Krazy K’s first video: March 2004.


Babygirl had some good hot pussy. Made us skeet in minutes.


We had much fun man. We had our own little private freak show complete with lap dancing and suckin and fuckin.


Please ignore my homies ashy kneecaps. He got those while fuckin Krazy K doggystyle.


It’s now 2015, we did this video in 2004. This is a snapshot in time that has historical significance in the urban legend story of


I can’t stress how good this pussy was!


Krazy K is of Latin,Indian and Caucasian mix. We had some Gumbo pussy that night.

March 2004:

The Black Hoez been tryin to act like they runnin shyt the past couple weeks, so we said fuck dem hoez and let’s go play in some snow. We meet Kayla through our Bottom Bitch who goes by the name of Sparkle. They dance at the same strip club. The night we met Kayla she was whoopin another broads ass about improper lap dance procedures or some shyt. Read all about it in the members section. We get to her crib 3 days later and fuck her and leave jizz on her ass cheeks and stomach. This female ain’t no joke, she loves to fuck. She claims she dont suck dick though. But we bouts to change all dat shyt, ya’ll know how we get down at MackCity. Join Now and see how we Fat Niccaz get down wit deeze freaks.

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