The Witch Hunt of Bill Cosby.

bill-cosby-630x350xThe concept of innocent until proven guilty does not seem to apply to Bill Cosby. Bill Clinton, Brian Singer, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and many other white entertainers,directors,producers and politicians didn’t seem to have to deal with this sort of heat when sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. The Negro populace seem all too willing to crucify their own heroes at the command of white media. It’s a bizarre world I live in, black is white, hot is cold and up is down. The good are bad and Bill Cosby is now a rapist even though he hasn’t been tried or convicted of any such crime. And of course the negro (who Cosby once tried to¬†help) has now chosen to stab Bill in the back and aid in the destruction of an American Icon. If the court case delves out enough evidence that Bill Cosby is indeed guilty, then so be it. But until then, Bill will get the benefit of the doubt just like all of his white counterparts. Me and Tony will not waiver in this endeavour. In this podcast me and Tony continue our groundbreaking coverage of this travesty of justice. We speak on Cosby actually officially being charged for sexual assault. We speak on how Negroes are more supportive of R-Kelly than Bill Cosby and why this is the case. We also touch on Tamir Rice, Lebron James, The Freddie Gray mistrial and much much more. Happy New Year Playaz. Enjoy!

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