The Rebel Flag: A breakdown of it’s historical significance.


Me and Tony once again showcase total brilliance in podcasting by breaking shyt down and giving you the facts on such controversial topics such as this. I give you my reasons why I don’t sweat this latest distraction about the confederate flag. I say let southern folks have that flag. I’m a warrior by nature and I fully understand that Negroes crying about the flag only screams weakness not strength. I personally don’t give two fux if it flies or not. But if I battle any opponant, I want them at thier best, I want them at thier strongest. I want thier will and confidence to be at it’s peak. Thusly why I want any and all men to fly there colors into battle. Fly your colors so I can fly mine, and when the smoke clears and I have beaten you, you will know I have beaten you at your best.

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