To Trick or not to Trick.


Phat Booty Amber

Phat Booty Amber


Once again I’m here to enlighten Niccaz who can’t seem to think outside the box. What would ya’ll Niccaz do without me? There seems to be even more confusion about the 2 extremes of dealing with woman. Yes, we are back at the Trick Vs Pimp paradigms. I know this may come as a shock for alot of Niccaz but the reality is “NO MAN ON THIS PLANET HAS EVER NOT BEEN A TRICK.” Ultimately we are talking degrees of Trickdome. What degree of trick are you playa? I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 on the Trick Scale, I’m about a two. 10 being the biggest trick rating. This means I’m 8 points up on the Playa/Pimp/Mack scale.

But you sayin “Hell naww Nicca, I ain’t never tricked off my money, a bytch can’t get a dolla out of me because I’m a muthfukkin P.I.M.P.” Well playa let’s examine that for a sec and then tell me how you figure you have never been in the trick role. If you got some brain cells, you can see where I’m goin with this. It ain’t no mystery that to court a woman or go on a date, you gonna spend some cheese man. Ain’t no two ways about that. If you want some pussy (which is the purpose of a date) you gonna have to dig in that fuck’n wallet and make her feel that you are worthy of gettin a shot.

Niccaz spend all kinds of money directly and indirectly on woman to get the pussy. Let me tell you how I would start off my day if I knew I had a Hot date and had to impress a female. First I would go to the Car Wash and spend about 15 to 20 dollaz gettin my car waxed and detailed. Then I would go to the clothing store and get me some new gear which would run about 100 dollaz. I may pay for a shirt, shorts and some new Gym shoes, got to look fly for the honies, ya dig? Then I would buy her a flower or some corny shyt like that. I read somewhere that woman liked that shyt, so I would do it from time to time. That would run about 3 dollaz. I would then buy some drank (like any sort of Brandy) for later, so we could get loose at the Hotel or at her crib. That’s about 20 dollaz. Nicca would stop at the gas station and fill up the tank so I could chauffer her ass around town once the date commenced, ring up another 25 dollaz. Then I would pay for the Dinner, that would run about 35 to 40 dollaz. Then a Movie for both of us, lets set aside at least 20 for that also, tack on another 10 if ya’ll plan on snackin at the movies on some popcorn or Nacho Cheese dip shyt. If your lucky you got your own spot and she does too, so you don’t have to pay for a Hotel. But in the event that you creepin on ya wife and you can’t take her to your spot and she still liven with her moms, then you gonna spend 40 to 50 on a room. So let’s tally up my Date expenses.

100+20+3+20+25+40+20+50= $278.00!

Well, maybe you a cheap Nicca and you just a dinner and a movie type muthafukka. And you like “Fuck a bytch, she just gonna be happy with the basics.” So you don’t buy no flowers, no gas in the ride, no new clothes, no liquor, you get some McDonald’s and you catch a matinee at the dolla movie. And if you get lucky and she fucks you, you may just say “Fuck it, I’ll bone her in my ride behind the High School.” That date may run you about 30 dollaz. Which is actually the same price you could have just ran out to the nearest street corner and picked up a Hoe and did her for that amount, but minus the formal bullshyt. So what do we have here? It seems that Prostitution has always been legal. Once again we deal with word play and euphemisms. “Prostitution” and a “Date”, what’s the difference? The difference is that one is honest and the other is not. In prostitution you give up your money and she gives you the ass and then ya’ll part ways and both are satisfied. On a date you spend money with the hopes of one day or maybe that night being able to hit the pussy. But you gotta play all these fucked up games in order to try and achieve a position in which you will be able to get the pussy. You have to call her, send her flowers, woo and impress her with romantic sentiments. You may have to meet her kids or parents in order to be taken seriously as a potential mate. But what if you ain’t tryin to be her mate, you just want some pussy! So now you got to play this game with her and get her to believe you actually give a shyt about half the things she’s talkin about and you have to pretend to like shyt you don’t like in order to just get close to the pussy. But now you have wasted her time and have quite probably severely hurt her feelings. All because both ya’ll had two differant things in mind when it came down to this dating game. And of course there is no guarantee your gonna hit shyt. You may spend up to 500 to 600 dollaz in all just to try and tap that ass through multiple dates.

So what’s this I hear Niccaz yellin that they don’t trick off they money? Yes, Nicca you do. If you have ever took a female out to eat, to a movie, to an amusement park, bought her presents, flowers, jewelry in hopes of later tappin that ass. Then you have been on Trick status. No one is above it and no one is immune. But like I said “You got to decide at what level you gonna trick at.” For instance I will do dates and I will treat a female right on a date. Even though it will cost me more in the long run versus going out and just buying pussy. I do this because when I go on a date now a days I’m truly not trying to get some pussy, if I go on a date it’s all about bizness with this female. I’m trying to lure her into my world and make her want to be down with my team. Pussy is the furthest thing from my mind. I will pay for some model action from a female but only in the context of doin bizness and I have to document the model session with my Video camera and still camera. But I will never pay for some ass or some head outside of the bizness aspect. If a broad calls me and says come over and let me suck you off for fifty dollaz, I’ll laugh at the broad and tell her “Fuck no.” I’ll only do that if I have my video camera. Bottom line is the Trick and the Pimp modes are divided by a mindset. It’s not the act of given out the money that makes you a trick or not given the money that makes you a Pimp. It’s all about your mindset. Or maybe it comes down to something as simple and mundane as “Anytime you directly put cash in a woman’s hands you are a trick”. Maybe this is it, since many don’t see dating as Trick’n. In a date you give her objects and events to enjoy with the money that you spend. But she doesn’t directly get the money. Does this mean that your no less a trick than the nicca who paid 50 for a headjob in the back alley? Men where born to trick, men do all manner of things in this world to get the attention and approval of the female sex. The only reason you goin to school to get a good education is to get that fly ass ride, you wanna get a fly ass house, and keep your pockest fat, all in the hopes of attracting a fine piece of womanhood to call your own. 

Once again, no such thing as absolutes and we are merely dealing with degrees and levels of just how much are you willing to trick.  It’s like Niccaz askin me if I’m a Liberal or a Conservative. I can’t really say I’m absolutely either one of em. I have Liberal and Conservative views on many topics. But if I had to choose an extreme it would be Conservatism. Simply because I’m more Conservative on things than Liberal. So If someone asked me “AM I A PIMP” or a Trick. I’m gonna say PIMP because I have very little trick qualities about myself. Payin a model for her talents in video don’t make you a trick. If you weigh the scales and see that you are not gaining or coming out ahead of the game in 60% of the things you try in life, then this makes you a Trick. My definition of a Trick is just a Nicca that always comes up short. Whether he comes up short in love, life, finance, sex, jobs, it don’t matter. Tricks don’t take charge of life, Life takes charge of them. That’s why they outright pay for pussy, because they have given up on trying to get the pussy using game. While the casual daters still holds fast to the notion that he has enough game to get the pussy without outright paying for it, he ultimately is the biggest fool, because he still pays for the ass but deals with the headaches and hassles that come with trying to get it through his game. I see both the Dater and the John in the same boat. Only one is deluded and the other sees things with clarity. The John has accepted his fate and has given up the fight. He will be more peaceful in mind since he has finally acknowledged his role in the scheme of things. The Dater is still confused and still ignorant as to how he is no better than the Trick or John. At times I see the John as having attained the highest wisdom. Because this is a pure man, he is bullshyt free. Although he elects to take the short easy route, he is honest and at peace. But if there is no struggle there is no progress, and this alone makes the dater a Potential PIMP or MACK. Through trial and tribulation, if the Dater keeps trying out his game, and polishes it, he soon elevates above the John. But the problem is that most daters never elevate above the DATER level and they in my view are a step below the John. Johns have no hope of attaining Mack/PIMP status because they have eliminated the prime ingredient that creates a Mack. “Adversity”. It takes pressure to create a Diamond playa. And The John has no pressure, he has elected to give away his pressure with the outright payment for sex. The Dater indeed comes out doubly stressed and frustrated than the John, but if he sticks with his game plan and steadily learns from his experience, it will be all worth it in the long run. So I guess it all depends on what your looking for? You want the the long road or the short cut. They ultimately lead to the same destination, it’s just that certain roads are more conducive to others personalities. Bottom line is choose what ever works best for you.

 Now back to me and my Trick techniques. Like I said” I will pay a model for some action, but I triple and quadruple that shyt back. It ain’t nothin but capitalism playaz. When I go on a date which is actually a bizness meeting, I spend money not in hopes of hittn ass, but I’m selling my agenda with hopes that she will buy it and become apart of my company, which translates into me making more cash. But you will nevah see me run ovah a bytch house and drop her fifty dollaz to fuck. Although I do run ovah a females house every blue moon and hit the pussy and get some head on some free shyt just because I can, but I still bring my camera and they betta not tell me “No.”

 Do you see what I’m talkin about when I say it’s all about your mindset? If the alleged trick act does not somehow allow me to make more money or have more power over those I’m dealing with, then I won’t do it. This is a PIMP mind state. Only tricks give away something only to get nothing in return. Another way to know that you are definitely a Trick is to be consumed by passion and lust. If you are doing anything to satisfy your lust or passion for a thing like sex from woman. Then you are a Trick. When I first started doin this shyt about 2 years ago, I was trick’n because I was definitely doin it just to get some new pussy. That was my main focus and goal. But now, woman hold no powers over me anymore, this shyt is just bizness, I ain’t pressed either way for some pussy in most instances. Now I do this shyt just to see how far I can take a female. Just how much will she let me get away with? Where will she draw the line? It’s definitely more of a scientific venture now, than anything. No man is immune from certain Trick situations. Even so-called full fledged real Street Pimps Trick to a degree. The Pimps job is to take care of his hookers. If they end up in Jail he has to bail them out. If they go to the doctor he has to pay for medical care, if they hungry he buys them food. Once again we are faced with a problem. The Pimp is not perceived as Trick’n because he does not directly put the money directly in the hands of his workers, much like the dating situation. But The PIMP and the casual Dater still shell out money Indirectly to keep the pussy. Or maybe he is not perceived as trickn because he is not directly payin for the sex, much like the dater? But what the fuck is the difference between the Pimp and the Dater? The Pimp ends up payin for the Hoes expenses to keep her in his stable and at a later date if the Pimp so chooses he can sex her. Most Pimps do not mess with many of their hoes sexually, but they do on certain occasions when the Hoe has done something extra special and the PIMP rewards her with sex from him. I know this mind state because it happens to me now with a couple of my females.

So in essence, I’m sayin that a trick act is giving something and not getting anything in return. But this would seem to not fit buying a piece of ass. I mean you are getting something for that money aren’t you? I have never really seen payin for pussy extremely taboo. Especially since I see Dating on the same par as buying pussy off the street. So I have to add something more to my trick checklist. A trick act constitutes doing something when one is consumed by lust and passion for a thing he could not get otherwise accept by paying for it monetarily. If you want to avoid the trick label, make sure that when you make moves, make sure people know that your getting a better deal out of it than they are. I do this all the time. Do you think these females I fuck with think they gettin over on me, when I hit em with 50 dollaz for some buck naked pics, while they know in the back of their heads that I’m gonna make money of those pics for years to come. Who do you think feels more used? Well I tell you dawg, I don’t never feel tricked out. Let’s make this clear, I ain’t never had problems gettin pussy and have never had the need to pay a bytch for it. Well okay….there was those couple times when I was in the military in Korea and I seen these Korean females walk’n in a dark alley and I hadn’t had no pussy in about………….uh, well you get what I’m sayin right? Also avoid being consumed by lust to the point that you would degrade or belittle yourself by giving power over yourself to another person. This is the main reason I do not just outright buy pussy, I don’t crave pussy bad enough to go spend money on it. Pussy don’t control me, neither does head. Just ask yourself are you doin what your doin for the Paper or the Pussy? In order to make the Paper you gonna have to spend some paper playa. Don’t let these so-called real Pimp Niccaz fool you. They pay their hoes in many ways, they just do it indirectly. It takes money to upkeep and maintain a stable of hoes. So yeah Street Pimps trick off too. So what’s the problem with given a female 50 dollaz for a video session? Ain’t no problem as far as I can see. It’s all done in the name of makin more cheese. And this is the driving force behind a true PIMP philosophy. Make’n Paper! If you keepin this shyt strictly bizz, you can’t seriously be considered a Trick. There may be some trick elements involved, but the ends will justify the means, and you will soon be respected and seen as a bonafide Mack. But only if you control and subdue your passions.

What I have always had a problem with is gettin a broad to get wicked on camera. And this is what I pay for. I pay for their modeling on Video. Otherwise I wouldn’t even fuck wit em. This whole site came about because I have always had this video fetish and I like to video tape beautiful woman doing all kinds of shyt. I wish I could show ya’ll some of my videos from my personal collection. I got some fine muthafukkaz on video doin some shyt. But a Nicca can’t show his private stash that would be foul. So once again, no man can escape being in a trick mode at certain times. A man’s whole existence is to be provider and protector and these two roles are gonna make you a trick in certain situations. Your doing everything right now in life in hopes of getting the best pussy you can get your hands on. So think twice before you squawk about a bytch can’t get a dime out of you. You know that shyt ain’t true. Prostitution has always been legal, it’s called a Date. And even the most Hardcore Pimps has to throw out some ends to appease his female workers and keep them on his team. Really Niccaz can say what they want about this game and how it’s played. There really is no right or wrong answer on how to make this shyt happen. Some Niccaz see themselves as strictly Tricks in the Game and others see themselves as Pimps. But you better believe that when it’s all said and done, as far as I’m concerned, I’m gonna be sitt’n on top and make’n moves. And I’ll be the Nicca they run too when all is lost. Only a Nicca with Power can help those without it. Tricks have no Power aside from the bills they throw around from time to time to appease the female species. These females call me for everything dawg. If they need advice, guidance, knowledge, money, food, pampers, a ride. They don’t run to any otha Niccaz because otha Niccaz can’t get shyt done like I can. Otha Niccaz can’t give them the guidance and wisdom that I can. This is why they call me. They know there ain’t no use in callin me and just askin for money. That kind of shyt gets no play with me. A freak gots to earn this money. Some will say that most Niccaz ain’t dumb enough to run and help these freaks just like you do playa? That’s a fair statement, but like I said the whole role of Pimp is much deeper than a Nicca that just collects a bytche’s cash. I have found a technique that works for me and I ain’t losing in any area. I get the Money, I get the pussy if I so choose, and I get the Power. Now that’s Pimp’n! 

When deciding if your a Trick , a Mack or a Pimp you have to look at your over all game. You can’t look at one aspect of your game and base your assessment off of it. You have to look at the big picture. Much like when one is being scrutinized for a work of art or a book that is deemed obscene. You can’t look at one page of a book and then base your opinion of that one page. You can’t look at a web site and deem it obscene just by looking at one web page. You have to consider the whole work. You have to look at the WHOLE book and the WHOLE web site to truly see it for what it is. Now if your whole game is comprised of gettin played, payin bytches, and gettin no respect. Then I guess you can be happy in the knowledge that you are in fact a Trick ass Nicca to the extreme. But my Game is not a Trick game. I’m cummin up aces and spades in too many areas. So look at your whole game and then decide what you really are. Don’t focus in on small shyt or individual acts to assess your whole game. Even if you have moments of trick’n in your over-all game, this does not mean that you have a trick game. It only means that you are smarter than most Niccaz and you see where taking a trickish stance will benefit you in the long run. Let go of the ego playa and bend in the wind.

So let me sum this up……in my humble opinion, I’m 2% Trick and 8% Pimp. What’s yo ratio Nicca?

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