Dr. Umar Johnson Bang’n Ratchet Stripper.


I hate hypocrits and Liars. I’m fully aware that a man gonna be a man. I know the game and how men of prestige and power are often brought down by woman. History is jam packed full of examples. Our very own media takes great delight in showing the fall of black men at the accusations of white as well as black woman. So I’m not taking any joy in seeing Dr.Umar in this situation. The little B.S drama with this stripper aint really that deep. But when you lie to folks and say you are celibate while you banging street hoes, I got a problem with that. When you tell black men to side step ratchet weave wearing hoes, yet you get caught fuckin on them yoself, I got a problem with that. When you claim to be all about the black family, black woman and children, yet you have two children out of wed lock, I have a problem with that too. Small character flaws lead to big ones, it never fails. In this podcast we discuss the situation as it unfolds. Ultimately we want Dr. Umar to succeed in his goals to create and build a school. But I been dealing with slick talkin street Niccaz all my life, and it seems like Dr. Umar is cut from the same cloth. And if this be the case, can he really be trusted with donations that was meant for the school? As of right now, nobody knows how much money he has aquired, he just says he needs more. My spidey sense is tingling playaz. I hope I’m wrong about the man, but my Charles Xavier telepathy is telling me to keep my eyes wide open on homeboy.

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