The Natasha story.


She was real cool people, so sad we didn’t get to know her better.


Natasha at the Mackpad chillin on the couch.


There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and here is just one.

To get more info on this tragic story become a member of the site.

To get more info on this tragic story become a member of the site.

The scoop about Natasha was that she had passed away probably 6 months after we did this photo/video shoot. I heard that she was found deceased in a bathroom due to an overdose of Heroin. This was surprising to us because we usually look at these females real close to make sure they are not I.V drug users. We saw no needle marks on her at all. Well If the story I heard was correct about the needle/heroin O.D, I was really shocked. I do know that she is indeed deceased though because I seen her obituary in the news paper. Im just not totally sure about how she passed away. My sources have no reason to lie, and these sources also have drug habits. So I’m inclined to believe the story is accurate. Too bad though, she really had a good spirit.

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