Section 8 Niccaz doing Damage.


Niggaz might think I’m petty for this. But gawd dammit, I’m a military man. And I like stability and order in my environment. So I tend to get disgusted when I’m living around people who do shyt like this.

trash 2

When I moved into these apartments back 2008, you would never see shyt like this. But, its becoming a regular occurrence now. Trash and cigarette butts all over the damn place now.


Some new bad ass kids that just moved into the apartments are now drawing all over the walls and stairwells with magic markers.


It use to be so peaceful and quiet over here. You never seen the cops, but now they over here every couple of weeks. You never had to worry about trash in the parking lot or the apartment are either. Deeze section 8 Niccaz is fuckin up the spot.

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