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The Fat Mack is here to spread some metaphysical wisdom upon the MackCity playaz and those who are on the outside looking into the MackCity Empire. I wanna talk about perspectives and how one perceives reality. I want to know are people really honest with themselves when faced with critical analyses of one’s self? Are we inclined to be subjective or objective once we stand in front of the mirror and take a true account of ourselves? Today I wanna speak to every man that keeps failing in the way of the artful science of female persuasion. I wanna tell ya’ll that if your failing to achieve your goal at attaining the woman you desire there are many problems as to why this may be. Let us analyze one of the main reason fellaz bomb when it comes to get’n at freaks.

The first and most critical reason why you probably never get pussy is because you probably don’t believe you can get pussy or that you don’t deserve it. In order for you to accomplish or achieve anything in life ,you must believe without doubt that you can succeed. It doesn’t matter if your armed with the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. If you lack faith in the knowledge and wisdom in which you have attained, how can you harness and utilize it? If you doubt yourself, how can others be expected to follow you or believe in you? I have learned first hand that very little game playing is needed to get a woman and keep her under your spell. While I’m out in these streets wrangling in these hoodrats, I see them attached to and subservient to all kinds of simp ass Niccaz.

I see woman that kling to men with no money, no house, no car, no teeth. They fuck with niccaz with bad hygiene, severe drug dependencies, Niccaz with no jobs, and Niccaz with criminal records. These chicks even love and kling to the men that beat them with in an inch of their life during frequent domestic violence altercations. Why is the female mind so blind as to settle for less, when there is a man who has more to offer somewhere out there? Actually I’m being unfair because men are not totally exempt from being wrapped up in this nonsense with woman also. But the female mind is more hard wired to kling to and worship a man, who from anybody else’s point of view is a scrub, but from her perspective he seems to be a god. Now why is that? I’ll tell you why she Believes that he is a god, it’s because HE BELIEVES that he is a god! Man, if you want these chicks to sit up and take notice, then your gonna have to be a man in every sense of the word. From the time you lock eyes with her from the time you open your mouth and say what ever lame ass bullshyt that comes to mind, you have to believe that you will get what you want. If you believe it, if you know it will happen, she will pick up on that and ride the vibe.

Always remember that it ain’t what you say, but it’s how you say it. It is of extreme importance that you have confidence and believe in yourself when you wish to attract people and have them believe in you. Some people are born confident and others must practice and cultivate this attribute. Most men have a problem with being confident in the face woman. The lack of confidence is derived from the fear of rejection. If one destroys the fear of rejection then one’s confidence and power will manifest itself naturally. So do things that will allow you to practice and cultivate your confidence building skills that will allow you to destroy fear. Woman can smell fear on a man, so if your apprehensive, indecisive, confused or intimidated in the presence of a woman, she will know it.  So the most important rule of all while in this game of cat and mouse is and will always be belief in one’s self. Believe, believe, and believe in your self playaz. Without this prime ingredient nothing can happen.

The second thing I would like to impress upon you is that there is no one TRUE WAY to get at and trap a woman. Some Niccaz say you should Pimp, some say you should Mack, some say you should Simp and Trick, and some do the Captain-save-a-hoe dance. I use to get wrapped up in the so called correct way to get at a bytch and make her act right. But I have since changed my view. The only thing that matters in the end is, “Are you happy?” Whatever method you choose or style you follow must allow you to look at yourself in the mirror and sleep at night. I say the ends justifies the means and if your soul has no problem with pay’n for attention and pussy, then so be it. If your soul has no problem with mentally or physically abuse’n the female to acquire your spoils, so be it.

The bottom line is “Are you getting what you want in the end?” Niccaz can talk shyt about you all day, but if you are achieving what you set out to do no matter what method you have chosen, can you be wrong? This is a matter for the soul to weigh out and measure. Understand that no two people are alike and to ask one man to use another man’s philosophy in dealing with life is asinine. You cannot take what the next man does and call it your own. You must find your own WAY. What is true for you will often times not be true for the next man. Now I believe in universal truths that must be adhered to in order for you to write your own Matrix program. To simplify this explanation I offer this analogy:

In the martial art ju-jitsu one must learn the basics of the art before one can excel and truly become a master. You have basic arm, leg, wrist, ankle and body locks that need to be practiced and perfected. It is like learning the ABC’s of the alphabet. Once you learn the ABC’s then you can write words. Once you master putting words together then you can write sentences, paragraphs and then whole books. One cannot truly create unless one has the basics down first. And this is true with everything. One will find that a Martial Artist is only a True Master once he can create his own style. Once he can take what he has learned and formed and shaped it to his individual needs in order to accent and define his own personal flow. The idea is to take what everybody else learns, and study and practice it until you figure out through wisdom and experience that you are not supposed to be doing that style that was taught at all. You were to take those early lessons and take them as far as you could until the day you finally realized that you could no longer expand or grow without acknowledging yourself as an individual. And in seeing yourself as an individual with specific needs you begin to innovate and create a style that has it’s roots in the original concept, but has become uniquely your own through self awareness. This was the concept that Bruce-Lee realized and it was so profound and so dangerous to the established orthodox order of Martial Arts that is was rumored that certain factions in the martial arts world wanted to kill him. That’s how heavy this concept is playa.

Finding a Method to get at woman is much like choosing a fighting style. Everybody will not make a great Tae Kwon Do fighter. Every one will not excel in Judo or wrestling. Some people will suck really bad at Aikido, but will make a dynamic and deadly Kick boxer. You have to have a certain amount of self knowledge before you choose the path that you will travel. You have to know what will accent your strengths and hide your weaknesses. You can’t choose an Art that you are not physically and mentally compatible with. Why would a short stocky 300 pound man want to choose Karate or Tae Kwon Do as a fighting style knowing that the art stresses dynamic and high flying leg kicks? This does not play into the stout man’s strength and he will be an ineffective fighter. He would best be suited for Judo, Ju-jitsu and wrestling in order to utilize his low center of gravity and his weight advantage.

Same is true with methods to holla at females. If your a soft cuddly teddy bear type dude that all the chicks like and see as a big brother or a friend, why you wanna come off like your a stern hard nose gorilla pimp? Hoes won’t buy it! Ya’ll Niccaz need to stop that fake shyt and just be who you are. You can still be who you are and get at females, you just gotta be smart about it. Now most cats can’t work their hand effectively while being stuck in the big brother/Nice guy friend mode, but I can. I have taken what usually doesn’t work for most dudes and I have made it a razor sharp sword. And I been cut’n hoes heads with it on a daily basis. The reality is my WAY is actually a mixture of many different styles that men use to get at females. Much like today we have something called MMA (mixed martial arts) which allows the fighter to create a hybrid style in which he may fight his opponent in any way he sees fit. Ground fighting, Grappling, wrestling, joint locks, striking with hands, feet, elbows and knees, allows you to be ready for whatever level of combat may come. And I believe my philosophical approach to woman is along the same lines. I have immersed myself in many different styles and ways to come at the female species and I am damn near ready for what ever they may throw at me. I have created my own hybrid style of the Art of Mack’n. And the next Nicca may not like it, but it’s my creation and it works for me, so fuck what the next Nicca is talk’n about.

This concept allows you to shake off the chains of the next man’s program and write your own code in the Matrix. This allows you to cast off the rules, laws and regulations of others and permits you to be free. Now know and understand that the world does not want you to be free. Everybody is out to control and manipulate you in order to further their own agendas. It is not good bizness on their end to see you free and capable of writing your own masterpiece. The world wants you to be stagnate and void of flow. One must always keep moving and flowing like  a stream of water. If water stands still, it stagnates and collects filth. Only through steady motion and activity can water (the soul) purify itself.

So we must take the basics of any philosophy and art and perfect it to the point that we can no longer take those concepts to the next level. Once you see that what you were learning was actually putting you in a box and limiting your true potential then the REAL ART can begin. Only through awareness of self can you take an ART to the next level of mastery. You will know that you are mastering your art when you can do whatever you want without thought. If you have to think about what you are going to do then you are not even close to mastery. If a Man grabs me and attempts to choke me, I must know instinctively how to respond before he applies the choke. My response must be as natural as breathing. If I am stuck in a thought process of how to respond, it is already too late. The choke has been applied and now I’m in a world of trouble.

Mastery also entails that I can create different responses to the choke hold that I was never taught to do. In understanding the underlying principles of the original art that was studied, I can create new techniques and apply them without ever of been formally introduced to those moves at all. Just somehow, someway, I know them and apply them as if I have been doing them my whole life. You will find that in your quest for mastery of your Art that you will create and pioneer new innovations that will help YOU excel and grow beyond the boundaries of the basics in which you were stuck in. It’s the power to create something out of nothing that will be your greatest achievement if you persist and charge ahead. It is the ability to always beat your opponent to the punch and read what they do before they even do it that will dazzle and confound people. This same principle can also be applied to get’n at females. Like I have stated before woman can see through a fearful and indecisive man. Woman wanna be lead and be under a REAL man. But you can’t get that feeling across to no female if your stuck stumbling over your words trying to THINK of what to say and what to do around a piece of Ass. IT MUST COME NATURALLY.

Your going to hear alot of shyt that Niccaz say do and don’t do. Some Niccaz only Pimp, some Niccaz only Trick, some guys say treat them hoes like shyt, while others say respect them females and put the pussy on a pedestal. Which technique or style works? Who should you listen to? All I can say is you must learn all you can from whom ever you can. You must dig in the quagmire of knowledge and dredge up your OWN conclusion. Everybody’s experience and conclusion will not be the same. Each experience will be slightly different from the next man’s conclusion. This is because it’s all RELATIVE. The theory of Relativity is real in all things in life and human interaction is no different.

Now let us look at the concept of Relativity and the concept of truth. If I say to you that the solar sun is the giver of life, what would you say? It would be hard to dispute that our sun is the reason why our planet is teeming with life. So the statement is True, right? Well it is and it ain’t. The statement is true if we are speaking of our planet EARTH, but what about Pluto? Our Sun has no power to give that planet life. It’s heat does not reach out to that cold planet. What about the planets Venus, or Mercury? It would seem that those planets are too close to the sun for that statement to be accurate also. It appears that the main thing that dictates the truth or the falseness of the “Sun gives life” statement is the relativity or the distance of the sun from the planets. Some planets are too far away,  and some are too close for this statement to be true. But for one planet this is a true statement. So here we have “The Reality” that the SUN gives us life on Earth but this same reality is not shared by the other planets.

Now take a look at statements that people make about relationships between men and woman. I view each concept on how to get at woman as the Solar Sun. So if Niccaz say “You need a PIMP attitude to get at some bytchez.” I can look at 10 men and I’ll know that at least 9 out of 10 Niccaz will not be in a good Relative position to make that PIMP knowledge work. But there will be 1 cat that is just the right distance away from that philosophy to make it happen. So what is the right distance, or what is the right relativity? What I mean by Distance and Relativity are factors such as Hereditary traits, environment, and life experience. Not alot of cats have all these factors lined up perfectly to be the right distance from the Sun to make the PIMP shyt work. So some Niccaz is too close to the Sun and some are too far away and thusly the Pimp philosophy won’t work for them. Then you also have people Relativity. I view each person as a Heavenly body. Some people are Stars, some are planets, some are comets, meteors, Black holes and Super Novas.

Where ever I go I try and have planets revolve around me. Where ever I go I must be the central Sun and all the other heavenly bodies must revolve around me. I Must hold the solar system in tact with my Gravity. Now if I’m fuck’n with some females and there may be about 4 or 5 of them in my immediate circumference, and I have one broad who hates my fuck’n guts for some reason and she don’t even know me. It’s just the fact that some people attract and others repel. And some of these females that’s in my solar system are gonna get burned up and some are gonna be left frozen due to their relative position to me. But there is always gonna be that one female that your gonna be able to breath some serious life into and she gonna go to war for you. Your job is to have the wisdom to see which planets are the ones that are suitable for life and hold on to them chicks and prosper. Now some females are gonna try and get too close to you and get extreme on some fatal attraction shyt and those relationships typically blow up and the chick gets annihilated into cosmic dust. Then you got chicks that’s so far away from your heat that there is no attraction at all and you two barely even acknowledge each others existence. I’m always using my Sun/solar system analogy to get at chicks and to go through life because I think that the principles of the heavens are the same principles that we are governed by here on earth. As above, so below.

Well back to the original concept of RELATIVITY in the ideas that you should use to developed relationships with woman. I said all that goobly gook to just say this: Choose your own path and recognize that you can take a piece of this philosophy and a piece from that other one and develop your own system. There is nothing wrong eating what taste good to you and spitting out what is distasteful to YOU. If you wanna Pimp, then Nicca Pimp. If you wanna Trick then Nicca Trick. If you wanna take techniques from both camps and combine them into some space age crazy shyt like I have, then Nicca do it. It’s like a Nicca in a street fight, the dude who has the most well rounded skills is most often gonna win. The man who knows the most and has knowledge of the heavens and the Earth is hard to beat. Don’t get caught up in words and definitions. You define the reality, do not allow the words to define your existence. This whole spill about the sun and the solar system probably sounds like foolishness to the average Nicca. But this is a system that makes sense to me and thusly it works. Remember it don’t matter what the next dude think, it only matters what I think. Maybe if cats really knew the secret behind the science of symbols or symbolism it would make more sense. But this is an age of profound ignorance and not too many cats can dig that deep shyt.

Fuck the next Nicca and what he thinking about what you do and how you get down. As long as you win the fuck’n race, don’t trip about the Haters. All philosophies do not work for everyone and you must find what works for you. But to find this out you have to immerse yourself into the depths of Hell to experience the trials and tribulations of the thought processes in question. Experience is the best teacher and all the book reading and wishful thinking won’t help you at all if you don’t physically get out in the trench’s and try to implement what you have learned. So it is my humble opinion that you should never be caught up on the present day words that describe how you should get down at a chick. To do so puts you in a box and does not allow you the movement that it will take to be become a master at bytch manipulation.

Once again Bruce-Lee knew this, that is why he had forsaken all established styles of martial arts and attempted to create his own style called Jeet Kune Do. This style was conceived for the purpose of enhancing Bruce, and Bruce alone as a fighter. It is amusing to see people adopt Jeet Kune Do as a fighting art and declare it to be the ultimate fighting style just because it came from Bruce himself. It is only the ultimate fighting style in the hands of the man who created it. Everyone else that uses it will fail to bring out it’s true beauty and essence because the Art did not come from within them. The ironic thing about Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do is that it was created to have it’s creator unshackled from the concept of style or one way. But he ended up teaching it to many people and they lost the lesson that the style was suppose to teach them. The style of having “No way, as way.” or having “No style as Style.” Meaning that one should not set limitations upon themselves in technique’s and styles. Jeet Kune Do was founded implicitly for this purpose.

But just let me recap what I’m trying to say to ya’ll in plain English. Do what you do bruh, get your own flavor and own techniques. Don’t allow no punk ass Niccaz to dictate to you what is the right or wrong way to get shyt done with these freaks. As long as your get’n the cash and the ass, let them bytch ass Niccaz sit on the side line and jack off while you skeet on hoes and count them dollaz. This has been another MackCity Rant brought to you by the Almighty Fat Mack 3XL. Get paid and get laid dammit, I’m out.


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