Sparkle and Tiffany Journal log 2004.

9 July 04

Got a call from Sparkle who wants to do a shoot so she can get a bus ticket to go down to Atlanta to dance at Magic City. I told her I don't really want to fuck wit her. She begs and pleads with me for some action but I ain't tryin to hear her case. I told her find me a white chick and ya'll do a 3sum acting/model session and I'll see what I can do. She says fine, that's easy I have this friend named Tiffany and she is down to do it. She is the reason I'm going to Magic City to dance I need to get some money together for her to go back home to Kansas. I tell her to call my assistant camera man "John" and set up a time and place, because he's gonna be the stunt dick and we need to work around his schedule. They set up the time to be at one of sparkle's friends house at 9 am in the morning on the 10th of July. I knew that it was absolutely stoopid for us to ask these project chicks to get up so early, but John thought he could make it happen.

We show up at the spot to shoot at 9 am and as usual the project bytches leave us hanging outside of the crib banging on the door, because they are still fuck'n sleep. I keep thinking why these hoes bother me all week about a gig and then have the fuck'n nerve to not get up and be ready for us to take care of bizness. So I said hey Nicca, I'm out let's roll. Me and John call up some more chicks and fish around to see who might be available since we have some time on our hands.

We stop by Waffle House and get some breakfast and in the middle of us gett'n our grub on, Sparkle calls us. It's about 10 am now and she had some dumb ass excuse as usual about why they didn't answer the door. She said some shyt about her white friend wasn't there, she had to leave the house to try and find her lost Pit Bull dawg and Sparkle claims she herself was still sleep. I didn't give a fuck about that shyt, I just said you gonna pay for that shyt you just pulled. You know I don't like it when muthafukkaz ain't punctual and I damn sure can't stand to be played and made to stand outside your crib in the morning knock'n on your door for 10 minutes lookin stoopid. The actin/model Gig fee has now been reduced to the actual price of your bus ticket to Atlanta. Take it or leave it. She still jumped on it.

We roll over her crib, which is actually one of her friends spot, and we meet the white chick who's name is Tiffany. I automatically see that she has been liven ruff and she obviously takes drugs, legal and illegal. I looked at her legs and seen how she had horizontal cuts marks all up and down her legs from where she had been deliberately slice'n on herself. And looked at her wrists also and seen she had cut marks on them also. I told John, hey man I don't think you should fuck wit this chick. But John is a special type of Nicca, he didn't seem to care about what she looked like or the fact that she was a suicidal-schizophrenic coke head. He still wanted to do the session. She told us she was from Kansas and she was running from the Law and that her parents called the cops on her for some reason. That's why she is on the run. She said Sparkle was the only friend she had in Ohio and that Sparkle was lookin out for her because she was homeless. We went upstairs to do the shoot, but as usual the project chick type female doesn't know the meaning of planning or even cleanliness. So we up in this junky, raggedy, super hot and humid bedroom. I'm thinkin damn! A bytch didn't even try to straighten up her shyt before we came. Just gawd damn Nasty!!

Well we did all the questioning and the I.D shyt and did the Video shoot, which was super funny. Remember I keep tellin ya'll that these freaks can't seem to get into sex'n my Nicca, John. Here is what went down.

Click here for Video---->>>> Sparkle and Tiffany 3 sum with John.

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