Nish still on punishment.

nish eatAs much as it must pains me to banish a bytch from my life, it must be done! At times I am being punished likewise in the process. A good example is whenever I have to put Cry Baby Nish on restriction. Out of all the chicks in the stable, I am probably the closest to her. This is my kick it /fuck buddy, we damn near do everything together. We go to the movies, we go out to eat and we rarely argue about anything. But since she is a hybrid mix of white and black genetics, we do have our typical Black bytch hiccups.

This latest situation where I had to banish that ass was all due to black bytch ingratitude. I typically do any and everything I can for this hard head hiefer. But there comes times where she really could give less than a fuck about what I do for her. I make sure she is well taken care of, even if it means I have to go without sometimes. There has been times when I gave her my last penny and I sat at home broke and hungry just to feed her and her son. Most often times she shows gratitude and thanks by coming over and cooking for me or breaking me off some bomb ass head and sex. But other times it’s like I’m dealing with a totally different bytch. It’s like her inner black bytch is at war with the white girl that’s in her.

Well this latest drama was simple as usual. She needed a ride somewhere and I asked her for 10 dollars in Gas money. She couldn’t believe I was charging her for the ride. I had been driving her ass all around the city for at least 2 weeks and I had not asked her for a dime in gas money. She had actually gobbled up all my extra loot because I was spending it all on gas trying to help her out on the transportation tip. So when she called and needed the ride that day, I let her know, enough is enough, and she was gonna have to put some gas in my shyt for a change. She went the fuck off on me for that dumb shyt, so I had to banish that ass! I punish myself on the flip side though, because we so deep in the game together. She’ll be back.

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