Sparkle, Champagne and Vee entry

Champagne 2004

Champagne 2004

29 June 04

Sparkle, Champagne and Mz Vee all take a trip down to Atlanta with some Niccaz I don’t know. It was an older female and dude in there 40’s who took them down south and promised them that they would be able to make a lot of money by dancing in clubs and by being dancers at this big party that was going to be given by some big rappers and football players. They get down there and get hustled by the couple. They didn’t get to do the party and they didn’t get to dance in no clubs to make any money. They found out that to dance in Atlanta you need a license and that runs an easy 300 dollaz. So they stuck in a Hotel with nowhere to go and no way to make money. The couple starts to tell the girls that they need to find a way to pay them back for the hotel room, food and transportation. They tell them to go out and find some Niccaz to hustle.

The females rebel at this situation and tell the couple that they ain’t prostituting themselves just because they failed to deliver to them what was promised. The girls are like why you gett’n mad at us when you was supposed to get the Gigs for us, but you didn’t provide any way for us to make money to pay you back. The couple tells them to get out there and sell some ass or you can WALK home to Ohio. Of course this is when they call my “Captain save a Ho” ass.

Vee 2004

Vee 2004

I get a call about 4 pm in the day and I got 3 females on the phone crying and shyt tell’n me the whole scoop. My first impression was, that it was a hustle. These females lie about so much shyt you don’t know what to believe. They said that they needed bus tickets back home because they were stranded. I’m thinkin they came down to Atlanta, did a show, made a couple of hundred and now need to come back home, but they don’t want to spend the money they just made on a bus ticket, so let’s just make up a lie and tell 3XL that we have been stranded and we need someone to wire us bus tickets over the inter-net. I initially said nah I can’t help ya just because Sparkle was with them, and she always lyin and tryin to game me. But My girl Mz. Vee was with her and I was digg’n this new chick Champagne and didn’t want to give her a bad impression of me so early in the game. So I said fuck it. I’ll hit yall wit the tickets, “Just know and understand that whether this is a hustle or a legit situation, ya’ll my Niccaz and ya’ll got the Bus tickets comin just because ya’ll do good work.”

Sparkle 2004

Sparkle 2004

2 July 04

I call up MzVee, Sparkle and Champagne to ask them if they could do a Nicca a favor and meet me later on to do a 3 female shoot for me on some promotional shyt. I told em ain’t no pay involved, but I was wonderin if ya’ll could just look out for a Nicca. Besides it ain’t fully nude anyway, just topless maybe. They all agreed and said “Yeah we will do it.” I said let’s meet tomorrow, they said “Okay”. I go to meet them at 3 pm in the projects and they can’t be found. I call Mz Vee and she said that she was on her way, but she don’t know where the other chicks are. I said Fuck it, I’ll holla tomorrow.

3 July 04

Mz Vee, Champagne and Sparkle call me and tell me all their bullshyt excuses about why they didn’t make it. I wasn’t interested in hearing that shyt. I just asked we gonna do this shyt or what? They said “yeah”. I’m like okay meet me at 6 pm at Mz Vee’s. As usual Sparkle got some bullshyt excuse why she can’t do it at 6pm. She said it was the anniversary of her brothers murder and she had to visit his grave around that time. So me being the soft ass Nicca that I am said” “Okay babygirl when DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS? Give a Nicca an answer, ya’ll make’n this shyt too complex” They said 8 pm would be cool. I said Okay i’ll be back at 8. I show back up at 8pm and as usual nobody can be fuck’n found.

4th of July

I get calls all day from each female blame’n the next girl for the stand up routine again. I said, I ain’t sweatin it. I got some other honies that’s gonna do it. They didn’t put up a fight and say they can do the shoot. They obviously didn’t want to do it. They think they got away with playin me, but they just don’t know who they fuck’n with. I’ll get it out they ass one way or the other.

I visit Jaquatta over Nina’s house to tell her when we can do some bizness. She been calln me all week about a session. I see her sittin on the curb in front of her building drinking Colt 45. I said what’s up and what you been doin lately? She said nothing, she tryin to get some money to get an apartment ( hahahha, man I been hearing that line a lot). Nina comes out and says Hi. Ya’ll remember Nina the one who danced at the hotel with the Big Booty and bad hair-do?  Well she ain’t been back to do no more work because her boyfriend don’t want her fuck’n wit me. I ain’t tripp’n that shyt, I respect that out of a Nicca. So I respect the Niccaz wishes and don’t holla at her no more.

Just so happens that Nina’s boyfriend is Jaquatta’s brother. So Im out there and I’m just rappin to Nina and Jaquatta on some friendly shyt and The boyfriend/Brother comes out lookin at a Nicca hard. He walks over toward me and stops about 6 feet away and asks me who I am in a hard tone. I’m thinking, I know this Nicca ain’t tryin to flex? I just looked at his raggedy ass and I tell him” Playa you know who I am, don’t act like you don’t know.” So I asked him “Who are you?” He just looked at me all fucked up and walked away.

I was kind of hope’n the Nicca would have jump at me, I been itch’n to kick a Niccaz ass. These hoes got me stressed to the point this week that I been wanting to knock a Niccaz  teeth out. I would have crushed that Nicca.

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