Message to all Fat Chicks.

fat chick

I been talking to this chick on-line for a couple of weeks. Her conversation is cool, but of course I could sense that she has some issues. The girl was highly pessimistic and negative about everything, I could tell that she was not use to anything going her way. I could see that she was use to disappointment in her general conversation. So I knew right off the grip that I was dealing with a chick who had much emotional baggage and was use to getting shyt on by men.

She would get on my nerves repeatedly by having me repeat myself because she wouldn’t pay attention to things that I said in previous conversations. So I had to check her on that bullshyt. I told her if she was gonna rap to me she needed to be more attentive because I wasn’t about to be telling her the same shyt over again. She would damn near get to the point of crying when I would put her on notice about that bullshyt.

Then I asked her to send me a couple of pictures through her cell phone so I could see what I was dealing with. I had already seen two photos of her, but they were close up tight shots of just her face. This is a typical tactic used by Fat chicks to conceal their bodies. So I didn’t specify what sort of picture I wanted to see, I wanted to see if she would send me a full body shot on her own. Well guess what? She sent another close up of just her face. I then broke it down to her that I wasn’t stupid, I wanna see a full body shot, so send me another one. She then text me back and said” If you wanna know if I’m fat, why don’t you just ask?” I reply,” I already know your fat, I just wanna see if you will be honest and come clean on your own.” Now keep in mind she already know what I look like and it’s obvious I’m not slim either. But she wanna play this game like I’m fucking stupid or something. I mean damn! Just looking at her face, it’s obvious you got some weight on you woman.

Well Then she text me back and told me how rude I was and I ain’t heard from her in two days. These females got me fucked up if you think I’m gonna tolerate a Fat Chick running game and talking slick. Of course I really didn’t wanna fuck with her anyway, but I was gonna give her a chance to prove herself. So let this be a lesson to all the heavyweight freaks. Ya’ll not fooling nobody with this tight close up face picture bullshyt! You may as well come all the way clean right from the jump to avoid getting your feelings crushed at a later date. Come 100% at a brotha and everything will be fine.

Needless to say, her presence will not be missed.

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