Dear Baby Daddy.


Dear Baby Daddy,

What’s up Cuz? Sorry we couldn’t meet under better circumstances, but never-the-less I’m hope’n we can keep shyt real civilized. I don’t know how you found the web site, but you can be assured that I have tried every way possible to keep ya girls bizness out the streets and protect her from undo mental stress at the hands of haters that may know her. I hope you ain’t clown’n ya girl too hard for fuck’n with me and get’n her hustle on. If she been fuck’n with me, it’s usually for a pretty good reason. She must of had bills to pay, and kids to cloth and feed. Now I ain’t tryin to get in ya bizness playa, but she told me that you were either unwilling or unable to keep a roof over her head and make sure them kids got clothed and fed. And all that is irrelevant to me dawg because I really don’t care why they fuck with me. The only thing that matters is that they “DO” fuck with me. And on the real, 90% of these females I run into ain’t even claim’n a MAN. So as far as I’m concerned, you never really existed.

I ain’t the type of Nicca that’s into disrespecting the next man, especially when it comes to get’n they woman involved. But there is no disrespect issue here bruh because I don’t know you. If I knew you then you might have a case against me, but it’s fruitless to get mad at me and run around town talk’n about what you gonna do when you see me. What the fuck you tripp’n on me for? You need to check ya broad if it’s all that deep to you. I’m a let you know playa that I don’t have time to be tryin to figure out which female I should or shouldn’t fuck with because they got an on and off again relationship with a Nicca. One day you love her, the next day you don’t. One day you live’n with her, the next day you shacked up with another bytch. One day you tell her to get out ya life and the next day you beg’n her to be by your side. Then when you leave her all alone and with no support, she calls a Nicca like me to get shyt right. Then you get wind of her get’n down on the web and now you wanna act crazy? Once again I can sympathize with you to a degree, it wouldn’t be easy for me to tolerate knowing that my girl was displayed on the world wide web doing thangs that you feel should only be done to you. If I seen my wife doing that shyt without my consent with some strange Niccaz, I would be hot too. But I couldn’t check the Nicca, the only person that would need to be checked is my female. That’s where the problem lies.

I gotta write this joint just to let you know that I ain’t try’n to clown you man, and I realize that this is a very fucked up situation for you. And I hope that you will be adult about the situation and not make a mountain out of a mole hill. If you are really stressed about this shyt then I’m open for some dialogue, and we may be able to come to some sort of agreement that is beneficial to all of us. The last thing I wanna do is fuck up a serious relationship. I have gotten to know most of my models very well and have become good friends, and I am always willing to do things in order to keep them out of harms way. I ain’t say’n or promising that I’m gonna remove her from the site because I paid them for work, and to remove them just because your mad at me, would make me a bytch. And I ain’t fear’n no man walk’n this planet. But it’s always possible that I will let her go if you make it worth my while. Just wanna make this clear to you that all the threats and juvenile behavior in the world won’t get you any play with me. So I hope that you choose a more reasonable path when trying to come at me. I’m just laying all the cards on the table man, and I’m telling you what to expect if you choose the thug approach. Now I ain’t billy bad ass, but I will mix it up with any Nicca if need be. And I won’t be play’n with this situation like it’s all fun and games either. I’m gonna be dead serious if you come at me wrong playa. I’m gonna treat this shyt like a life and death scenario, so approach with caution.

I don’t know what she told you about our relationship. And I don’t know if she is keep’n it 100% real with you man. Alot of these females start tell’n they Niccaz lies once the word is out about them and this web site. Some females tell folks that they didn’t know that the pictures and video would be posted on the internet in order to appear like a victim. If she tells you this shyt, she is lying to you dawg. Some chicks even go so far as to try and insinuate that they were forced to do this shyt. Well I got her on tape swearing that she in fact is doing this of her own free will. Whatever line she is feeding you to get you all riled and hyped up is just a ploy to use you and get you jammed up into some bullshyt. She knew what she was doing and was given every opportunity to back out.

Now she wanna use you as an instrument of justice I guess to get back at me for some shyt that was legit and mutually agreed upon. Now all of a sudden she is a victim and you are her knight in shining armor. Don’t let her use you dawg, don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe. This shyt is typical when the female is faced with admitting to you that she has done this sort of work on the web. She would rather tell you a lie about how I tricked her and forced her into this shyt instead of just dealing with the situation truthfully. She would rather manipulate you into doing something rash rather than tell you the truth. It’s far easier for them to proclaim that I am the devil, than to look they man in the eye and own up to their own actions like a real woman would.

But maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe she is the cool head and you the one that’s tripp’n and don’t wanna let this shyt go. Maybe you feel like your manhood has been taken somehow and you wanna get at a Nicca. Now I’m hope’n you ain’t the type of dude that is dumb enough to kill ovah some pussy. Because when it’s all said and done, you will do time behind bars for the rest of your life locked away from the very thing you killed for. You couldn’t be that stupid could you? Or maybe the situation won’t go as planned and you end up being the one deceased. And all this for what? All because you have’n a temper tantrum over some pussy? Don’t act like a fuck’n sucka, be a man about this shyt and understand that if you was really her man, she would of never had to fuck with me from the start. Now you wanna step in and be her man after you was missing in action? I got tolerance for alot of shyt, but I ain’t got tolerance for Niccaz that’s on some sucka shyt. And anytime you trying to check some Nicca about what your bytch is doing, you are on some Ho ass shyt. Now hopefully this will not apply to you, and hopefully you got some sense and you see the wisdom in just let’n this shyt ride and move on with your life.

Now understand bruh, that this ain’t no challenge to you. I ain’t the type Nicca that looks for trouble, in fact I run from trouble on a regular basis. I got big thangs to do in my life and I ain’t got time to play Boyz-n-the-Hood with simple ass Niccaz. Nicca like me can’t get rich if I’m running in and out of jail and prison for attempted murder or assault charges. So I’m down to squash all beef quick fast so I can concentrate on get’n my money. Just tell’n you that I ain’t so cold that I won’t consider some middle ground with you and ya lady friend. And also let’n you know that the more I deal with this shyt, the shorter my fuse gets when deal’n with situations like this. So Nicca I’m asking you Nicely, don’t come at me on some Superman shyt. Let’s keep this shyt real adult-like and the odds of you get’n what you want will be greatly increased.

Stay sucka free.


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