Trust no one.

Amanda ready for action.

Amanda ready for action.

Trust No One.

In this bizness you meet some shady muthafukkaz. I have met some low life dirty bytchez and Niccaz in the places I go to find my next freak. I expect to meet people like this on my travels and I’m never surprised when they try and get close to me just in order to burn me. Listen well to what I’m tellin you fellaz and listen real good. You Can Trust NO ONE. It doesn’t matter if your in a bizness like this or just living a day to day regular life. Do not Fuck around and let your guard down with anyone, not even for a millisecond!

I have never been burned or hurt by an enemy or a person I did not know, or a person who owed no allegiance to me. It was always, and is always the Nicca that is closest to you. It’s usually the Nicca you ride’n with, The Nicca you smok’n herb with, The Nicca you clubb’n with. It’s always the Nicca you let in your house and introduce to your wife and kids. Why is this? Why do people who know you so well feel the need to skull fuck you? I have theories and I don’t know if they are valid in everyone’s case, but in my situation they were solid. The first sure sign of getting fucked over by someone, especially a so-called friend is ENVY. In my opinion this is the prime ingredient to a knife in the back. If you have something that your friends don’t have and you make a habit of pointing it out. watch out Playa, here comes the Blade. The other ingredient that always had Niccaz fuck’n me over was LUST.

You see I had 2 best friends, and I do mean BEST friends! I knew these Niccaz since 4th and 5th grade we did everything together. I was like the leader, they always followed my lead. If  I liked something they would like it. If I didn’t like something then they wouldn’t like it either. Their girlfriends hated my guts for some reason, I knew them for a long time also. These two females always looked at me as if they wished I was dead. I remember hearing conversations between my two ex-best friends and their bytchez and remembered hearing the ladies say to them “Stop tryin to be and act like Mack, he ain’t shyt , and you really ain’t shyt for trying to be like him”. I knew that what the girls said was true, my two dawgs was always tryin to do shyt I was doin. Especially when it came to mack’n bytchez. If we was at a club and I came up on a female and she had friends, I would try and hook my Niccaz up.

These Niccaz couldn’t get no extra play without me. I knew the main reason why my friends ladies hated me, it was because I was married and was still gettin my fuck on with what ever female I set my mind to gett’n. And they seen me as a bad influence. But that’s not the only reason them hoez hated me. I know that they wanted to fuck me also. I know the behavior very well. It’s actually a power move that has been employed by the best. It’s actually one of the 48 laws of power. It basically goes like this” Ignore or have utter contempt for that which you cannot have nor posses”. And these hoes had THE UTMOST CONTEMPT for me. I knew they wanted to fuck but I would have never dreamed of even puttin my dick in one of them hoez. They wasn’t bad lookin bytchez at all, but to me it was just common sense. “Don’t fuck your best friends girl!” To me it was a No-Brainer, this is some shyt you shouldn’t have to tell a Nicca. You shouldn’t have to remind your best friend to not try and fuck around with your girlfriend or wife, right? Well it seemed as if I was very wrong.

Both these scum bag muthafukkaz tried some ho shyt with my wife and I had to regulate they asses. I knew my wife was finer than they girls and I knew they thought she was poppin, but never in a million years would I have thought they would have tried that shyt. That experience almost landed me behind bars for a long time and to this day me and them Niccaz don’t speak and when they see me they ain’t got shyt to say. But I just sat back many nights and just wondered and thought about why would some cats I knew and loved like brothas do that to me? It was a simple case of they knew I was fuck’n otha bytchez and they somehow thought that meant I didn’t care about my wife or who she was fuck’n. That coupled with the fact that they wanted to be me, and what better way to be me than to fuck my most prized possession. And add a little dash of jealousy to the stew and now you have Betrayal. I can’t believe them Niccaz risked getting they brains blown out ovah a piece of ass. I still can’t believe they threw away 15 years of friendship either. Well they didn’t fuck a damn thang, wifey told on they hoe asses and they got a rude awakening.

This is what them Niccaz almost got killed over. My Boo Lynnsix9.

Some Niccaz say nevah check the Pimp always check the Hoe. And I agree to a degree. What if I came home and seen my best friend fuck’n my wife in the living room what should I do? What if I came home and seen a Nicca I don’t know bone’n her in the living room? What should I do? Are the situations the same, or are they different? THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT! First of all the Nicca that’s a stranger don’t know me from adam so I can’t see an issue here. He is just a Man tryin to get some pussy. The Nicca that’s fuck’n the wifey that knows me and looks me in my face everyday needs to have bullets in his ass. I’m big on respect and not havin Niccaz try and play me like a Ho. If you fuck’n my wife and you know me, and look me in the face and shake my hand everyday, then you call’n me a Ho, and I can’t let that shyt ride. Nicca you gonna feel some discomfort for that. Well all I can say is I didn’t shoot the Niccaz, but I made my point. So just to make shyt clear to ya, I wouldn’t really be upset at a Nicca I don’t know fuck’n my wife, he is just doin what Niccaz do, GET PUSSY! I would however have a problem with my wife of coarse. But if the Nicca that’s fuck’n her knows me and knows me well, chances are he is going to have a problem on his hands. No need for me to get specific about what that problem might be. Just know it ain’t gonna be peaches and cream.

Now what the fuck am I gett’n at? I’m just sayin that you should never put too much trust in friends or family, they will betray you and sell you up the river as soon as a situation occurs that they see that will benefit them to the fullest. Some people might say, “Nah, playa, my Niccaz wouldn’t do that shyt to me.” I hope your right. I hope you have some real Niccaz in your corner. Not no lame bytchez that I thought was my friends. I know there are allot of Niccaz in prison because they so-called Homey or best friend ratted on them at the first sign of danger to their own well being. Chances are if you don’t have much more than your friends and if your all pretty much seen as equals chances are you wont have to worry about gettin fucked over. But as soon as you become better than them in some aspect and Jealousy, Envy or Lust creeps in, look out for the hammer. The fact is that a friend can do far more damage to you than an enemy ever could.

I got another story of a Nicca doin some lame ass shyt to me. Ya’ll know the Nicca I roll with on my freak adventures, right? He is the camera man that these freaks don’t want to fuck with. He is another Nicca that is gettin much pussy and play because of me. He has often told me how much he admires me and wishes that he could be me. I often find this shyt funny because I have never thought of myself as no handsome ladykiller type Nicca. But for some reason Niccaz wish they were me. I told this Nicca when I first opened my first site to keep his mouth shut. I told him don’t tell any of the bytchez that we photograph the Gawd damn name of the site! Here I go again putt’n trust in Niccaz.

The site was originally pics and video of my wife. Then one day she says she doesn’t want to be on the web anymore and I need to get other models to replace her content. So I went out and got my Mack on. We checked I’D’s and kept it legit, but I still had nightmares of possibly runnin into a female with a fake I.D and havin her on my site. So to eliminate that kind of shyt from happening I just tried to eliminate all locals from knowing where the site was, plus I didn’t want local muthafukkaz knowing my models bizness. I also didn’t feel like runnin into boyfriends or husbands who may get pissed at me for havin they female on my site suck’n dick and gettin fucked. So I tells this Nicca one million times to keep his mouth shut and don’t tell a soul. I expressed to him the shyt that we could be faced with if our web site were known locally. He swore to me that he would never tell a soul. Well guess what? The Muthafukka TOLD! This Nicca got all weak for a piece of white pussy (Simone) she begged him to tell and his bytch ass told. I found out about him tellin one day when Mary (Vanilla Thrill) calls me on the phone and is pissed at me because I had her on my site and I named her “CrackHead Mary”. She starts to grill me about why I did that and why she is being accused of smokin crack. Well first of all she was smokin crack and she showed up at one of my Video sessions lookin raggedy ass fuck. lookin like a true base head. So I told myself well you wanna come to a video shoot lookin like trash, i’m gonna talk trash about you. Especially since I told her to make sure she was lookin nice for the video shoot.

 But I says to myself how the fuck did this bytch know where the site was? Don’t none of these females have a computer so it’s not like they to sit down all day and surf the web to try and find shyt. They had to of  been told by someone and the only Nicca that knew was my assistant. Now I been knowin this Nicca since 93. We been kickn it for 10 years, and this muthafukka turns around and skull fucks me. Later I baited and tricked Sparkle into tellin me that it was his bytch ass that did the squealin. He told these hoes and they promised him that they wouldn’t tell me that he told. But ain’t no honor among hood rats, they told on his ass with the quickness. Now because of his bytch ass I had to shut down the site and get a new domain name and I lost some major cheese just shutting down the site and starting over. Now what the fuck made this Nicca betray me? Of course he played stupid when I asked him why he told the location of the site to these females. He swore up and down that he didn’t say nothin, but a Nicca like me has ways of knowin and seein deceit in Niccaz real quick. He was just the obvious culprit, he had the motive to do it too. He was tryin to please a bytch and get some pussy! He first off was involved in a relationship with Simone, and I knew he had a weakness for white hoes. It was basically a trick and ho relationship. If she needed money he would dig deep and give it to her without question. I seen how the freak had his nose open so it was obvious that if she asked about the site enough times he would crack like an egg. I also noticed how he stayed away from me, and he stopped callin me. My brothas pay close attention to this sign. It is an obvious admission of a guilty conscious. When a nicca all of a sudden stops callin you or cummin by, you need to check your inventory of shyt that you should have. I don’t care if it’s money, dope, or bytchez. That Nicca more than likely did you dirty in some way and he can’t face you for fear of tippin his hand and gettin busted by you. All three of the Niccaz i’m speakin on in this essay did that exact same shyt! Well anyway, as usual it always seems that when a Nicca fucks me over it’s usually got something to do with pussy. So take my advice when it comes to you, your friends and the opposite sex. NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED!

Now you asking why do you still continue to fuck with this Nicca? It’s a long story, let’s just say that when I first brought him into this thing I knew his weaknesses and vices and I knew that one day he would fuck me ovah for some pussy. Let’s just say he is still cool wit me, he is one of the few cats I can rap to about the shyt that typical Niccaz don’t speak on. We some deep Niccaz and I need a cat like him to be a sounding board. I still consider him a Nicca I can roll wit, but he is just a Nicca you can’t trust when it comes to bytchez. And even though he is weak minded when it comes to hoez he still has many valuable qualities that make him more of an assett instead of a liability. Just remember the old addage “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I don’t get fucked over by the same Nicca twice. And do you know this Nicca still had the nerve to ask where the new web site domain is after all the shyt he put me through? The Nerve of these Niccaz.

   If your gonna Mack then you have to know that their is no such thing as friends, PERIOD! Especially when it comes to male and female relationships. You have to be ready for any low down situation which may arise out of a male/female betrayal. The only way to Mack is too have very little weaknesses. And trust is a very big Weakness. You leave yourself open to all sorts of danger when you trust people. I have even had my own Momma lie on me. I remember getting into a fist fight with my step-father when I was 17, he blacked my eye and I ran over my grandparents house to stay for a while. My grandparents were furious at my mother for letting the step father hit on me and tore my moms a new asshole over the phone. When they get off the phone they lookin at me funny and asked me why did I pull a knife on my step-dad? I said what? I said “I didn’t pull no knife on him, she is lying to justify what happened.” I’m sitt’n there in amazement at the fact that my own mother would side with that Nicca, and then to cover up his abuse ,go ahead and lie for his muthafukkn ass. So you see nothin really surprises me anymore. I have been lied to and fucked over by so-called best friends and my own mother. And once again the betrayal was revolving around male and female relationships. It all boils down to this one point in my opinion. Anytime your make’n moves, anytime your doing good or better than the next man and those who are close to you see it. You must keep your guard up because betrayal is soon to follow. It seems that misery indeed loves company and the minute you get a little too happy or better off than those around you, they will secretly hate and despise you for it.

Some cats have asked me for advice on how to get in this internet porn game. And My biggest piece of knowledge I can leave you with is don’t trust nobody. These females will sweet talk you to death. They will tell you all sorts of shyt to get you believe’n that you are king shyt. These hoez like to butter you up and then go in for the kill. I don’t care what a model told you, or how she seems so genuine about her affection or care for you. Don’t get caught up in that shyt, it’s a fuck’n scam. They already deep down in their soul resent the fact that you have the power to make them suck a dick for a dollar, so do you really think that they would give a rats ass about you and your well being?

I have had bytchez knowingly recruit underage models and try to push them on me. Now why would they do that? Sounds like a set up move to me. Sounds like some black mail action. This kind of shyt comin from bytchez that smile in my face and swear I’m the only friend they have or the only Nicca that gives a fuck about them. Now remember I’m the “Nice Guy”, I’m the Nicca they call when no one can help them. I’m the Nicca that comes through for them when all is lost, but they still want to see a nicca all twisted up in some bullshyt. Again I stress don’t fall for that sweet talk shyt. These hoez are treacherous! I have allot of weapons in my arsenal that nullifies the bullshyt they try and hit me with, but that is another essay. I know I have ulterior motives with my Nice treatment of these females, so I ain’t no angel myself. It all boils down to who has the strongest game. Who is the smartest and craftiest. In the projects kindness is weakness. I know this to be a fact. So when you are kind to a bytch from the projects they are not thinking what a descent good guy you are. They only see something that they can use and play with until you are no longer useful to them. The key is to take this truism of them seeing kindness for weakness and use it against them. Don’t think for one minute that these females give a fuck about you because you put some money in their hand. As far as they are concerned you didn’t put shyt in their hand. In their mind, they gamed, played and sucked that money out of you and you gave it only because they made you give it to them. Your a mark, a victim, only a tool for them to get what they want. I ain’t mad at them, their environment has caused them to go into “Kill or be Killed mode”,” Use or get Used”. Just so happens that my technique has them thinking that they are actually winning the game, but they soon find out that they are 3 steps behind me if they stick around long enough, and by the time they find out the score, it’s too late. So now I got what I wanted and then some and now i’m in the wind.

Just remember this and tell it to whom ever gets offended by your distrust of them. This is what I always tell people…” It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that I can’t afford to trust you.”

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