Past Log Black Mamba a.k.a Chocolate: 10 July 04

10 July 04

John The assistant calls me and tells me that Sparkle and Tiffany been call’n him all day. He says that they must have called him 10 times. He couldn’t give me any specifics on the phone because he was in a room with his wife, So I told the Nicca to call me back at a later date when he can talk freely. I guess Sparkle know that call’n me would be a fuck’n dead end. That Hoe gets no love until I see some betta behavior.

Chocolate called me today crying on the phone and wanted me to come and pick her up because she just got kicked out her moms crib. I couldn’t leave though because I was in the middle of rendering video on my computer. I asked her does she have a place to go, and she said she doesn’t. I don’t know what she expects me too do, she know I got other priorities and don’t have time to take care of no grown ass woman.

She my Nicca and all, but she needs to keep that family shyt in the family. I asked her what about ya boyfriend( who stays in Chocolate mom’s house also) is he stayin while you gettin kicked out? She said he is staying. I asked her what the beef was about. She claims her mom’s husband don’t like her and he does little shyt to get her in trouble with her moms. She said her moms bought some Sunny Delight orange juice and told everybody in the house not to drink it. But Chocolate says her step dad deliberately drank it and blamed it on her. I said damn ya moms kickn you out over that? I said it must be some deeper shyt goin on babygirl. And why ya moms always wanna throw you out and nobody else? I told her that she must be doin some foul shyt I don’t know about because you always the one people want to kick out. She was just kicked out of her cousin’s house (Anita). And it was over the same shyt, eat’n up all the food in the house.

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