Mackcity: An analysis of Humanity

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DISCLAIMER: FOR YOU NICCAZ thats gonna have a problem with me giving Big Mike his props: Get over it!!!!!!!

When i joined mackcity last year, I was hooked on the fetish of project chicks and the raw sexuality on display for the viewers. I asked myself: How can does Big Mike do this shit? Why is this website so successful? Well I recently rejoined after getting my paper right again. I got myself caught up on all the journal entries. It was at this point that i became enlightened as to why this site is so successful. The truth is that what is on display is raw unapologetic honesty. The site as it the founder calls it: a documentary. Far more compelling that the naked ass and titties and facials (Which I like) are the stories. It is my assertion that the secret to mack city is actually not the sexuality of the females but the stories that led them to the cyber hustle. The complexities of each female make the experience as real as walking out your front door. The tale is told as brutally honest as possible. However, Big Mike is also honest about himself as well. He openly admits performance problems. Now how many niccaz are honest enough to confess to that in public? I would wager not many. But yet there is still another layer to this shakespearean epic called mackcity. That being the clash between the lower and higher natures of the human experience and the dichotomy surrounding each picture and video. For while Big MikeĀ“s mouthpiece seems to be as lethal as anthrax in an open envelop: it is actually his humanity that is perhaps his biggest asset. Although he does fuck and squirt on these females. He also counsels them when they need an encouraging word, scolds then when they run afoul of basic respect, helps them when they are in danger and feeds them when they are hungry. The interesting part is: that he does all this as they attempt to run game on him. Athough they are untimately unsuccesful and swear that they will never fuck with him again, the truth is they seem to be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Therefore they always return and end up on the front page. Is it because of the quick money? maybe: But after reading the stories, I really think that it is because of his humanity even when they are at their worst in their relationship with mackcity, they see him as a just and decent person. It is this human dichotomy that sets mackcity apart from all other amateur black porn sites. It is in fact a stage for the ever unfolding scenes of human. Some viewers will notice that Big Mike never shows his face. That maybe because he is not the story. He sets the props and plays the suppoting role in the drama. The females and their experiences are the driving force behind the story. Mackcity is indeed a unique experience. Long Live Mack City and Long Live Big Mike…

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