Art of the Mack attack.

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Playaz so far we have only delved into one half of True Mack Knowledge. We have been dealing solely in how to deal with females and how to control them. We haven’t addressed the way you deal with other hard leg hate’n azz Niccaz (Males) that wish to destroy and infiltrate your game. We gonna discuss the mental and physical techniques that I have used to survive in my encounters of the typical thug minded Nicca in the projects. You see I’m the type of Brotha that rolls solo and has never had the need to have 1 million Niccaz in my corner. I have found out that in life it is always best to have very little contact with human beings. That is why I stay bullshyt free for the most part, it is because the more Niccaz you know the more bullshyt you will be dragged into. I have never had the need to have a cheerleading section of nut hugg’n Niccaz to be in my corner. So often when I get into some shyt with a Nicca, it’s typically just me all by myself and the other Nicca has a squad of nut huggers at his disposal to help clean my clock. Fortunately for me the average Nicca in the projects watches too many rap videos and thusly they think that life is a Jay-Z rap CD. So it’s pretty easy to out think or out wit these Niccaz. These Niccaz are very simple creatures, there really is not much to them mentally, they have been brainwashed and made into vegetables by the The American Thug pop culture phenomenon. And if you wanna beat an opponent you have to have knowledge of your opponent, you have to know what makes these Niccaz tick. You have to know what they fear, what they want, and what motivates them.

Well first let’s look at the typical so-called Thug Nicca that you’ll meet once your in deep in the project trenches. Now I’m an old Nicca by most people’s standards because you typically don’t see a brotha Mack this hard in this game at my age (34). Most so-called self proclaimed thugs are typically young Niccaz though. These brothas who tend to be thug minded range from the age of 12 to 25. The plus of going against a young thug Nicca mentally is they are ignorant and typically don’t know shyt. The minuses of confronting them physically are that they have, stamina, speed and possibly strength on their side. So right off the bat if your an Old Lion like me you wanna pull them Niccaz into your world…The Mental. Always try and avoid a physical match with a young Buck, them Niccaz got gas for days compared to an old Nicca like me and they can take alot more punishment than old Niccaz can.

Most Thug Niccaz don’t do shyt all day accept smoke weed, drink liquor, play video games and fuck project freaks. They aren’t big on education or doing a 9 to 5 job, but they want the best that money can buy. The major weakness in a Thug Niccaz game is his lust for material things. All these Niccaz want are Nice rides, rims, gym shoes, cell phones, starter jackets and so on. Remember the prime motivator in anything these Niccaz do is to get paid and get status symbols to let others know that they are getting paid (such as gold necklaces, watches, Escalades and spinners). These Niccaz are major show offs and thusly they are prone to getting robbed, beat and shot by one another for the bullshyt trinkets that they see each other possess daily. So right away you should learn a lesson from the lifestyle that these Niccaz lead. It’s a simple lesson, but a lesson they themselves refuse to heed and learn from. The simple lesson is “If you don’t want to be robbed, beaten or killed, then I suggest that you do not advertise nor floss to others about how financially well off you are. “I can’t really think of many other situations why another brother would assault another besides money. Well yeah, I know brothas do end up gettin beat downs over females also, but 90% of every major ass whoopin or trip to the hospital has always been about Money, Money,Money. You got Niccaz robbin and stealin shyt from each other at Gun point every second of the day.

Muthafukkaz always askin me why haven’t I bought some new rims for my ride? Why haven’t I got a new paint job for my car? Why haven’t I bought alot of new clothes and Jewelry with my cyber-pimp loot? Why am I running around looking all plain with a sweat top, t-shirt, Casio watch and wearing the same gym shoes that I bought 2 years ago? Nicca the answer is simple. “I don’t want to get shot!” Yes it is sad to say that the average thug minded Nicca around my way will see my new threads, car and rims and will instinctively hate the fact that I have something he doesn’t and will seek to take it by any means necessary. So in effect you are asking for trouble when you floss. Right now we are dealing with defensive ways to save your ass while being in a project environment. Be plain as possible while being seen out and about in the housing areas, don’t draw any undue attention as to make you a marked man. You wanna just blend in and be a ghostly apparition when it comes to being noticed by the project dwellers. Niccaz don’t want to rob you if they think you ain’t got shyt, that’s a fuck’n waste of time. If they are gonna risk gettin prison time for robbery they gonna choose a Nicca that’s worth robb’n. And aside from the fact that I don’t want to be assaulted and shot by a young dumb Nicca who worships rims and gold chains, I’m just truly too old for that material worship bullshyt. I admit that I am a Power Junky, but I’m not hypnotized by material shyt that seems to allude to me having power. In fact any Nicca that rushes off to buy shyt just for the sake of having it to show he has got juice, is not truly dealing with power, them Niccaz are fakes and frauds in the power game. Being a regular lookin Joe works for you in other ways also, It will keep the cops out your bizz and off your nuts while in the projects too. And you don’t want to make your models feel like you are gettin rich while you paid them a one time fee and still continue to get paid off their work. They all know deep down the rules of the game, but if you keep showin up with new this and new that and dressed in high priced shyt and your ride keeps gettin more and more fly, then your naturally gonna stir up resentment and hate amongst your models towards you. I mean use some sense Nicca, most these females have problems buying pampers and milk, but you gonna keep showin up in shyt that runs in the hundreds and thousands of dollars? Your just gonna end up piss’n the ladies off because they now feelin like you have played and took advantage of them, and they gonna fuck around and set you up to get robbed with the help of some thug Niccaz. So bottom line is be low key and don’t floss.

Another way to defensively beat these Niccaz mentally is to not tell anybody shyt about you. Try and remain a mystery to as many people as possible. People are always fearful of that which is unknown, so utilize this fact to the fullest. Remember “familiarity breeds contempt.” The more people know you, the more they will begin to lose respect and fear for you. I often analyze the dynamics of getting robbed and the one thing that I always seen that was damn near always a constant was the fact that the person who was doing the robbery knew the person they were robbing pretty well. I haven’t really seen alot of people rob muthafukkaz they don’t know. Niccaz tend to rob people that they feel they know or are familiar with. They tend to know who you know, they tend to know your habits, your disposition, temperament or even if you pack a pistol. So the less a Nicca knows about you the better, why try and rob a Nicca that’s a mystery when you can rob someone you know? There is less risk in jumpin on a Nicca that you are familiar with, remember that.

Plant seeds of your dangerousness around and  in certain peoples heads that you know will run they mouth. Be sure to mention that you have killed, maimed and destroyed plenty of Niccaz in your lifetime. Of course I’m exaggerating and sometimes its all good to lie your ass off in this instance. You wanna be like “Kaizer Soze” in the film “The Usual Suspects”. You wanna have people speaking of you as if you are god himself. But when speaking of your dangerous past you need to make it come up in general conversation and when the subject truly presents itself. Don’t come off like your bragging. I know this contradicts the earlier paragraph to a degree, but you can still use this in conjunction with saying very little about yourself and your past. In time one person will tell another and so on and so on. before you know it whatever you told this person will have become a story of unreal dimensions dwarfing the one you originally told. I have at times had photo shoots in my basement and when females see my boxing and martial art gear they naturally asked who uses the gear and what kind of fighting have I done. I don’t lie to em because, my record is already impressive enough not to need some exaggerations. And say only enough to give them the general idea, avoid details, if you tell them that you boxed in the Army for 2 years before you know it, the next time you hear about your boxing past, you will have been in the ring with Tyson and Holyfield themselves. I remember telling a female that I had Ron Jeremy Porn Videos in my house and when I walked through the projects a month later, females was walking up to me asking me if I really knew Ron Jeremy and could I get them his autograph. Just goes to show you how stories grow and become more and more ridiculous as it’s passed from person to person. So go ahead and plant things about your past that you think muthafukkas will respect and find Mackish.

“He who has no knowledge is a beast amongst men. He who has some knowledge is a man amongst beasts, But He who has knowledge of all things is a God amongst men.”

Body language is also a good indicator of letting people know if your Prey or Predator. I like to watch the way people walk and deduce from that if they have a Prey or Predator mentality. A confidant man walks with his head up, shoulders back chest out and takes bold deliberate strides. An insecure weak person tends to shuffle, with head down, chest sunk in shoulders rolled forward. Something as small as the way you position your head could mean the difference from getting pistol whipped or just going about your daily bizness undisturbed. Pay close attention to how you walk around and what vibe your throwing out. I kind of high step and have my arms raised up on my sides so that my arms do not touch the side of my body. My head ain’t raised high, in fact I kind of walk with my head pointing slightly down, but the way I glare up looking at people with my eyes tends to send psychotic vibes towards people, I call it my look of determination. And I do this subconsciously, I don’t try and remember how to walk, all this is natural to me. It has been a long standing self defense mechanism that I have adopted while walking through tough neighborhoods all my life. It is my sincere belief that just my body type and shape combined with my monster walk has gave many a Nicca second thoughts about jumpin on me. It’s like Bruce Lee said in “Enter The Dragon” He said he “Practices the art of fighting without fighting.” And that’s what you wanna be able to do. You wanna be able to win any conflict before it even happens. So pay attention to your body language as well as others to help read and influence situations.

Now I could go on about the mental defensive aspects of this game but, I believe I have hit ya’ll with enough to get by on. There are more techniques and I really didn’t get in depth about the current tips, but you’ll have to decipher the rest of the shyt yourself. Nothing better than trial and error.

The next dimension we wanna look into will be the physical aspect of a confrontation with a Thug Project Nicca. You really only need to know 2 things that you can be damn near sure of if you get into some sort of scrap with one of these muthafukkaz. 1. Is that a Gun will be used or 2. You will have to fight not only him but his brothers, cousins and so- called homies. So if your in the projects and you ain’t from there and you get into some physical shyt, chances are, you are gonna lose and lose real bad. But I ain’t here to blow smoke up your ass playa, I’m just here to show you ways to increase your odds of survival if you get into some shyt with these savage muthafukkaz. Remember these Niccaz travel in bunches and at least one of them will have a pistol. Like I said their world is just one big fuckin Rap Video and every clich’e and stereotype seen on B.E.T will be magnified 100 times when you meet and have dealings with these cats. They are predictable and easy to outwit. Now I have and still do carry a pistol at times. I really wish I didn’t have too, but the shyt is just too real out here and at times I have been known to carry some insurance. The Pistol is the great Equalizer, if a group of thugs runs up on you and it really don’t matter if they all have a gat, just knowing that you will at least send one of them muthafukkaz to hell with you, is a good feeling. I have been trying to wean myself from carrying a gun for a couple of months now due to the fact that I heavily practice my mental defensive skills to the point that I don’t encounter alot of drama in my travels. But I truly do not endorse carrying firearms, to carry one implies weakness and I have always felt that I was always smarter and better equipped to deal with drama than most Niccaz without the aid of gunpowder.

So now that you don’t have a gun on you and you are just relying on your wits to save you if some drama kicks off let’s look at some things that you should know right off the bat when confronted with a gang of Niccaz.

1.Know and realize that you can’t show fear. People are animals and we have the same instincts as a dog. A dog can smell fear and once he smells it he is encouraged to attack you. So people have the same mechanism, especially a true thug who makes his rep off intimidation and bully tactics. No matter what happens you can’t start shaking and stuttering, you can’t back pedal and give the impression that you are the least bit phased. If you do, they are likely to jump on you right off the bat and try and maul you. A cool Nicca in the face of Danger will unnerve your opposition and worry them, they will think to themselves,” What this Nicca know that we don’t know?” They will automatically assume that you have something up your sleeve and this will give you time to plan an escape or a swift attack in order to make a hole to escape. This ploy may not ultimately stave off an attack, but chances are real good that it will buy you time. It really all depends on how deep the situation is and what the drama is all about.

2. Try and know who is the weakest link or the strongest link in the crew. This bit of knowledge is needed as to assess your situation and the odds of success in a stand your ground defiant assault against your attackers or a hit and run type tactic. If your back is against the wall and you have a crew of 3 to 5 Niccaz or maybe just 2, you need to know who is the leader and who in the crew is the bytch. If you want to break through the circle and make a run for safety (assuming that they don’t pull out gats and shoot you) then you might want to target the weakest Nicca in the crew. You’ll know who he is by his attitude, and his physical demeanor. He may not necessarily be the smallest brotha in the crew either. It’s all up to you, do you go for the Big Nicca who looks like he is about to shyt his pants because he is so nervous? Or do you go for the wiry, hyped up Nicca that weights 135, talkin shyt to you? What do you consider  greater indicators of a man’s propensity to do harm? The size and physical strength of a man, or the size and strength of his heart? At any rate if you want to break the circle you need to find that one dude that you feel will give you the least drama and will lay down easily with a blow to the grill. Once you make your move you have to hit and run for daylight. You won’t have no time to admire your work, you need to be quick about getting out of dodge.

Now if you feel like you can handle these Niccaz with no problem and you have an S on your chest and you think that there are only one or two Niccaz in the crew that actually got work for you, then you wanna take the snakes head. You ever heard of the phrase “Take the head and you kill the body?” This is what you will have to do. You will have to look for the Alpha male in the pack and totally crush him quickly. In doing this the rest of the Niccaz should cower and give you 50 feet. I have seen this happen many times playaz. Once their leader or King has been dispatched the underlings tend to bytch up. But my advice is to not stick around once you have made an example out of a Nicca. You need to walk off into the sunset and then once you hit a corner and no one can see you, then you run like hell! I’m tellin you to run the fuck out of dodge for obvious reasons, ya’ll know weak Niccaz can’t handle gettin they ass whooped in a fair fight. So these coward Niccas who call themselves thugs in this day and age will shoot and kill you after you have beat’n them fair and square. They just can’t acknowledge the L and go on with their lives. Once again these slow Niccaz livin life like it’s a Rap Video. How the fuck you gonna be mad at a Nicca after he whooped yo ass, knowing damn well that you started the bullshyt in the first place? Man I hate bytch ass Niccaz!

Of course I advocate and suggest that you try and make a hasty escape as soon and as cool as possible if they permit you to do so. No matter what you see on TV dawg, you need to understand that fighting 2 or 3 Niccaz is not fun nor is it smart. So always opt for the bail out if possible. Because shyt is so bad now, Niccaz don’t even let the hands fly no more as the start of a fight, they just pull out the strap and start firing at Niccaz at random from the jump.

Now before you even think about a squabble you need to know thy enemy and know thyself. In a fight you have to know what you are capable of. If you really want to do some serious Mack’n, I suggest you learn a Martial Art, dabble in some boxing or wrestling or something. I suggest you do some full contact shyt to know your limits and your strengths. I have boxed, wrestled, learned Judo and I practice Jiu-Jitsu currently. So I know how it feels to be kicked. I know what it’s like to be bashed in the face or hit with body shots. I know how it feels to be slammed on my back, neck and head. In other words if it gets physical with the hand to hand, I’m confident that I can take what ever a Nicca throws at me. And this confidence will show when faced with an opponent. You gotta know before hand what your made of so you can realistically deal with the threat. For example, I’m 300 pounds and most of my muscle tissue is comprised of fast twitch fiber. This makes me highly powerful and explosive when I decide to make my move. But the downside is I have no stamina and this means I only have a small window of opportunity to seriously hurt my opponent. The average Nicca gets winded at least 1 minute into a fight. I get winded at least 30 seconds into one. This means if I’m faced with 1 opponent who is smaller and lighter on his feet and in better shape I have to realistically conserve my energy and not have any wasted movements at all. There is nothing more pathetic than a 300 pound man getting his ass kicked by a Nicca who weighs 120 pounds. Oxygen is a fat man’s Achilles heal. You have to know yourself and your opponent. Once again, I’m 300 pounds, I have a low center of gravity with short limbs. If I’m faced with an opponent who is 6 “4 with long limbs, how should I fight this man? Should I choose to fight in close with this man or far out? Common sense should tell you that if you are short and squat and your opponent is tall and lanky, you should stick to his chest and not allow him to use his reach. He cannot utilize his power if you are not on the end of his limbs. And the reverse is true for the tall man, you need to use your reach and have your opponent on the outside. Also since I’m a healthy 300 pounds, I can’t see myself actually trying to run away from a scrap. It would just be stupid to try and out run the small Niccaz. I would be exhausted by the time I got 40 yards away and they would catch me and then proceed to smash me into little pieces. So A big Nicca like me feels that it’s a better deal to just stand my ground and go for what I know. I feel my odds of surviving a conflict are better if I don’t run away and waste valuable energy that I could use in an initial assault on some Niccaz. But if your a light 155 to 200 a speedy escape through the gym shoe express may be a realistic option. It all depends on how much you know about your strengths and limitations. So take account or inventory of your personal abilities and have a plan of action if shyt goes south in the projects.

Now if your fighting with a dude, I never really suggest that you punch a guy with your bare fist. Once again this ain’t Hollywood and it ain’t a rap video. Have you seen the damage done to hands because Niccaz struck each other with bare knuckles? Hands get broken and infections set in the hand after punching someone in the mouth due to the teeth cutting into your skin. I recommend you use open hand strikes, elbows, knees and your feet. If you are in a one on one situation and you end up in a boxing match the best thing I can tell you too do is the basics, keep your chin tucked, hands up and move in circles, never move backward. I also suggest that you do what your opponent doesn’t not expect you to do. Like I said most Brothas are not hip to the real fight game. All Niccaz wanna do is box and they think just because they have some nice hands that they gonna come out on top. Well that may be true if he was fighting someone who was gonna JUST box along with him. You put a boxer in a real fight and he will get his ass kicked. Because boxing has rules and limitations, a real fight does not. A boxer is use to the referee stepping in and separating him from another boxer if they get too close. Boxers don’t know how to deal with you if you get close and grab them or get in the clinch. If your going to fight the average Nicca just expect him to throw hands. You wont have to worry too much about Niccaz with true wrestling, or grappling skillz. So I have a big advantage over alot of cats because it really don’t matter where they wanna take the fight, I’m comfortable doing it all. Now I have been speaking about this shyt as if there has been no gun play so far, and on the real, that’s just not realistic from my point of view. All I can say to you fellaz at the end of a scrap is to just run or get out the area fast! I keep reiterating this point because I truly feel that 80% of the time you may see a gun even before the first fist will fly.

In the event that you have a situation where you have multiple attackers and one or two of them have weapons, the best thing to do is run or run and take cover. You have options, although most the options ain’t really good ones in my opinion but still it’s better than just standing there and getting shot. If you can’t run because they got the drop on you and your sure they gonna shoot to kill anyway, try and grab the first assailant close to you and use him as a shield. Now most Niccaz may not be able to grab and restrain anybody for a human shield due to limited grappling skills, but do your best. At this point make as much noise and racket as you possibly can to attract attention. This will decrease the odds of them shooting you if witnesses are present.

And always know your environment or surroundings. Doing simple things and paying attention to nature and environment can mean the difference between life and death. When faced with multiple attackers you need to try and put as many things between you and the attackers as possible. Let’s say you end up getting in a scrap in someone’s house, and you have 3 Niccaz tryin to kick your ass. Chances are real good your gonna get smashed, but there is always hope. You immediately assess who is the immediate threat and you deal with him. But once he is dealt with try and maneuver yourself so that his buddies have to get around or over him to get to you. This will allow you to escape or mount another attack against another thug. Always try and never be in a direct line of attack when faced with multiple attackers. Always try and have something in their way or blocking a direct rout to you. Use tables, chairs, people, etc to give you more time to deal with one attacker at a time. Remember that the odds of you coming out of this sort of scrap victorious are slim. You are gonna take some serious punishment when faced with multiple attackers, that’s why I recommend you hit hard and fast and make a break for the door!

Learn how to use your environment and nature to even the odds or give you an edge. You can do all sorts of simple things to Control the outcome of a squabble. If it’s a sunny day fight with your back to the sun, make it so that your opponent/opponents have to look into the sun in order to come at you. Of course this will impair their vision. Control where the assault happens if possible. If you plan on doing damage to a brotha on the ground then you need to steer the fight toward some grass and get off the concrete. Tackling a man and wrestling on asphalt or concrete will not feel good and you can seriously hurt yourself. If you are in a place that is real dusty and the wind is blowing real good, then fight with your back to the wind and when your enemy least expects it kick up dust and bail out or rush in for the attack while he has dirt in his eyes. Or maybe it’s been raining and that dusty place is now muddy and it’s real slippery and hard to walk. If your a grappler and you know that the asshole your fighting wants to throw hands and try and box, then you will want to use the mud environment to nullify his punching power. A punches power is generated from the ground up. The power travels from the feet, to the legs, hip and torso. If a boxer has no stable footing he cannot effectively hit you with any real power. You should be able to escape undamaged. But also be aware that your grappling skills will be handicapped also if your laying in the mud and you both have minimal clothing. I recommend  choke techniques in the mud instead of arm, wrist ,knee and leg locks. Keep in mind I keep saying Boxer because if you are attacked by a so-called thug, this is what they know how to do physically. You will be faced with either a guns or flying hands.

Remember that this ain’t no cartoon playa, and you need to treat this situation like it is about life and death. Never initiate the drama, but once the thugs move in and start the bullshyt, have no mercy. I ain’t gonna say anything specific that you need to do as far as an assault is concerned, all I’m sayin is don’t play. From the beginning you should be trying to deescalate the situation and damn near be on the verge of beggin these cats to stop their aggressive behaviors. You need to do this as to exhaust every possible avenue out of a possible life and death situation. If you end up in court and you have witnesses to the event you want to make it perfectly clear that you tried everything to avoid the confrontation. Try not to do any overkill in your assault, once your man is incapacitated laying on the ground out cold, there is no need to continually kick him in the head, ya dig? Be smart about this shyt please. Once you have neutralized the threat, get out of dodge.

So lets recap the things I think you need to know in order to survive with an encounter with the local Male haters:

1. Beware of the Hate’n ass Thugs in the projects. They travel in bunches. They stay strapped. And are inclined to rob those they feel have money, or material items that they can sell for money. They typically are cowards and bully types. They are more prone to assault you over money, drugs, or material possessions than anything else. I have seen few assaults over females.

2. The best way to avoid being robbed and assaulted is to be seen as a plain broke Nicca. Don’t floss, flaunt or advertise your money and material wealth. In the event that you are being robbed, just give them what they want. You can buy a new wallet, watch, necklace or credit card. But you can’t undo permanent brain damage from a magnum slug.

3. Keep your mouth shut about local project bizness, in other words mind your bizness and keep your nose out of other peoples dramas. Avoid being sucked into needless bullshyt with Niccaz you don’t know.

4. Set up an elaborate history of yourself and circulate it in the projects. This history or rep should be one that Male Haters will respect and it should make them think twice before fuckin with you. Say as little as possible about your personal life and your past, only leak things that add to your power and mystique.

5. If confronted with being assaulted stay calm and try like hell to show no fear. Any show of fear will invite an ass whoopin. Seek to try and resolve the drama with words and respectful dialogue, show the Thugs that you don’t want any drama, but do it in a strong fearless way, do not cower or grovel.

6. Know thyself and thy enemy. Observe weaknesses and strengths of yourself and enemy in order to beat them swiftly and with minimal damage to yourself. After the physical confrontation immediately leave the area as to avoid police and retaliation at gunpoint from the thugs you just whooped. Don’t stick around to admire your work.

7. Effectively use your environment to help aid you in fighting and escaping a violent situation. Use sun, wind, rain and dirt to help tip the scales in your favor. If attacked by multiple targets always make them trip and have to maneuver around themselves and other obstructions in order to get to you. Do not allow them to have a clear line of sight to get at you. The obstructions you provide will allow you time to assault one of them while the others are blocked off or you will have time to escape.

8. Don’t get caught up in appearances or looks. If you see a muscle-bound brotha don’t assume he can fight. If you see a skinny Nicca that’s light in the ass, don’t assume that he will be easy prey. I have found that muscle-bound Niccaz can’t fight. They are often stiff and have slow reflexes and lack flexibility. Those big muscles are prone to make them fatigue quickly also. Those muscles use alot of oxygen. I have seen plenty of muscle heads get whoop by fat and skinny Niccaz or just guys who don’t have a superman physique. Truth is I would rather fight a muscle head than a skinny boy any day.

9. In the event that you are faced with multiple attackers, never try and do ground fighting. They will stomp the shyt out of you. Your goal should be to stick, move and escape.

10. Recommended somewhat non lethal weapons: Police grade pepper spray, collapsible asp or Baton, stun gun and brass knuckles. The Pepper spray is excellent for dispersing crowds and dealing with multiple attackers for you to make a hasty get away. Stun Guns are great for incapacitating who ever gets within arms reach of you. If your faced with 4 attackers you can quickly even the odds with a stun gun and bring that 4 to a 1. The collapsible Asp is great because it is another weapon of surprise, do to it’s small size in it’s collapsed state you can carry it anywhere, and you can open it out quickly and surprise an attacker, especially at night. It’s real hard to see that Black thin metal baton comin at you in the dead of night. And I love Brass knuckles. I have yet to ever use them, in fact I don’t own any right now, I just know a friend with some. But they are excellent for delivering body blows to make your attacker  piss his pants. Do not use brass knuckles to hit people in the face or head unless it is indeed a truly life and death situation, if you do that it is easily viewed as attempted murder. In order to get away with crackin someone in the face with an Asp or Brass Knuckles you have to see someone comin at you with a knife, gun, a bat or something that is capable of ending your life.

11. Rules of engagement: I know there really are no rules when it comes to survival in these streets. But in order to survive you have to pay attention to the street element as well as the legal or lawful element. When ever you are faced with an assault, the laws damn near in all 50 states say that you may only use the amount of force necessary to halt your attacker. This means that if someone is comin at you with his hands swinging, you will have a hard time justifying blowing his brains out with a 9mm . If your in a fight with a dude and you knock him out, you cannot continually kick and punch the man while he is down and out.Once the threat has been neutralized you must stop your attack or you could go to prison for a very long time for attempted murder. Your main concern should be defending yourself and making it obvious that you were only trying to defend yourself from an attack, never do you want to appear to be the aggressor. So remember you may only use the amount of force necessary to stop an assault against you. You may not shoot or crack a man’s head open for trying to steal your car or wallet. Doing this will get you serious prison time. Never shoot or strike a man in the back! If his back is turned then he is not a threat and you will get your ass cooked in court trying to explain why you attacked a man who’s back was towards you. Of course there will be certain mitigating circumstances to all these situations that will have to be reviewed in order to truly assess if you are justified in your actions. I’m just giving you the rule of thumb.

12. Main things to remember about so-called thugs: They are cowards at heart. Most of them won’t do or say shyt to you unless they have about at least 2 or 3 other thugs with them. Get a Thug alone and he will be much more agreeable and tolerant to you. If you are going to get into a physical altercation with one, it will most likely be over money or material possessions. So don’t advertise your wealth. They typically carry fire arms because most of them couldn’t fucking fight their way out of a wet paper bag, so expect to see gun smoke if you end up in some drama with them. Remember that a crew of thugs always has an Alpha male (Leader) either befriend that leader to be in good standing with the whole crew. Or take the Alpha males crown and have his crew fear you. Just remember “If you smite the shepherd then his flock will scatter”. Also remember that just because you whoop a thugs ass, doesn’t mean that you are out of the woods, chances are whenever he sees you at a later date he is going to try and shoot you.

Remember that there is no honor amongst thieves, and these Niccaz frequently sell each other up the river. It is easy to sow seeds of distrust among a crew of thugs that frequently do shady shyt. In the event that you do get into some drama or beef with some local thugs, there are ways to destroy them without lifting a finger, a few well placed lies and accusations about certain homies loyalties will be poisonous to their cohesion as a unit. They will be too preoccupied with dealing with each other than to have time to even fuck with you. But be careful when planting the rumors, make sure that the rumors can’t be traced back to you. In the event that the rumor is traced back to you, you will be in trouble. Write a letter and leave it in a mailbox or on a Niccaz doorstep with the rumor enclosed in an envelope. Never speak the rumor to anyone. It is best to do it through written preferably typed media. When giving out the accusation you will need at least one or two facts mixed with the lie to make your accusation credible. It will have to be something that the recipient of the letter knows to be true to add weight and validity to your claims. For example if you know of a Robbery that 3 Niccas took part in and you know that the police are onto them and maybe even the police picked up one of the Niccaz for questioning. Then you can write about that and add some tidbits about how the Nicca that was picked up is singing and tellin on the other 2 Niccaz in exchange for a lighter sentence. The lies you sow will get them to distrust one another and hopefully they will fuck around and kill each other instead of killing you.

I’m writing this joint because I had a situation with a couple of Niccaz last week that were poised to rob me, but for some reason they lost their nerve and decided to just not pursue the action. I don’t know why they decided not to rob me, but I firmly believe that it was my efforts in utilizing my mental defensive work that may have made them change their mind. Any Martial Artist who has studied the great masters knows that “The greatest martial Artist is the man who never has to actually physically fight.” And I have found that the longer I live and the wiser I get the fewer physical confrontations I seem to get into. I know some of the shyt I was kickin above may be really strange to most you playaz, and the shyt may sound like it couldn’t possibly work because it sounds too much like Kung-Fu Theatre. But trust me when I tell you that all that shyt can work if the conditions are right and your mind is tight. Don’t just be a typical Nicca and try and Box and shoot your way through life. Get some more knowledge under your belt and think outside the box playaz. This Mack shyt is all about control remember? So not only must you control the female mind, but you must control the Male haters and the very environment that you walk through everyday also.

Now the above situations and scenarios are given with the absence of firearms and also with the you being caught alone in a project housing complex with little or no back up of your own. This writer wishes to urge all that if caught up in a situation with 2 or more thugs contemplating robbing you whether it be by gunpoint, knife point or just by physical assault with their hands, I urge you to give them what they want and just take the Loss. But in the event that it’s clear that they are gonna do you some serious harm and get some work in on you, then you gotta do what you gotta do. This essay and the ideas presented in it, is by no means meant to be used to harm or assault anyone. This is just information that is being provided for educational purposes only.

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