Rick Nasty Interview.


This is a definate must hear for all you cats who have questions about what it takes to be successfull in the porn game. My road dawg Rick Nasty is a very talented web master and producer of adult entertainment. We have done alot of bizness together in the past. We have also learned greatly from each other and our businesses have thrived due to this exchange of information. In this day and age of tight competition among porn sites,its rare that you will see black web masters working together to prosper in the game. Fortunatly for me, every negro in cyber space does not have a crab in the barrell mentality. Rick always drops jewels for those who seek knowledge of the hustle. So I present to you playaz, a rare moment where you get to peek behind the veil and know what really goes down. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s an absolute must to listen to if you wanna get in the industry and prosper. When your done gettin this knowledge, go check out his web site: www.urbanamateurs.net. If you like that real, rough,rugged and raw action his sites are an absolute must to watch. Oh yeah, my site is cool too LOL Mackcity.com.

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