White She-Devil: No morals or standards.

TELLYCASTHad folks asking me about White she devil a while back. She is long gone out of the porn game. She has settled down with a white man with money. She no longer has to swim in the filthy streets of mackcity. She use to tell me she would never settle down with a white man. She said they did not turn her on. Well, well wellllllll, looks like she came to her senses. Chasing these negroes in the streets wasnt gettin the bills paid. So she did what any woman with sense would do. Find a man who could feed and clothe her. I wish my black freaks would follow her example. Almost all my sistats still wanna suck prison penis, and laugh at Niccaz with jobs and college degrees.

White she devil was easily in the top five freak nasty chicks in the stable. She was so adventerous and ready to do what ever. Gawd damn I miss her! Aint seen her in about 2 years. I hope all is well with babygirl. So no fellas it looks like we have lost a true soldier in the game. But you can always watch her past videos on the main site. Lets just be happy we can go back in time and witness a true pro get shyt poppin.

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