Tee and Sparkle: Complicit in the Conspiracy.


Meet Sparkle: One of my ex bottom Bytchez. She was actively recruiting new chicks for the Mackcity Empire from 2003 to 2007.


Meet Tee: This little freak was blessed into the game by Sparkle and added her essence to my Jar of Souls.


Sparkle held the title for bringing me the most females for a while. It was always a three way tie between her, Ice and Krazy K.


So imagine my surprise when I hear her throw salt in the game by telling folks what a bad dude I am for putin her and the other chicks on my web site. She always knew the game and what was going on. But when the site got exposed she tried to play victim.


The nerve of some of my ex bottom bytchez. I loved em like no one else could. I gave when no one else would give. It’s a dirty game out here playaz. Righteousness is seldom appreciated, never expect the good that you do to be returned. It’s all good though, I still value the good times we had and I won’t ever forget how tight we use to be when we played the game.

For the full scoop on Sparkle and Tee join Mackcity today and watch how Sparkle recruits and gets all her homegirls to put in that work for The Empire. She had a mouth piece on her playaz, she got paid well for her recruiting skills. So no need to feel bad for her, her pockets gotĀ fat convincing her friends to get down with this sickness. Join now and see it all.

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