My Thoughts on Getting Play.



It may surprise you that a fat, lard ass, midget dick bastard like me has the ability to get these females to do what ever the fuck I want on camera. It may surprise you that I get my dick sucked and I fuck most of em anytime I gawd damn feel like it. This article is dedicated to the Nicca out here is cyber-space who has low self esteem and feels like he can’t just quite cut it with the ladies. This here is a shout out to all Fat, overweight, midget dick, no teeth, no money, no game havin Niccaz on the planet that have not had the luck to truly put they pimp hand down strong on the female of their choosing. Fret not my Niccaz, there is hope. Some Niccas think that throwin out money to a broad will get them attention. It will get you attention, but it wont get you respect. So let’s clear the air right now Nicca, This site is a 50/50 web site. That means the females get paid only 50% of the time, and the payment ain’t shyt to brag about. Had to say that for the smart ass Niccaz who feel it’s easy to get a broad to get freaky on cam as long as you got the loot. That shyt ain’t true. If it is true, you need to go out and test the waters playa and see how many females you get to sign on the dotted line to be videoed suck’n dick. You might be able to get a crackhead to do the shyt with minimal effort, but try fuckin with a bytch with no drug habit and see how far you get. Most Niccaz can’t make this shyt happen. It requires more than flashin some green at a female playa. Well ….hell, if you flashed 500 to 1000 dollaz at a broad that sure would make her stand up and take notice and would more than likely get her to do the damn thang. But believe me when I tell you Nicca, I ain’t about to pay a chick over 150 dollaz for a model session. So it ain’t like these females are mesmerized by my cashflow. So what is it that makes em do what I ask them to do? Why do they feel so comfortable with me that they let me video tape them doin shyt that they wouldn’t even do in private with they husband or boyfriend? Well let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

The first thing you have to do is look at yourself and evaluate your personality and overall self for things that females will find desirable and what they will not like. You have to be mindful of any and all things about yourself in order to play this game correctly. Holla at one of your close friends and ask em what are your strong and weak points, your gonna need an objective person to keep shyt real with you. Your gonna have to know how other people see and perceive you. Ask male and female friends alike. I shall use myself for an example to give you an idea of what I’m talkin about.

I sat down one day and asked myself some questions. I asked myself why are the freaks laugh’n in my face and payin me no attention? Was it the way I looked? was the way I walked and talked? Was it because I had no money, no car, no fancy clothes or jewelry? What was it about me that had me loosin in the game for so long? I had always had the ability to come up on some ass now and then, but gawd damn it, when I compared the ratio of bytches I was tag’n with the numbers that some of my friends was hitt’n, I looked pathetic. If one of my patnah’s came up on 2 freaks this week to use for booty call purposes, it would take me 2 months just to come up on 1 bytch that would give me play. Too me this said a whole lot about myself. Now keep in mind at this point in my life, I wasn’t even a fat bastard, I was a lean 180 pounds of pure muscle back in 1989 through 1994 Nicca. I use to look in the mirror and admire how gawd damn sexy I looked. I would say, what’s wrong with these hoes for not jump’n on a fine Nicca like this? I just couldn’t understand what the problem could have been. So one day I asked one of my close friends about my problem. I asked him when he sees me, what does he see? I asked him what should I change in order to have a better chance at comin up on females? Now the Nicca who I was askin was my very best friend in the world. And this Nicca always stayed bytched out, he could pull bytches out the grave yard ya dig? And he always had the finest freaks in the city. He was a 6″4, a star high school basketball Nicca, and his family had loot. And If I would compare him to any Nicca in the looks category, he mostly resembles the singer Ginuwine. Man the hoes just didn’t stop comin for this Nicca. My Nicca Vincent told me one day all I should do is just be myself and if a bytch can’t roll with that, then fuck-em. Well that was easy for this Nicca to say of course, when this Nicca is “just himself”, the hoes fall out the sky. But when I’m bein myself, I can’t find a bytch. So I tell my Nicca,”Nah playa, bein me ain’t cuttin it, somethin about me is just turnin these females off dawg? What the fuck is it?” Vincent replied” Nicca you are not being yourself, If you were bein yourself you would stop using that corny fake New York accent when ever you push up on a bytch. I told you to stop doin that, that shyt ain’t necessary.” Hhahhahh…I remember back in 1986 and 1987 when we was teens how I used to pretend I was from New York, due to the growing popularity of Hip Hop. I used to listen to KRS ONE, The R, and Public Enemy alot, and I thought these emcees was cool as fuck. So I’m thinking since they sounded so cool, if I sounded like them, it would make me cool too and bytches liked cool Niccaz so this would translate into me gettin pussy. So this made me wish I was a New Yorker and I used to do this cornball New York accent that I thought sounded pretty authentic and like I said, I thought it made me more apt to get some pussy, but it obviously made me look like an ass. Another thing Vincent said was, “You don’t talk to the females enough, you sit back and wait for a bytch to approach you and start a conversation. You keep that up and you will rarely ever come up on a freak Nicca.” I remember bein at parties and being scared to even speak to a sistah for fear of being rejected. So I would just sit in a corner lookin stupid while my Nicca Vincent was surrounded by pussy. This Nicca was so confident and strong, them hoes couldn’t leave this Nicca alone. I would then try and attempt to copy and mimic the things Vincent did to come up on the pussy, but still I got no play. My Nicca Vee also told me some common sense shyt, He said “Just think at it as playin the lottery, the more times you play, the more likely you are to win. The more numbers you play at a time also increases your odds of hittin a big payday. So you gots to holla at more than a couple females a month dawg, you need to holla at about 10 or 15, one of them freaks is bound to give you some play. All a female can do to you , is tell you “No”, and if she does, just move on to the next chick until one of em bites.” But I was on some bytch shyt back then, I couldn’t deal with the thought of a bytch tellin me “No”, much less the possibility of dealing with rejection from 10 or 15. The very thought use to terrorize me.

The main thing I got out of listening to my Nicca V-dawg was YOU HAVE TO BE YOURSELF. You have to be authentic and genuine when you fuck with a chick. I learned a long time ago that a woman can sniff out a fake muthafukka before a word comes out of your mouth. And a woman hates a Nicca tryin to be something that he is not. When a Nicca does this he shows how weak and insecure he is in himself. And the main thing that a female senses and looks for in a Nicca is confidence, confidence and more confidence. You can look like Jabba the Hut or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but as long as you are being yourself and ain’t frontin or pose’n and are confident in your manhood, you will get some play! I also learned that I can’t take shyt another Nicca does and try and apply it in my life or in my repertoire to become a Mack. Each Nicca has his own style and Flavor that females will respond to. Don’t try and do shyt another Nicca does, find your own way and make it work. Like I told ya’ll before I ain’t the type of Nicca that could get pussy just off my looks alone. I was never the kind of Nicca that would go to a club and leave with a freak later that night and hit the pussy. And if I did get a female who would give up the pussy to me that night, it was always a female that I really didn’t want to fuck anyway. I was never a thug, never a player, I was actually a deep thinker with a revolutionary mind and ideas. And what bytches really gonna respond to me quote’n the works of Sigmund Freud, Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Descartes or other philosophical giants of centuries past? Nah, bytches don’t want to hear that, they want soap operas, music videos, and fake press on nails. Somewhere along the road of life I got this crazy idea that Intelligence, and deep thought was respected and prized amongst black folks. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My problem was I was just too evolved for these Niccaz. I had to bring myself down to their level to even get my foot in the door. It was useless tryin to raise them to a living perpendicular and get them to overstand my vibe. I was like Morpheus  lookin for females that was ready to be unplugged from the Matrix. I found that once I understood that the spoken word was the key to my success in this Mack shyt, many doors flew open for me. I’m the type of Nicca that if I’m left alone with a female for 5 to 7 days, without Niccaz hate’n and salt’n my game, I can damn near get her to do anything. A Nicca like me just has to have the right angle to come at her and this takes conversation and getting to know her inside and out.

Now I got this other Nicca I know and his name is Rob. He use to always amaze me because he is one of the ugliest Niccaz on the planet. And you know if another man can look at another man and say that he is ugly, then gawd damn, that Nicca gots to be fucked up. I mean fellaz don’t usually go around sayin if this Nicca is ugly or this Nicca is cute, that shyt seems gay that you would know what a ugly man looks like or a fine one looks like. But fuck it, my Nicca Rob was fucked up playa. The Nicca looked like Beetlejuice man, I’m serious. Ya’ll ever see Beetlejuice on Howard Stern, that little black midget, with bug eyes, and raggedy teeth? Well that’s how he looked. But for some reason this Nicca thought he was smooth. He thought he was handsome, he seriously thought there was no female he could not have. And you know what? This Nicca was pullin more freaks than me, and they were finer than the bytchez I was fuckin with also. It use to boggle my mind to see him come up at a club while I left empty handed. It was enough to make me wanna fuckin kill myself. So when the club closed down, here I am empty handed again, while this mutant is goin home with a bytch and about to get served. But one day I just sat back at watched my Nicca Rob at work and I seen how good this Niccaz conversation was. The freaks used to love to talk to Rob anytime and anywhere. This Niccaz rap was tight enough to get a bytch to look past his freakish looks. And what they liked even more than the fact that he knew how to talk to them was the fact that he was an even better listener. This prompted me to mentally take note of the power of conversation and words. I’m sayin to myself, If I could master the art of the conversation, then I would solve my problems.

So my main two negatives was that I was always trying to be something that I wasn’t. And I didn’t communicate at all with most females. So with that in mind I set out to correct these flaws. The positives that I had was the fact that females feel comfortable with me once they spend some time with me. They feel safe, taken care of, and protected. I have that Big Brother quality that makes them pull at me when shyt goes wrong or when they need help. I’m dependable, stable, and the freaks say I’m cute like in a teddy bear sort of way.

So one day in the year 1992 I decided to turn over a new leaf and be more vocal with the ladies and have some conversation. I was usually the type Nicca that wouldn’t say shyt to a broad for fear of rejection, or just because I may have thought I was too good to even speak to em. Yeah I was on some snob shyt for some reason. But I made a concentrated effort to be more friendly and inviting. I met this one chick named Tracey and I decided to really make her my first case study on this Mack Shyt. She was a short honey who had light brown eyes, phat ass and big tits, and bronze skin. Shawty was bad! I decided that I was gonna wow her with my knowledge or religion and esoteric, metaphysical topics. Back then I felt valuable to others due to my intense study of world religions and cults. I use to amaze people with my depth of knowledge in these topics and thought that hit’n a female with some deep shyt of this nature would get her to eat out of my hand. I made a crucial mistake in assuming that all people found this topic intriguing or interesting, I didn’t even try and see what interested her. But never the less I immediately some how steered the conversation to the deep shyt. She wanted to talk about her new pager and some new rap videos, but I wasn’t havin it. I was gonna have her eatin out the palm of my hand by showin her how deep I was. Now I knew she dug me physically when we first met, It was definitely a physical attraction thang goin on, so I thought that the initial physical attraction would be enough to get me in the pussy the next day even if my conversation was weak. I WAS WRONG! After I got done seein her that night, I called her the next day and the bytch didn’t answer her phone. I called again a day later she still didn’t answer her phone, and the bytch never called me either. I went over her house a week later to holla at her only to see her sittin on the porch snugglin with another Nicca. Man, what the fuck is the deal!!!!?? I thought I did everything right, I was courteous, polite, friendly, inviting and gave her some good conversation. Why ain’t this shyt workin for me? Well me bein still so young and dumb some things never dawned on me, but I’ll hit that in a minute.

What I learned from my Nicca Rob was the use of conversation as the main weapon in my arsenal of Mack’n was absolutely essential. A Nicca with a strong rap can make up for any physical shortcomings that he may have. A woman’s whole being and desire is rapped up in the words that come out of our mouths and the words that are written on paper. Words are a universe and a fantasy land to the mind of woman. A Nicca that can correctly use words and conversation is deadly on the come up with a female. The main weapon to use in the quest for female companionship should be THE SPOKEN WORD, A GOOD CONVERSATION, A STRONG RAP. I’m gonna hit on those things but the main thing that has made me the Fat Mack I am today is my conversation. Now let’s revue why my rap sucked ass when I tried to spit game at Tracey:

1.When on a quest for female domination avoid controversial topics such as Religion and Politics right off the bat. Get to know a female before swimming in those waters. At a later date once you get to know her you can spring that shyt on her as you get to know how far you can go with such a conversation. But more than likely starting of with controversial topics will just offend her and piss her off. And you always want to make a good first impression, and spittin knowledge about the meaning of life, nature and the souls of men makes most people uncomfortable from the jump. In my mind I was being deep and intellectual, but she was probably thinking that I was just fuckin crazy. When I was rappin to Tracey I was speakin on a topic she had no interest in and was quite possibly offended by the subject matter. Remember at this point it ain’t about you, it’s all about her.

2.Keep the conversation mundane until you get a cue to take the subject matter deeper. Start off talkin about frivolous pop culture bullshyt if you have too and only switch gears to more deep and meaningful subject matter once she takes it there. remember you are trying to give a good first impression and you don’t want to step on anybodies toes. So it’s wise to let her take the conversation to deeper waters and then you jump in and swim, but you let her make the first move. Taking her cue shows that the deeper water is safe to swim in because she brought it up and she is less likely to get offended. When rappin with Tracey I didn’t wait for her to give me the go ahead and deal with that sort of deep subject matter, I just automatically assumed she would be interested, which was a major mistake.

3. Get her to do most of the talking. Don’t run your mouth so much and hog all the dialogue. A female wants to know that you are interested in her wants, needs and feelings. You sitt’n there flappin yo gums and not lettin her expound or elaborate on anything only shows that you can give less than a fuck about what she is about and your only concerned with yourself. Ask her questions about her hobbies, her family, her job, her friends ( avoid old boyfriends or present boyfriends for subject matter). Ask the question, then listen to her response. After hearing her response don’t just nod your head and say shyt like” Right”, “Ok”, or “uhh, huuhh.” Fireback at her something she said verbatim. For instance if she likes to go to the movies and she says “I liked the movie “Deliver us from Eva” it was good”. Then you should say back to her “You liked Deliver us from Eva? Well tell me what exactly did you like about it?” By repeating the words almost exactly that just came out of her mouth subconsciously imprints in her head that you actually care. It tells her that you two are sharing a moment. By just giving her half ass one word answers, only allows for a one way street. And no bond can be created this way. Remember each time she says something and she expects some sort of answer of acknowledgement of her last question or statement. Always try and mirror her words by repeating something she said. When rappin to Tracey I didn’t hardly ever let her speak, and when she tried to get off topic to more familiar waters so we could both enjoy the conversation, I wouldn’t allow her to do it. I was determined to show how deep and wise I was, not knowing that I was being an utter fool.

4. Make sure you make eye contact periodically and use body language that shows interest. Avoid lookin up in the sky or lookin at your watch. Try not to yawn or going to sleep. Of course these are all signs of impatience or boredom. Each time the female makes a gesture or a subtle move, you need to make the same subtle moves and gestures along with her. Once again subconsciously she will feel more bonded and open to you with these mirror movements. If she moves her right hand to scratch her nose, then you do it. If she shifts her left leg over closer to her right leg then you do that too. You want to avoid mirroring movements that are too obvious. For instance if she has a crook in her neck and she begins to rotate are neck and head counter clock wise in circles while rubbin the back of her neck with her right hand, then you don’t want to copy that. That is too obvious and she will wonder what the fuck is wrong with you.

Make gestures and body positioning which shows concern and interest in her conversation. Nod your head in a yes fashion periodically. Use the “pointer finger on the temple deep thought pose”. Use some confused, perplexed or deepthought facial expressions to show that you are taking in the information and processing it. This will show that you are not just sittin their frontin like you are listening. This will show a genuine attempt at trying to understand her thoughts.

5. Get her to talk about things that she enjoys. People love to talk to other people about what they are interested in or what they love. It is a supreme stroke to the ego to see a person sitting there hanging on every word you say due to them being interested in something you love. Get her to speak about what her passion is in life and once she starts to speak on it, make sure you act as a sounding board and reflect the conversation back to her in a manor that will allow her to get deeper into the subject. Woman see conversations like onions, there are many layers to conversations and the more layers of the conversation get peeled back the more erotic and meaningful the conversation becomes. Always remember that woman see words as virtual foreplay and it’s easy to get them to think of you in a very favorable way just with the right kind of conversation you spit at em.

6. When speakin to females always use very colorful and descriptive words. Think about PIMPS, EMCEES. PREACHERS and SINGERS. Ever ask yourself why females go fuckin crazy when they meet these playaz? It’s because of the power of the spoken word. All these occupations require skillfull and descriptive use of words. All these occupations use words to paint pictures in the minds of people. And woman are the most receptive to these mental images that are built with skillful and artful word play. While speakin to a female treat your conversation like it’s a candy store. Each word needs to invoke a taste, a smell, a feel, or a vision. You want your words to be delicious to the mind of the female you spitt’n game too. With each word that comes out of your mouth you want her mind to automatically take her to another place or Zone.

 In the course of a conversation you may be feelin real horny and want to express that to the female. I have seen Niccaz fuck up big time by just bein too crude and rude from the jump and come off lookin desperate and crass. Some Niccaz come out and say “Damn baby I want to get at you for real, I know that pussy is slammin, so what’s crackin?” Now the typical hood rat may respond to this shyt, but the majority of females ain’t tryin to hear no shyt like this. It’s better to hit em with subliminal sex play than overt sex play. Instead of sayin the shyt above, try and slide your sex bid in a more casual sneaky way. She will subliminally pick up on these cues and will be turned on. Here is an example:

“Damn it’s a beautiful day girl, I woke up today and smelled that fresh air and walk right outside on that moist grass and I knew that today was gonna be a lovely day for some reason. Everything just seemed to be alive to me, I seen the birds going back and forth and forth and back against that deep blue sky. I seen the Sun kept poking in and out through those fluffy soft clouds. All I could do was keep thinking about the wetness of the grass and the smell of the pink flowers that stood beneath me. I even picked up one of those pink flowers that had bloomed and had fully opened for me, inviting me to take a sniff. It smelled so good to me. I just had to rub it on my face and relish the sweetness.”

Nicca you may be laugh’n at this shyt. but the shyt works. You sayin that cornball shyt can’t possibly work. Well all I can do is give the knowledge Nicca, I can lead you to the well but I can’t make you drink. In the above paragraph I use subliminal sex phrases to get her thinking about sex and thinking about sex’n me. The sex words are easy to find.

1.Moist Grass / Wet Pussy  2.Lovely Day / Love. 

3.Birds going back and forth, forth and back / Dick goin in and out the Pussy.   4.Deep Blue Sky / Pussy.

5.Sun kept poking in and out through those fluffy soft clouds / Dick in and out the pussy.

6.Wetness of the Grass / Wet pussy or pubic hair.  7. Smell of the Pink Flowers / Smell of the pussy.

8.Pink Flowers that had Bloomed / Pussy lips opened up.   9.Rub it on my face / Eating the pussy.

By speaking to a woman in a subliminal manner such as this, you can get her to respond favorably to you in most instances. She will pick up on the sexual cues and the funny part is she wont know why she digs you so much. Now there is an art to relaying these subliminal messages. You have to be casual and sincere. You can’t let on that your doing poetry or that you have ulterior motives. These things must be done naturally and with sincerity in the course of a legitimate conversation. If you think I’m playin, remember it’s always the playaz with the most colorful language that gets the females minds on lock. Preachers and Pimps are word play and conversation masters. If you wanna really know how to control a females mind, examine and breakdown the lingo, diction and delivery of preachers and pimps. Or buy one of them damn sex or romance novels that them females read all the time and take notes on how things are expressed in those books. There is a reason they buy and read those books the way they do. It’s because this is the way they communicate and wish to be communicated too. Heed this wisdom Nicca and let me educate you on this shyt.

Woman pretty much have men figured out. Since we are visual, they know all we need to see is some ass and titties and we are ready to rock and roll. But females are much more complex. In order to get a full grasp on their body and soul, you have to start with their mind. And this means using the spoken word to get inside of their heads in order to even having a chance at getting to first base. To fully comprehend and know what a woman wants is actually a case study in neurolinguistics and subliminal warfare. In other words only a truly intelligent muthafukka can actually grasp these concepts. Now some Niccaz are naturally inclined to be able to have a female eatin out of his hand. These Niccaz are Born to Mack and Pimp. But then you got Niccaz like me that had to learn through trial, error, observation and through books. Now the Niccaz that are Born to Mack and Pimp may get the desired result of their rap game. But most of em don’t even know why they are able to do what they do. But does that matter? Yes and No. I believe that if one fully knows and understands the dynamics of the power he holds he can control, refine and make his Mack technique much more flexible and adaptable and he can get the most out of his skills. He can use his word play and psychological knowledge to impact every one he meets and influence all who meet him. Well I’m a bit off topic…where was I?

Well ya know what? I’m gonna make this a 2 part series. I ain’t gonna hit ya’ll wit the rest of the jewels yet. Ya’ll just have to wait about another 30 days for that. I have much more to spill to those that will listen. I just wanna leave a final word on this installment. To all my insecure Niccaz with certain bodily embarrassments or imperfections, stop actin like a bytch. Don’t be concerned if you are 100 pounds overweight, fuck the haterz Nicca, you can still get ya Mack on. And don’t trip if ya dick is 1 inch in length, don’t you ever fret or trip some shyt you didn’t have a choice in dawg. Fuck a ho who got little dick jokes. And all them gay ass Niccaz that try and hate on me with my bytches by mentioning my dick size. I get Niccaz that run up on my freaks every now and then and want to try and use them for some inter net shyt and the first thing these weak Niccaz say is” Stop fuckn around wit them little dick Niccaz and come fuck wit some stallions girl.” These dumb muthafukkaz just don’t understand the game. You faggot muthafukkaz stop pecker peekin on my shyt and get yo own stable, you dick watchin faggots. What the fuck? Ya’ll Niccaz runnin round with rulers and measuring tape and critiquing another man’s tool? Muthafukkaz be mad at me because I don’t have a complex about any of my physical attributes, Niccaz be mad because I don’t give a fuck what a bytch think about my stomach or my 5 inch willy. Ya’ll barkin up the wrong tree if you tryn to see a weak insecure Nicca whine and bytch about shyt of this nature.  And the reason why I can come up so easy now is because females can sense the confidence and the boldness in me. When I meet em and tell em I got a 5 inch pecker, they can’t believe it. They often think I’m lying for some reason. I guess they feel a Nicca who acts the way I do, and talks to woman the way I do, couldn’t possibly be runnin around with a nub for a dick…hahahha. They thinking what type of Nicca would run around and willingly admit he got a short dick? They see other females with me and think all these ladies can’t be fuckin with this Nicca if he really only got 5 inches. Hahhaah…believe it bytch. If you a Nicca with physical handicaps then you gots to work from the inside out with a woman. The trick is this, by the time the females get to know you, feel your walk and your talk, and get to know you in-depth, the magic has already been weaved. So by the time you show em your wonder worm or pot gut, they could really care less about shyt like that. Now the shyt just ain’t about wham, bam, thank u ma’am, it’s no longer about gettin a hold of each others sexual organs. It has now become a matter of seein each other as people with feelins, wants, needs and desires.

If you ain’t packin 7 inches up to 12, don’t trip that shyt. Bytches be acting like you had a choice in ya dick size, they be actin like you went to the dick store and purposely picked out your dick right off the 5 inch dick rack…hhahhaah. Don’t you ever give any man or woman the power to dictate your mood or to define your existence. The next time you gettin ready to dick a bytch down, pull your dick out with ya tweezers Nicca and look a bytch in the eye and tell her to get to work. Don’t be shy, don’t cower, don’t be nervous, fuck that. Just tell the broad that you got a pocket full of chocolate tic tacs and they need to be taste tested for freshness.

The reality is this: If you have already got into her mind, then her soul is yours. Thusly your physical attributes at this time are not even relevant. You could have one leg, 2 teeth, 500 pounds with a pencil dick and the shyt wont matter. I know ya’ll probably ain’t believing this, but it’s the real. Think of most internationally know pimp Bishop Don Magic, Juan, does this Nicca strike you as a handsome muthafukka. I always thought the Nicca looked like a cartoon character myself. But he still had ladies following him and hanging on his nuts. I personally know 2 pimps from my city, they the corniest lookin Niccaz I have ever met, but they have the ability to pimp woman. So get that physical shyt out yo head and think like a woman thinks. Her world ain’t visual and it ain’t physical, it’s mental and spiritual.

Until next month playaz. I’ll holla.

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