how many ugly hoes you know can get that shyt off? My definition of an Alpha bytch is that she is first in EVERYTHING, and nothing goes down without her consent.

Now you may have ugly hoes that are the head of many female crews, but they ain’t get’n as much dick as the females they are leading. In fact ugly hoes put out a concentrated effort to cock block dudes from get’n at her friends due to jealousy and envy. Them ugly hoes more than likely rose to top position in their crew because they got money, or they can scrap. But an ugly hoe can’t be a true Alpha Bytch because she secretly wants and desires to be just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the females she has taken charge of. A REAL ALPHA BYTCH got all the bases covered when it comes to being recognized as top Pussy in her crew and she knows it. Now a TRUE ALPHA BYTCH will cock block and stand in the way of her girls get’n play but for a totally different reason an ugly Alpha ho would. The cock block tendencies of a fine Alpha bytch is predicated upon her believing that she alone is deserving of praise and admiration. While the ugly broad blocks because she is aware that she is always the last choice and if she can’t get laid, NOBODY will get laid. The funny thing is the Pretty alpha broad works towards the same goal, she believes that if she can’t have action, no one can have action either. But both these chicks are operating from two different perspectives, but come to the same conclusion. And both are easily manipulated if you have some common sense.

Now I’m gonna speak on this subject as a cyber-pimp and not some Nicca that’s out to get pussy. You can take this info and apply it to a “get at some pussy” situation quite easily. But my goal is to make a bytch get down on video and get some dividends out they ass. I ain’t gonna delve into how to make an ugly broad get down, because I ain’t looking to make no downright ugly chicks apart of my stable. My only concern is to get at them Alpha hoes that’s always trying to fuck up my game. And of course the whole concept of ugly and fine is relative. You can take the prettiest bytch in one crew of freaks, and set her down next to another crew of bytchez, and she might look like a mut compared to the ugliest chick in that crew. Or the obverse is true. You can take the ugliest broad in one crew and set her down in another clique of chicken heads and she will look like a star because that batch of freaks is just way too busted. So when I’m speak’n on pretty and ugly, I’m basically speaking of the standards within that group of particular females.

Now the Alpha Bytch is the type of broad that really cracks me up because typically she ain’t really that smart. She the type of chick that thinks that she is smarter than she really is. She will often challenge me on actually believing that she knows more about the adult web master/porn game than I do. She often accuses me of underhanded dirty deeds when it comes to model negotiations of fees. She thinks that all internet models get residuals and steady weekly income from doing one photo or video shoot on a web site. You try and explain to her that it ain’t like that and she still persist in making an ass out of herself by saying” Uh huh, I know they get paid like that! I got a friend of a friend who got a cousin who does it and that’s how she get paid!” Man, I hate these dumb ass hoes.

These the type chicks that try and baffle you with bullshyt on a regular basis. They are so use to getting their way all the time because they rarely ever get challenged on alot of shyt, because they have above average looks. So when a Nicca like me calls their bluff and makes them put up or shut up, they really ain’t that slick with deception. They get caught up in the lies that they tell, which further infuriates them and makes them cuss you out and call you names. These broads tend to be bold and brash since all their lives their good looks have protected and shielded them from alot of ass whippins. They have a false sense of reality and think that they are invincible and unconquerable and they can’t even comprehend being on the losing end of anything. They can’t fathom being second place or finishing behind anybody in any way, shape, form or fashion. And this is the Achilles’ Heel that we will exploit.

Once again this technique is being employed from a cyber-pimp perspective to get a bytch to bite onto my hustle. But this tactic can also be used to just wrangle in some pussy you just wanna fuck on. Now this is the scenario playaz, you see a dime piece that you wanna shoot game at and get some video action out of that ass. You already know that freaks that look this good are actually the most insecure creatures walk’n the hood due to your seasoned Mack powers. You know that to ignore her and not compliment her on how good she looks will drive a broad like this insane. This chick’s existence is all wrapped up in her looks. Niccaz have been suck’n on her tits ever since she could remember just because she looks so fuck’n good. She gets what she wants, when she wants all the time because she got a phat ass, perky tits and an Angel face.

A Mack will take this positive that she has and use it against her and it will become a negative. Remember that she sees herself as flawless so you gotta insinuate that she ain’t nothing but a pile of dog shyt. This will scramble her circuits and she will have a fuck’n meltdown trying to comprehend what is wrong with her, or what is wrong with you. Now pay attention to how I implement my diabolical plan step by step.


1. Make sure she knows who you are: In order to effectively use this tactic a broad gotta see you have star power. She gotta know that you are someone special or to be reckoned with. You gotta have some sort of clout in order to make her wanna be associated with you or be acknowledged by you. An Alpha bytch will get irritated even if a so-called noth’n ass Nicca ignores her. But if a Nicca that has much clout and pull ignores her it will drive her insane. So make sure you have already planted the seeds of your dominance, importance and relevance before you try to implement any other steps. Now you can still wrangle in the Alpha broad even if you really don’t have star power, it’s just gonna take alot more work. So don’t get discouraged because your not a locally known cyber-pimp that alot of females fuck with.

2. Get at her while her female friends are around: The plan that is going to be implemented requires that she is in the company of other woman. This is done to ignite her competitive drive to out do and dominate all the other woman. Your plan won’t be effective unless she sees competition for your attention or affection. So only work your magic while she is around other females that you know she feels superior to. She has to feel challenged or threatened by her female counter parts to maximize your pull on her. If she doesn’t feel threatened or challenged that her prize (you) will be snatched up, then your plan will be ineffective.

3. Establish a pecking order of importance: This is also crucial because you need to make the Alpha Bytch feel like shyt. And the only way to do that is to elevate all others above her. And the pecking order all starts with you! You have to be the big dawg, you have to be the muthafukk’n man. It’s important to command a powerful presence in a room full of females to get them salivating over the prospect of being with or down with you. You gotta know and believe that you are in charge. If you don’t believe it in your soul, then the females won’t believe or buy it either.

Then talk and mingle with those who you feel are important. Remember this the type of chick that is use to being the center of attention and being at the top of the food chain. Your job is to let her know that she is about as important as a one celled organism. You belittle her and let her know that she is low on your list of importance by not even looking at her. Don’t speak to her. Walk past her like she is a fuck’n ghost. But all the while acknowledge and speak to everyone else, especially the so-called ugly chicks. By this time she gonna be check’n you out real hard because she ain’t used to no Nicca just walk’n past her and not speak’n. She ain’t used to no Nicca not flapp’n his gums about how phat her ass is, or how pretty her eyes are. Right about now her pussy is get’n wet.

4. Spoil the other females: Let the Alpha bytch see you treat the other ladies like they are important. This is easy for a cyber-pimp because I often stop by some of my freaks houses and give em money just because I feel like it. And If I see a female in the room that I wanna get at, I make sure she sees me break bread with the other chicks. Remember all females are material by nature. They want the best of everything! They want the best clothes, cars, and housing or at least a man that has all that. Always know that the prime motivating force in most woman’s lives is to seek and find a provider or a man with material wealth. They are hard wired to seek this out. Also remember that a man’s prime motivation is pussy. He only wants the best material shyt so that he can get at the best pussy.

Once the Alpha bytch sees you shower other woman with material things she will want to fuck up that flow. She will try and think of ways to block the next bytch from get’n the spoils. And when I say give them rich’s I ain’t talk’n about no big loot. Nicca it can be a fuck’n 5 dolla bill and that will be enough in most instances to ignite the hater in the blood of an Alpha bytch. Remember it ain’t so much the money and the material shyt. It’s all about her being ignored, played and being put in last place.

Soon you’ll see her moving close to you and trying to get next to you. You’ll see her trying to get in your face in hopes that you will acknowledge her. If you don’t speak then she will make the first move and greet you and introduce herself. Once she does this you know she is hooked.

5. Play the rest of the females against The Alpha bytch: Make sure that you make sly comparisons between the other chicks in the crew and the Alpha bytch. Always compliment the other females and give them good compliments. But never give the Alpha bytch any love. Never give her a good word. Always nit pick and find flaws in her looks. If you can’t find a flaw then make one up dammit. Remember you want her to work for your approval. You want her to prove herself worthy of being in your presence. The only way to do this is to make sure she knows that she is not good enough to hold your attention. She must always second guess herself and her position when she is around you. She has hardly ever had to do this in her life, and this alone will draw her to you. This will excite her due to the fact that she is not in CONTROL and she finds herself excited about that prospect. She will see you as a real man and a real challenge to overcome and conquer. She won’t see you in the same light as the many men that came before you. All the other men in her life catered to her and kissed her ass, but here you are treating her like a bucket of shit.

It’s critical to let her see you compliment and shower the other chicks with praise and affection. Her natural Alpha bytch drive will kick in and seek to steal those very same praises for herself and reclaim her Alpha bytch status.

6. Always make her come to you, or make the first move: This is very important also. In this world of Master and Slave you must establish who is weak and who is strong. The weaker of the two will always run towards the strong. The weaker of the two will always first initiate conversation. You always wanna have her come to you, you always wanna have her speak first. You always wanna have her call you on the phone. Never call her or ask her for shyt. Let her chase you, but never allow her to catch you until she is ready to submit to your will.

7. Don’t give her anything!!!: She is on restriction until she falls in line with your agenda. She gets nothing. Only good ladies with good attitudes get treats. And a good attitude is all about a woman say’n “Yes” to damn near what ever you want. Until she gets the word “No” out of her vocabulary, she is to be treated like pond scum!

8. Be audacious and bold!!! In other words just don’t give a fuck: If you gonna fuck with a Alpha bytch you can’t be timid or scared. These broads have strong wills and personalities that are hard to ware down. That’s why I’m hit’n ya’ll with the biggest chink in their amour through this technique. Their main weakness will always be tied to their beauty, if you can call that into question, you have the battle half won.

When you fuck’n with these chicks you have to always remember that they are the ones that usually tell people what to do. They are usually the ones giving commands. So you gotta flip the script. Don’t ever ask her to do shyt, always give her orders. If you in the crib with her and you are thirsty, don’t ask her to get you some drank. TELL her to go and get you some drank. You don’t ask for, or about shyt! You TELL her to jump and she better say “How High”. I repeat never ask her to do shyt. Always give an order or a command to do what you want. She will dig this since she has met few men who come at her so hard. Her whole life she been kick’n Niccaz emotions around like soccer balls, now here you come treat’n her like raw sewage. I repeat, the pussy will get wet.

Now in the event that she flips on you for talk’n to her like a child, just fuck’n leave and don’t look back. Don’t argue, fuss or fight. You only argue, fuss and fight with broads that matter. Show her that you can give less than a fuck if you ever see her again and just leave. This will fuck her head up since you are not putting up a fight to stay and work shyt out. This shows how meaningless and worthless she is to you and it will further make her respect and become more attracted to you. Chances are she will call you that night begging to suck your balls.


Now the whole point of me going through all this shyt with one of these Alpha broads is to break them down enough so she will wanna get close to this Fat Nicca and get all my attention and all this Fat Mack’n. My aim is to put her on video and make her part of my stable of MackCity Freaks. Now your goal may be to just get her hungry enough to get with you so you can hit the pussy. It can all be done if you follow the instructions above.

Now understand that there ain’t nothing that is full proof and will work 100 percent of the time. You have many factors and circumstances to deal with in order to effectively implement this shyt. Some times I can get the job done with just one of these encounters, sometimes it takes 3 or 4. But every female I have hit with it hot and heavy has succumbed to it. Remember that the main points of this exercise is to belittle them emotionally in the eyes of their peers and make them prove their worth to you. I know it sounds like bullshyt and you probably thinking the shyt would never work. Well bruh, your right! It won’t work if you believe it won’t! You gotta have faith and believe in yourself to make shyt happen bruh. No amount of reading and analyzing the thought patterns of woman will get you any play if you don’t believe in your ability to utilize the knowledge. So the most important ingredient in whatever you do is to have Faith in one’s self to make anything happen. Once you eliminate doubt, their ain’t one piece of ass on this planet that you can’t have.


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