Journal log snippet: June 27, 2004

Carmen: 27 June 04

Today was a good day! Me and John went to the local strip Bar about 12 midnight after leavin the projects. We played pool and drank some beer. There was the usual females in there dance’n and hounding a Nicca for a dolla. I can’t figure out why the same bytchez keep askin me for a dolla when they know I ain’t gonna give it to them. I only give my model freaks love when I see them dance’n up in the cut. All the other freaks can just eat a dick. Hoes be actin like I owe em somethin. Well we say hi to our usual lady friends and hit them with some 10’s and 20’s and we make sure the other dancers see this shyt. We wanna make sure that these females know who ball’n in this bytch. Well our tactic works too good often times, we attract the females only to give em our sales pitch, if they say no, we send em on they way penniless. If they truly seem interested and have good attitudes we hit em with a little cheddar.

This one fine ass chocolate female kept catching our eye and John just wouldn’t shut the fuck up about her. She was a fine piece of ass I must say. But something was weird about her. I just kept staring at her because she looked real familiar. We call her over and she was real warm and personable, but in a fake way. I can sense when a broad is being phony. But I’m still rack’n my brain trying to place her face and assemble the puzzle. Then like a bolt of lightening it struck me!

Back in 1999 I had a 4 man team trying to do this Inter-net shyt and I had two Niccaz in charge of find’n models. Well, were at the hotel waitn on these two dumb Niccaz to bring us (me and John) the freaks and they show up with the females but with no I.D. The females begged and pleaded with us to let them do the session but they looked a bit young. I said “nah, we tight”. Holla at us when you find your I.D’s. The dark skinned female pitched a bitch and was tryin to flex on a Nicca. She was like “You scary ass Nicca, what you scared of? Be a man and take out that money so we can get down.” I swear I wanted to slap the hoe dead in the mouth. I hate chics with fly ass mouths. The two slow Niccaz look’n mad at us and askin us why don’t we shoot em and then try and get the I’D’s later. I said, Don’t talk to me about no dumb shyt like that, are you insane Nicca?” I said “Do what you want to these broads when me and John leave but we ain’t fuckn wit no hoez with no I.D’s” So we left and we nevah heard from them Niccaz again or the two females. Now remember this was in 1999.

Now here we are in 2004 and I see the main chick who was given me drama about not wanting to shoot her because she had no I.D. Her name is Carmen and I vividly remember how much the bytch got on my nerves. But she seemed to have matured a bit in her conversation and she didn’t rub me so raw this time. Well she really didn’t remember us so we went ahead and gave her the sales pitch, and told her,”Fuck putt’n a dolla in that G-string. Let’s roll out of here and put some real money in ya hand.” I said “Just give us 60 minutes of ya time and let us photograph that pretty ass for 100 dollaz.” She jumped on that shyt real quick. I was like well I know you must be legal and all ,especially since you danc’n in this fine establishment, but let me peep ya I.D so I know you legal. She pulls out her State I.D and I about pissed on myself. It stated clear as day that she was 19! Now do the math. If she is 19 now and she wanted to get naked with us in the summer of 1999, how old was she then? She was either 14 or 15 years old!!! Gawd Damn!!! These hoes is treacherous! A serious note to all aspiring Adult entertainment producers……Don’t you ever fuck around and do shyt with a female who can’t prove her age. That shyt is serious bizness Jack. That bytch could of had us doin some serious time if we would have decided to shoot her anyway.

As far as I was concerned it was payback time. I said to myself. Hahahha, I finally got ya bytch. The more I thought about what the fuck she tried to pull, the more it started to piss me off. I just couldn’t wait to get her ass naked in my ride, and make her strip down outside in the cold night air. I truly wanted to just degrade her ass. Well we got her on video put’n in that work, vengeance is mine. Holla!

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