charlieIt’s 2015 and people still drinking the kool-aid of the mass media when it comes to the whole HIV boogyman propaganda. With this latest Charlie Sheen story, I must sit by and once again endure another round of ill informed Niggaz poppin they gumbs about something they have never taken the time to study for themselves. I have been reading all sorts of literature about STD’s for 15 years, especially HIV. I have been listening to and analyzing the studies and the works of experts in the fields of virology,biology,epidemiology and chemistry. And most have concluded that HIV IS NOT a sexually transmitted disease, and that HIV itself is a harmless retrovirus that does not cause AIDS. many will disagree due to the fear that they harbor about this well crafted lie to fill the coffers of big Pharma. But I have studied this for a decade and I am more informed on this than possibly 85% of people in the US. I won’t be giving you any conspiracy theories on green/vervet monkey blood and body fluids being used to create a virus to kill off black folks. The answer is actually much more sinister than that. What if its not a virus at all that’s killing you? What if it’s something that’s been in front of your face all along hiding in plain site, yet you refused to see it. If you feel I am in error please point me to a reputable scientist that can prove otherwise. I am giving you my sources and experts in the field to back up my claim. Not only am I giving you facts and sources, but I have real world knowledge of this hoax being played out in the prison system as well as in the sex industry. The only reason this nonsense still persists is because people don’t wanna fact check and read up on this issue. It’s time to stop being lazy and stop letting the Government make you look like a jack ass.

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