Speak through others.


Kaira: Some good dime piece pussy.

Kaira: Some good dime piece pussy.


Since I’m all about the power and control game I do alot of shyt to try and magnify my glory. There are so many things one can do to make people ride your nut sack. And most of these things are very subtle and minor. Which brings me too today’s Mack Commandment and Lesson to be learned. “SPEAK THROUGH OTHERS”.

I have always been a crazed maniac for the Gangster Movie genres. I used to love it when a couple of Italian enforcer type thugs would walk up to some poor sap and take his ass into a dark alley and tell him ” Why haven’t you paid Mr. Big? He sent us to collect what you owe him, if you don’t have it, he says we gotta break both ya legs.” Hhahahha, I love that shyt. I love the notion of havin my hands clean and havin little messengers all ovah the place to speak for me to others who ain’t worth my time. That’s the ultimate fuck’n power play man. Just thinking about the psychology of it, makes my balls tingle. I mean here you are minding your own business and out the blue some Nicca comes to you and says ” There is someone who would like to meet you and discuss some business, are you available anytime soon?” It don’t matter what the situation is or who the messenger is. All you’ll be thinking is “Who the fuck wants to see and speak with me? Who is this person? What do they want?” A muthafukka will worry themselves to death over this shyt. Humans instinctively fear the unknown and Fear and respect are oddly tantamount to the same thing. Like I said humans always fill in the blanks when not given enough information and they often create monsters out of thin air do to fear of the unknown.

I use this ploy alot with people especially the models. I often get my sidetrick Nicca to go holla at a female on my behalf. That shyt is the ultimate way to make a first impression. A female will always remember this initial encounter. The intrigue, the mystery, the anxiety! Oh my! If you wanna put your best power foot forward this is the best way to get it done. If I’m in a strip club with my Nicca John and I see a stripper that I think will be receptive to my offer. I don’t go over and say shyt to her. Either I wait for her to come to me or I send my sidetrick. If she comes over and wants us to tip her or pay for her dance, I let John do it and I ignore her and just get up and leave. I’ll say some shyt like I’m gonna go get a drink or I’m goin to the bathroom. I show the female that I’m not pressed or even thinking about their tired ass. You gotta show em that they are worthless in a subliminal way.

¬†While I’m gone John will hit her with the sales pitch and he will tell her that if she is down with this action we will be in touch. Right now she is sayin to herself “We?” At this time she don’t know jack shyt about us. She don’t know who is the boss of who. She probably has an idea just from the way I just ignored her and went about my bizz. Sometimes John will come right out and tell the female that the Nicca that just got up and walked away is the head of the operation. It really doesn’t matter if she knows at this moment or not. The whole idea is just to weave a web of intrigue and mystery for the female. Later on if she calls me I will know if the shyt has her hooked or not. Remember that woman read those damn romance novels and when some shyt like this happens to them, it’s like living a fantasy. It’s like being taken away from the boring ho-hum drum life and being thrust into Nirvana. Why you think females kling to them bad boy type Niccaz? It’s all about excitement and danger. And as corny as it may seem, not speaking to a female and having another Nicca speak for you rings their bell.

I hardly ever call these females. Either they call me or I have John call them. I issue out the decree and have John carry out the summons to the female. This shyt solidifies in their head that I’m the Boss and that they are the employee. In this game you have to make sure everybody knows they role. I’m not a daddy figure, I’m more like a big brother to most of em. I’m there for em rain or shine. But they got to follow the rules of my organization or they gets no love. If they call me it’s usually a last resort situation. They almost always call the sidetrick first. They try and game or fleece him for what ever they need and if he don’t bite they call me or John will call and say such and such wants to get some work. I tell him to call her back and lay down the law and tell her what is needed if we gonna employ her.

And if you ever have bad news to tell a female it is ALWAYS best to send it through someone else. If I have to cancel a shoot with a female, I will often times tell John to call her and tell her that we can’t make the shoot on this day. You always want to keep your hands clean as much as possible. Even though it’s comin from you through another mouthpiece. The female will still equate that person who carries the message as bad or something to be loathed and avoided. You know how cats is always talk’n about what they did to the “Bearer’s of Bad news” back in the dark ages. Yeah that’s right…they got they heads chopped off. You always want to make sure that your image is that of positivity. When a female hears your name she has to think good thoughts playa. If you repeatedly directly feed her bad news, she will avoid you and move on. You always want the next man to deal with the backlash of giving out bad news. Everything that comes out your mouth to a female should always be optimistic and full of hope. This dream that you sell is all they want to experience anyway. When you go on a road trip to a vacation spot, half the fun of reaching ones destination is the ROAD TRIP. The journey itself is really what they desire. They want to experience the adventure to the destination. The destination is just the icing on the cake.

I do this alot and I’m tellin ya’ll that the shyt works with my situation. Everything I’m spitt’n at you is tried, tested and true. Remember once again that you wanna excite her and make her feel vulnerable and this is a technique you can use right off the bat to get her juices flowin. So go get a best friend who don’t mind playin a lackey for a night and try it out. You don’t have to be out tryin to recruit strippers for a web site. Maybe you just tryin to get some pussy for the night. You and ya dude alternate the role at different clubs and see how it works for you. I mean for real playa, how many brothers step to females in this fashion? You wanna stand out and be distinguished from the other riff raff right. Well here is a technique that you can start with. This technique has been done in bars for centuries though, ya’ll may not recognize it but I see it all the time. It’s when a man buys a drink for a female and has the bartender or waitress deliver it to her. It’s the same premise just watered down. Maybe you should try the watered down version first before you try the full fledged technique. I ain’t gonna lie, you can end up lookin like a total ass if you don’t have the sense to properly utilize this shyt. Ya’ll be walkin around the club lookin like 2 James Bond wanna be secret agent Niccaz…hahha.

Good Luck  and Happy Hunting.

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