A Lesson in Self Mastery

allie-13As I read through the journal logs, I saw that one of the sexiest freaks on this site was nabbed by the police: Ali. I suddenly remembered the log where Big Mike discussed how he came upon Ali and the reputation for setting Niccaz up to be robbed. However, it was Big Mike´s interaction with her that serves as another epiphany that I have had in life. If I recall correctly, during one of the incidents Big Mike stated in the journal log that he LET her see that he was packing. I pondered the meaning of that subtle display of force. He later stated something to the effect that lions or lionesses don’t hunt their own. This statement was indeed a lesson in Life. Although people are suppose to live together peacefully without the scourge of war or specter of oppression, the truth is that people with power make this concept impossible. If you do not have the ability to effect a personal or financial or political consequence you will find yourself a victim at will. In the male/female game, many females wield and ultimately use the power or promise of pussy to bend men to their whim. The pussy will be gotten regardless. But the respect is what should be obtained. Dangerous bitches understand that pussy is weakness for many men. Therefore the Ali´s of the world, both male and female(because some men are bitches too) must be shown in brutal Machiavellian albeit subtle way that the exercise of power for their own selfish ends at the cost of disrespecting the right of other to pursue pleasure will yield REAL consequences. This is the way of the world. Always has been always will be. Mike´s act of display to the uninitiated may seem to be only empty masculine bravado. However, I am convinced that it was this show of force combined with the implementation of game that led to Ali´s willingness to be baptized on at least two occasions. In other words, Poor the pen without the gun, poor the gun without the pen……….

Tony Dreamer.

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