Dark Sun 2: An honest critique of Al Islam.

Through the years of me doing this podcast, I have done many shows on religion. But I always managed to leave out and avoid the religion of Islam. Out of all the religions I have studied and practiced, I loved Islam the most. Although I no longer practice the religion and have outgrown it’s borders, I still greatly respect it. And I also credit it for building the man you see today. I am strongly independent, and fiercely intellectual. But Niggafucious seems to have no problem taking up the task of keeping things 100 about the philosophy and it’s impact upon the world. We cover Sunni Islam, The Prophet Muhammad, Noble Drew Ali, Master Farad Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Clarence 13 X and of course Malcolm X. This will be a long podcast(3 and 1/2 hours), Tony did such a magnificent job in giving us the info, that I deemed it a masterpiece and could not bare to slice it up. So if you get tired in the middle of the podcast, please feel free to push pause and take a break. I include clips of Malcolm X’s past interviews to reinforce our position also. So we raise the bar today, no silly Niggotry or ratchet stories to smoke to or laugh at. Only the upper chakras will be stimulated today. Enjoy.

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