Journal log snippet: June 22, 2004

Jana Episode

22 June 04

Got an E-mail from one of my Adult Entertainment producer patnah’s a week ago who says he knows a BBW white chick who wants to make some cash fast on some model shyt. He gives me her name and E-mail address and told me to holla at her. I peeped her, and she is a cutey in the face. The upper body is cool. She has descent tits, but her lower half needs much work. She is a Wiccan Practitioner also( A witch), so I ain’t gonna talk no shyt about her..hhahhaahha. I ain’t tryin to be turned into no frog Nicca.

I called up Kayla yesterday because she just got a Job at the Hampton Inn and she says she can give us the hook up on a discount for a room. I ask her if she is sure she can deliver, because I know project chicks usual don’t ever deliver on what they say they can. She assured me she could make it happen.

Well as usual Kayla dropped the ball and the bytch wasn’t even on the schedule to work today. I asked the manager and some other hotel workers if she even still worked there. No one knew except the manager and all he said was he had took her off the schedule to work that day. I roll past Kayla’s crib and knock onĀ  her door so I can see what the fuck is the deal. I’m expecting this BBW white chick in about an hour and I don’t have a place to shoot yet, so I’m a bit agitated. I knock on the door for about 3 minutes knowing full well that no one is going to answer the door, especially since it is 10 am. I look at her living room window and I see a bytch that I recognize from being over their a couple of times come to the window, open the curtain and then close it back. I’m thinking she might be going to tell Kayla that I’m at the door. I wait for another 5 minutes all the while I’m bang’n on the fuck’n door. I soon realize that this ho has played me. I get on the phone and call her, but all I get is the answering machine, so I tell the bytch “Don’t call me no more Ho. The next time you need someone to bring you a couple of bills to feed them kids, call baby daddy. Me and your bizness relationship has been dissolved.” I still don’t know if the bytch got fired from her job or what. If she did she only had the muthafukka for 5 days.

So I had to pay full price for a Hotel, and I set the lights and equipment up, and me and John went to pick up Jana. The session went pretty good. I usually don’t like to shoot white chicks because Nut don’t show up real well on their white skin. And to top it off John couldn’t even bust a good Nut. He was a bit turned off by her I guess and he couldn’t fully bring that Nut up to splash on her face. When he nutted it only came out in a couple of drops. I plan on call’n her back soon, she needs to get splashed on the grill real good. I did plaster them tits with a good bucket of nut though.


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