Journal log snippet: June 11,2004

I met this chick through Chocolate, they both got a drug habit and always tryin to get a quick hustle .One day Veronica was fiendin for a quick fix and needed that¬† quick hustle. So Chocolate gives Veronica my phone number and she calls me up and introduces herself. I say “yeah I need some models but I’m booked for the next 2 weeks.” Homegirl was not happy about havin to wait for a session. I heard it in her voice that she needed that money bad. She kept calling me for 2 weeks straight check’n to see if I was ready to shoot her. I wasn’t really pressed to shoot her so I kept putting her off. I would say I was gonna show up at Chocolates house and holla at her on a couple of occasions and wouldn’t show up. Typically I would call a broad and let her know if I can’t make it to a meeting but just like 75% of the females I run into in this business Chocolate didn’t pay her fuckn phone bill, so she had no phone.

I pop up over Chocolate’s crib the next day after I stood Veronica up the previous night and tried to holla at her about doin the session. First thing I noticed was that the house was full of damn near every broad I done video taped. Hoes was laying on the floor, on the couch in the kitchen and upstairs. I know Chatty, Sparkle and Whip was there knocked da fuck out. Looked like they had a lightweight crack house goin on. I wasn’t feelin the vibe because I know when dope and crack are present in my vicinity so I tried to break the fuck out the spot quickly.But before I dipped I hollad at Veronica upstairs and told her to come outside so I could talk some business. She came down the stairs lookin ver,very,veryyyyy baaaaaaaaad. I mean damn she was tore up dawg. I’m like yep”I knew she was on that rock”. She came down fussin at me sayin” Muthafukka don’t call my name like you know me, fuck you Mike.” I’m like fuck it den baby, I’m out. I don’t know why these females persist in tryin to flex on me when they know they just gonna come back crawlin at a later date. Well actually I do know why, It’s that gawd damn crack rock that get they ass all mood swinging and actin all irrational and shyt.

So I rode the fuck out and went to holla at another female prospect about 9 doors down and that was all I heard from Veronica for about 3 days. Then a strange twist of fate happened I was all set to do a shoot with Mz Vee (her name is Veronica also) but she fucked around and her menstrual cycle came on that day, Then 10 minutes later after Vee hits me with the news my phone rings and it’s Veronica 2 on the phone wanting to know what’s up. I said hey today is your lucky day, I’m gonna come swoop you up and when I get there you better not be high or have any gawd damn dope on you. The first sign I see that you high or carry any bullshyt, I’m in the fuckin wind, ya dig? She swore to me that she would be legit and professional. So I picked her up we went to the Hotel and had a little fun. I could of had her suck me off and I could of fucked her too, But I don’t fuck around wit crack fiends like dat. I was thinkin about it though, I know she got skills. And her ass was phat too. It took alot of will power to not beat the pussy up. Maybe I can find a dude who will be willing to do her on cam, I know she would be buck wild.

Ok, I had to try the head skills. I scheduled a Nicca to come over and get his dicked sucked but the Nicca flaked out and didn’t come. So I had sacrifice my jimmy for the cause playa. Damn I’m findin some bonafide freaky dick suckn honies. Check her out!

Click here for Video—->>>>¬†Veronica dance and dildo play pt2.



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