Law 21: “The 48 Laws of Power”



Play a fool to catch a fool.

“The 48 Laws of Power” Law 21 pg 156

“No one likes feeling more stupid than the next person. The trick then is to make your victims feel smart- and not just smart, but smarter than you are. Once convinced of this they will never suspect that you have ulterior motives.”

29 June 04

This is one of my favorite tactics. Since I’m a big cuddley teddy Bear type Nicca, I’m often seen as harmless and sometimes even gullible. I am in my mid 30’s and often get carded everywhere I go. I have a young look’n baby face that gives the illusion of innocents. Peep the wisdom my brothaz. Always pay attention to your face, body type and personality. Study in great detail how others perceive you. Once you have studied this in-depth, then you will be ready to decide what sort of image you can best portray to others to gain power and control. I use to try and gorilla Pimp and be all serious and stern. I used to try to be cold and unfeeling. But the females just didn’t buy it. First of all I’m not a cold heartless type Nicca and females are very intuitive and know when a Nicca is frontin and playin a role. And second I just don’t look the part. I’m a fat jolly lookin brotha, I look like I should be everybody’s friend. I look like I’m the type of guy you can depend on. On the real, all the bytches think I’m square as fuck when they see me. I don’t send off no Thug vibe or any sort of air of danger. When the ladies meet me they think of me as a big brother type Nicca who will always be around to help them out. I studied their reactions to me very closely to know the role I should play when I first step to a female on some Mack shyt. I watch for their reactions when I spoke, moved or gestured. I finally understood that my role was not to try and intimidate or cold heartedly use these females. But my role was to be “The Nice Guy”. I’m using this phrase because it gives you an idea of what my personality is when I get my Mack on, but I really don’t like that term. “Nice Guys always finish last when it comes to females, and I finish ahead of the game, so I’m not a fucking Nice Guy. I’m a Smart Guy.

I’m explaining to you what my persona is so that you understand that only certain types of cats can get this next tactic off real well. And I’m the type of guy that uses this tactic like a fuckin switch blade. Yes my brothas it’s the ol”Play a fool to catch a fool “tactic. Or as the 48 laws of Power book would say “Play a sucker to catch a sucker-seem dumber than your mark.” Law 21 pg 156. Now if you the type of Nicca that commands much respect and people tremble in fear every time you walk in a room, this is not a good tactic for you. Your whole reputation is built on absolute domination and intimidation. And you really don’t want any one to think for one moment that they can game you and hustle you without serious retaliation. Chances are, not too many muthafukkaz are gonna cross you or try and game you, so this tactic will rarely be used by the Gorilla Pimp type nicca. But brothers who are perceived as educated and not so street wise can employ this tactic with great ease on a woman of the streets.

The word around town about me from most females was that I was an easy trick. I was easy to game. I was gullible. But like I said about most these chicks, they are shortsighted and can’t see the big picture. I’m a gawd damn Falcon, playa. I have a birds eye view of all the shyt in my circle. The first thing that always gets them thinking I’m square is just the way I talk. I was raised in a white suburb from age 5 to age 13. So I have what most Niccaz call “Proper Talk”. Bytchez get decieved by this real quick. They fail to realize that from age 13 to now I’ve been raised in the Damn Ghetto, but the Ghetto doesn’t come out in my speech or diction. So most these project females are thinking I’m a Nerd, bookworm, no street smarts type Nicca. They couldn’t be further from the fuck’n truth.

Now let’s get back to why they would think I’m a trick, or why I am gullible. If a female calls me and says ” Daddy, I need your help bad. I’m over here and I don’t have no food, can you please drop me off a 20 dollar bill so I can feed myself and my baby?” Now most Niccaz would tell her “Go suck a dick bytch you ain’t playin me.” Because most Niccaz know that bytchez like this most often times only want money to buy weed or some drink. 9 times out of 10 they just tryin to hustle a Nicca and tryin to run game. But I’m the type of Nicca that don’t really give a fuck why they want the 20. 20 dollaz ain’t shyt to me, so it really won’t stress me to give it up. But now ya’ll niccaz is sayin “Nah man fuck that, it ain’t about the money, it’s the principle.” Let me ask you this my dawg, would you lose a single battle to win the whole war? Well that’s the type of shyt i’m on. I don’t stress the minor battles that I may be perceived as losing because I know that I will win the whole war. In war you sacrifice regiments and battalions in order to achieve total and absolute victory.

So now females is runnin all ovah the projects braggin about how she called me up and got me to run over her house and give her some money in the middle of the night. Ya’ll know most these females want to be seen as the one juic’n or playin the so-called player(me). So they talk all sorts of shyt about how I’m stupid and how I’m always runnin over helpin them out. But gawd damn playa, I really ain’t doin shyt for em. 5 dollaz here 10 dollaz there…. a 20 spot here again. To them 5,10 or 20 dollaz is a lot of money when you live in public housing and your rent is 7 dollaz.

So how can this benefit me? What could I possibly get out of having females believe that I’m gullible and i’m quick to put cash in they hand with every sob story? Isn’t it obvious? If they live in the projects and they have friends, don’t you think they gonna tell their friends about the big sugar daddy type nicca that they think they playin? And if their friends find out don’t you think they gonna want a piece of the action? What project female can resist the thought of their own personal traveling ATM machine? Before you know it my phone is ringing off the hook with females who I don’t know wanting to get on my team in the hopes of getting a piece of the pie. I went ahead and played a stupid fool or so-called lost a battle to win the war (get more model material). So this eliminates the need for me to go out and actually find the females myself, instead of me goin to them, they come to me. And that’s what I want. So I didn’t lose shyt. I played the game and got what I wanted in true Mack fashion. But like I said, it all depends on you and your personality and style. Everyone can use this tactic from time to time. But Niccaz like me will have the most success at it. Now also allow me to say that I have some model chicks I fuck wit that call me and are for the most part legit with their requests. They don’t try and game me, they keep it all the way real. And these females act as my spies or double agents in the projects…but I ain’t gonna get into that. Just remember that everybody that seems to have a low I.Q may just be playin you and really make’n you out to be the slow muthafukka.

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