Walking Dead Fuckery.

Today I go into depth about my recent disdain for my favorite TV show. I often hear pro wack Niccaz cry about the number of black men on the walking dead show. They say that there is not enough black faces. But they are way off base and not focused on the real issue. It’s not about the number of black faces, it’s all about the character of these black faces. It seems to me that all the black man are weak, ineffective and mentally incapable of adapting to stressful situations that leads to putting their whole group in danger. Man, I’m so sick of these pitiful excuses for men on the show. I also touch on the effectivness of Aikido again to one of my listeners. I give two situations where my gut told me to be leary of some chicks that was trying to give me some play. And I use the bible to prove that woman are evil incarnate! Listen now and be amazed at my infinite wisdom. Enjoy!

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