The Powertrick Revolution has begun.


In this latest episode me and Tony examine how our philosophy on dealing with women in today’s backwards feminist hellhole has taken root. Many men are opting out of the conventional out of date methods that leave the man the ultimate sucker and loser. Our methods make sure that men get what they want and at least keep things even so that woman cannot exploit and use you. The eyes of the male population are beginning to open and many woman are feeling the burn. Join us in the revolution and help keep these chicks honest. I’m out.


Obsidian Radio Video

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The coming crucifixion of Colin Kaepernick

kolincenter>Topics of discussion: Clarification on the subjects of “Is marriage the same as trick’n”?, Do we hate Tariq Nasheed? Are blacks genetically dumber than whites? Should athletes martyr themselves for black folks? Should we stop paying woman to have bastard babies?Ninja Vs Samurai warfare thought process.

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Mackcity Playa Interview: King Isa Ali


In this podcast we kick it with a long time listener and supporter of the show, Brotha Isa Ali. He tells us all about what he has learned and mastered by listening to the philosophical awsomeness that me and Tony spit. We cover his viewpoint on woman, spitting game and being a professional side Nigga. Also he gives us insight into his past as a security guard and bouncer in white and black clubs. And of course he delves into why our show is quite perhaps the most profound philosophical tool ever created by mortal man! Yes,dammit! I am on that shyt today! Our greatness is unmatched! Yooouuuuuuu diiiiiiiig!?

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Mackcity Rants!

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Mackcity Update.


Some recaps and elaborations on past topics. My situation between the Becky and the Skillet. More leadership talk concerning my show. I discuss why my show will never be mainstream or popular.

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Becky Vs Skillet.

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Gumbo Mix Show.


Topics of discussion: America is run like a Prison through racial division. Donald Trump’s alleged racist rhetoric and the Clinton’s stealth racism. My childhood experience savage nigga behavior. I do not identify with Africa as my roots. Cops need to get the benefit of the doubt in most instances. Listener E-Mail from the mackcity Playa Jason gets answered concerning the comparison of woman over seas and woman in America. Mgtow and there hope of engineering android hot bytchez or homegrown clone hot thots.

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