Dear Project Chick.



I knew this day would come and I’m sad to see you flip on me like this. When you had no one to turn to for help with your rent, who did you call? When no one would help feed you and your kids, who did you call? When you needed a ride back and forth across town for what ever reason, who did you call? When you just wanted someone to talk to and have listen to your thoughts, who did you call? I’ll tell you who you called. You fuck’n called me. Nobody seemed to give a fuck about you then and we both know it. That’s why I am very surprised to see you scream for my blood in such a vicious fashion.

When you kept call’n me wanting to do model gigs, did I twist your arm to do this shyt? Did I ever call you and ask you to get down on my site? No I never did, you always called me. So now I’m absolutely fuck’n amazed that you would have the nerve to be pissed at me now that a couple of local Niccaz has found the site and would bring it to your attention. You acting like I put a gun to your head and made you do this shyt. But like I said before, I never called you and asked you to do a gawd damn thang. You always called me, and I called myself being a good guy by put’n you 1st on my list to get work. Now this is how you repay me after all the good I have done for you? Now you pissed at me because some local punk muthafukkaz is harassing you?

Let me ask you this, what the fuck did you think would happen if someone found you naked on the world wide web? Did you expect a Nobel peace prize? Did you expect Niccaz to ignore it? Everything was everything as long as I put that money in your hand and no one knew why you was get’n paid like I was pay’n you. It was all good when you always had your emergency back up plan (me) on standby just in case you needed a quick come up. We didn’t have no problems as long as you seen that money hit your pockets and no one knew ya bizz. But now somehow and someway the cat is out the bag and you looking for someone to blame for your so-called embarrassment. So now I have become the fuck’n bad guy when once upon a time I was your big brother/savior. How did this happen?

Well let me break this shyt down to you real simple baby, because I ain’t got time to play this bullshyt game. You knew the consequences and repercussions of your actions the day you signed the model release. You rolled the dice and crapped out. You gambled on being lucky enough to keep this shyt low key forever, but you wasn’t so lucky. Now here you come with malice and contempt in your heart for me. When I was the only Nicca that gave a fuck about you once upon a time. Now you say’n that everything I did for you wasn’t shyt. You say’n that the efforts I made to help you wasn’t all that. Well if it wasn’t all that why did you continually keep call’n and fuck’n with me then? If my help amounted to nothing why was my fuck’n number on speed dial?

But maybe you one of those ladies that never called me and maybe did one or two sessions with a Nicca, you don’t have any room to bytch either. I kept ya’ll out of harms way for years. I kept my secrets and didn’t tell not one Nicca about you and ya bizz, and I still haven’t. Bottom line is your not gonna flip on me and make me out to be the fuck’n villain when you was gobblin up all my money and then would spend it on dumb shyt like liquor, weed or would give it to some thug Nicca just because he was fuck’n you right. Now you don’t have shyt to show for the work you done and now you pissed at me?

I could be make’n money many more ways with the video and pictures that I have of you. But I chose not to so that I may minimize the risk of you get’n exposed and embarrassed. I have passed up pretty good money making opportunities in order to keep you all safe and secure. But I have always known that you would never be completely safe. I have always known that there is no sure fire way to keep this under wraps. I tried everything in my power to keep you on DL status, now you approaching me like I maliciously did something to you. This is what I advise you to do if you are one of them females that feels the need to act a fuck’n ass. I suggest that you chill the fuck out and act like you got some sense or you are gonna see a Nicca get malicious. How would you like video tapes to be sold and distributed locally with you on it? Think about that. Video sold in your own hometown of you doing porn! Now that is malicious! A Nicca could make big money selling video of local girls get’n buck wild. But I don’t do shyt like that because that would be foul. And I told every one of you ladies that I would never distribute anything locally as to put any of you in a bad situation. Do you know how rare that is? Do you know most Niccaz would just tell you to fuck off and that they will do whatever they wanna do with the material you just signed over to them?

So I’m already losing out on big money since I ain’t promoting locally. In fact I’m losing out on loot because I don’t even sell DVD’s or Video at all. And I purposely did that as a favor to you ladies to try and minimize the chance of you being viewed in DVD or Video format in the local area. I never want to see you in a situation where a video is being circulated in the same city in which you live. I have done more than enough to minimize your risk of being exposed, so my conscious is clear. But the odds are that you ain’t tryin to hear a word I’m saying. The odds are that you are so blinded by your emotions that logic and reason is a million miles away from you at this point. Your probably planning some irrational dumb shyt as we speak. But let this be a warning to you Ms. Thang. If you fuck with this Bull, you gonna get the Horns.

Don’t fuck’n play with this Nicca babygirl, it ain’t worth the shyt I could do to you. Like I said earlier, I can make you real famous, real fast in the city. You’ll be a household name and the topic of discussion at everybody’s dinner table once a couple of hundred DVD’s and Tapes get sold in your own backyard. Then you’ll see real trial and tribulation. Maybe then you’ll see and appreciate my prior efforts to deal justly with you? But maybe I gotta go all out and be an asshole before you can see that I don’t deserve the horseshyt you bringing to me. Your best bet is to act like you got some sense when you call me and question me about this situation. Really there should be no discussion because you knew what was up from the jump. Now you wanna change the rules of the game while the ball is in play? Me and you started out in this shyt cool in the game and we should remain that way. But that is all up to you. Don’t think for one minute I’m gonna pay you for work and then when some shyt hits the fan and you get inconvenienced, that you can demand to be removed from my shyt.

Now let me tell you what is gonna happen. You are gonna just accept the fact that you have been found out. You are just gonna have to fuck’n face reality and realize that the jig is up. Don’t try and back out the contract and agreement now. You wasn’t pissed off when I put that green in your hand, so you shouldn’t be pissed off now. Now If you really sweat’n bullets about this situation, I may consider removing you from the site for a small fee. It really all depends how you come at a Nicca. Don’t make the mistake of trying to clown me, especially when I have gone to such lengths to try and keep you out the mix. You start tripp’n on me and I’m gonna take that shyt personal. And you don’t wanna do that, trust me.


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