Bill Cosby Update: No bells, No whistles edition.


Did a real quick show about this latest character assassination of Bill Cosby. I was just gettin sick and tired of Niccaz trashin the OG without any evidence at all. All Niccaz got is the words of some bitter bytchez with whores remorse. If somebody produces any solid proof that he actually raped these woman then I will change my tune. But there is no proof. All we hear about is some woman who willingly took pills from Cosby and had some sort of sexual encounter afterwords. The words of these woman is not proof! Me and Tony once again breakin shyt down and leaving other podcats to shame with our mind numbing blitzkrieg anaylses. I was in a rush to post this up so I didnt add my usual snippets of movie shorts or back ground music while we spit the Ism. Enjoy the greatness that has become the best kept secret on the web, MACKCITY.COM!!


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