Past Log: 15 July 2004

15 July 04

I got a call from Champagne and she wanna know what’s goin on with me and had I made a decision about who I was gonna shoot tonight. I told her I still didn’t know who I was gonna roll with yet. She says that Her and this female Lady T are down to do some girl/girl shyt. I was like what ya’ll gonna eat some pussy? She said she ain’t, but Lady T will. I shot Lady T a while ago and haven’t posted her Video yet. Honey got dance skills for ya ass. I told her that If I roll over, you gonna be down with the head game? She paused and thought about it……….I said “Tell me something, I got otha females that’s tryin to get at a Nicca, so what u wanna do?” She said “Okay, I’ll do it.” I’m scheduled to meet her at her crib at 10 pm tonight. I have been breaking one of my most important rules lately by filming over other females houses. But I’m tryin to make some power moves which requires that I have some exrta money, so I can’t fuck with a hotel each time I do a shoot. So I’m gonna take a gamble and do the damn thang for a while.


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