Pocahontas: Blast from the past 2006

This a photo shoot that my homey Scorpio did with one of my freaks named Pocahontas. This chick was certified crazy man. She cursed me out so many times because I refused to do gigs with her. I had other freaks to fuck with, I couldn’t keep on just doing vid shoots with her. She thought I was suppose to be at her beck and call each time she called and needed money. I felt bad for shorty,so I called up another playa in the porn game to see if he wanted to do work with her. He did a couple of gigs with her and then he stopped for some reason. I can’t remember why? It wasn’t because she didn’t do great work, because she did. She was a stone cold freak, I know it was probably do to her slightly unstable nature. I lost contact with ol girl around 2006, never seen or heard from her again after our couple of years together put’n in this work. Stay tuned later in the week, I will post more pics of her model gig with Scorpio.

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