Tony Dreamer’s Epiphany.

icepark-18When we look into the mirror, we undoubtedly see our own reflection. But what the mirror does not show is our mental longings and desires: our strengths and weaknesses. It does not show us our hypocrisy. Mack City bursts our dirty little secrets. We learn about ourselves through patronage through this site. We say that the ideal woman is one that cooks, cleans, and caters. But when we see the Ices, Vees, Champagnes, DCDs as well as others, we are inescapably drawn to them. For like they are often times addicted to abusive niggas, we are addicted to dangerous bitches. Is it that they remind us of a repressed desire that we deny? Is it just that we wanna fuck? I think not. Just as people are kind, goodnatured, and decent, we are also irresponsible, illogical, and inherently self-destructive. The reality is that we suppress this desire until it festers and becomes undeniable. In other words, they are us and we are them. For better or for worse, mack city reminds of that we are far from what we claim to be and more of what we deny we are. This is only natural. I am not suggesting that any person should engage in psychologically disfunctional relationships. I am merely saying that within all of us there is the darkness. As it was said before, If one gazes into the abyss, then the abyss will gaze back at thee…..Mackcity forever, long live 3xl..fueled by revenge, the movement goes on.

Tony Dreamer.

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