Past Journal Log:19 July 04

19 July 04

Well it didn’t take long for Chocolate to break down and kiss my ass. She called me on the phone today about 11 A.M and apologized and gave me the standard line about how stressed she is about life. And all I did was listen and tell her” Don’t have time to listen to this, get to the point. It’s obvious you need something from me otherwise you wouldn’t have called.”

She said” I know I said I wouldn’t call you no more, but I need your help.” I said “Shyt…what the fuck is new? I knew you would break down and call me on some I need help shyt sooner or later”. She asked “How did you know that?” I said ” “Because I know for a fact, I’m the only Nicca in ya life that is worth a shyt. It was only a matter of time before you was sittin all alone and stuck like chuck in ya house with no one to turn to. Who else can you call and get a ride here or there? Who else can you call and get a 10 or a 20 dolla spot? What otha Nicca will bring you food when you fuck’n starvin?”

“Ain’t nobody showin that kind of love towards you. So when you call and say shyt like you through with me, it makes me fuck’n laugh. You know how this shyt works…. you need me, I don’t need you. You was just shootin ya self in the foot girl and sooner or later you was gonna see how stupid it is to displease me. Now how much money you need and where you tryin to go?” She said she needed 20 dollars and she needed a ride to go downtown to take a pre- G.E.D test so she can go to school. I was like I can give you the ride, but you on punishment with the money. You ain’t gettin no cheese from me till I see an improvement in your attitude. She got the nerve to trip on me. I swear these broads got the I.Q of a paper plate. Even if I don’t have cheese to give these females I find them another way to make bread by doing bachelor parties or hookin them up with other producers. And they still actin funky? But it’s the nature of the bizz I’m in, so I just deal wit it.

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