Past Log Entry: 17 July 04

17 July 04

I’m supposed to shoot Brown Sugah today but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. John is supposed to be the stunt dick and he says he can’t make it. I got my dick sucked and I fucked so much yesterday that I’m not even in the mood to fuck with her. I called her and cancelled the shoot. I told her I’ll holla at a later date.

Chocolate (a.k.a Black Mamba) called me tonight and asked did I have any pictures printed of her and Jaquatta. I said” No I don’t”. I no longer print pictures for the models, I can put them on disk if they want they, but fuck using my Ink and Photo paper. That shyt starts to get expensive. I’m just laugh’n my ass off at this female, she tells me she is through with me the other day and how fucked up I am, but thinks of every reason in the world to call me.  She done stuck her foot in her mouth and now she’s trying trying to figure out a way to remove it and get back in good with me. How the fuck you gonna disrespect and play the only thing of value in your life? How can you burn the bridge to my Island? What kind of dumbshyt is that?

Well I told her to holla at me later because I was busy. She had more on her mind and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say shyt. If you have been a member for a while, you’ll remember that this the same broad that claimed she was in love with me. If this is true, then this bytch can be dangerous. But I’m banking on that line just being more bullshyt to try and game me. I’m just wonderin what kind of excuse she will think of next to use to call me.

Click here for Video—->>>> Me and John skeet’n in Chocolate’s face at her crib in the projects when we first met her.

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