Analyses of todays black intellectuals.

dickriderzNo stone is left unturned in todays podcast. Me and Tony speak on the pros and cons, the good and the bad of todays black intellectuals. Boyce Watkins, Umar Johnson, Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed are put under the microscope and analysed by the greatest podcasters in gawd damn history! We also touch on dick riding and nut hugging Niccaz that worship these personalities. Playas, please be your own man, and do not become anyone’s ideological flunky.Lone Wolf and Cub taking heads once again. Enjoy the massacre!

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Erotic Graffiti


I ‘m a hardcore hip hop head. I was brought up in the golden age of hip hop. As a teenager I use to tag the walls of abandoned buildings in my city all the time. Hip hop culture emphasized ,breaking, Deejaying, Beatboxing, Mceeing and graffiti art. Graffiti was actually my favorite aspect of the culture.So it’s only a natural progression to mesh the image of erotic woman and my love of graffiti. I found some joints on the web just to give some highly creative eye candy for the mackcity crew. Enjoy.

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The pawns go first: Part 1


Smashing your idols into smithereens gawd dammit… dig?! Yes, we at it again, we can’t be stopped! The fat trick Niccaz is on a rampage! Peep the cover art and see what we spitt’n this week. We are the future, our time is now.

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Ben Fields: Zero Tolerance Ratchet Policy.

2015-10-28t22-34-04-966z--1Most of my Mackcity citizens is absolutely gonna hate this show. Me and Niggafucius give no quarter and have no mercy against the toxic levels of Niggotry that is destroying the Black community. Once again we look at the big picture, we never end up short sighted in the manipulation of the useless eater class. Once again another story that is being hyped and used to divide white and black, citizen and cop. These stories only serve to make it easier to usher in absolute police state. Black and whites fight each other over these issues, and cops and citizens get at each others throats. The oligarchs seek to bring order out of chaos, but in order to do this, they must turn everything upside down. The child must rule over the parent, the woman must rule over the man. And the government must rule them all. Listen to this podcast and be utterly disgusted by our common sense and intellectual supremacy.

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charlieIt’s 2015 and people still drinking the kool-aid of the mass media when it comes to the whole HIV boogyman propaganda. With this latest Charlie Sheen story, I must sit by and once again endure another round of ill informed Niggaz poppin they gumbs about something they have never taken the time to study for themselves. I have been reading all sorts of literature about STD’s for 15 years, especially HIV. I have been listening to and analyzing the studies and the works of experts in the fields of virology,biology,epidemiology and chemistry. And most have concluded that HIV IS NOT a sexually transmitted disease, and that HIV itself is a harmless retrovirus that does not cause AIDS. many will disagree due to the fear that they harbor about this well crafted lie to fill the coffers of big Pharma. But I have studied this for a decade and I am more informed on this than possibly 85% of people in the US. I won’t be giving you any conspiracy theories on green/vervet monkey blood and body fluids being used to create a virus to kill off black folks. The answer is actually much more sinister than that. What if its not a virus at all that’s killing you? What if it’s something that’s been in front of your face all along hiding in plain site, yet you refused to see it. If you feel I am in error please point me to a reputable scientist that can prove otherwise. I am giving you my sources and experts in the field to back up my claim. Not only am I giving you facts and sources, but I have real world knowledge of this hoax being played out in the prison system as well as in the sex industry. The only reason this nonsense still persists is because people don’t wanna fact check and read up on this issue. It’s time to stop being lazy and stop letting the Government make you look like a jack ass.

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Dark Sun 2: An honest critique of Al Islam.

Through the years of me doing this podcast, I have done many shows on religion. But I always managed to leave out and avoid the religion of Islam. Out of all the religions I have studied and practiced, I loved Islam the most. Although I no longer practice the religion and have outgrown it’s borders, I still greatly respect it. And I also credit it for building the man you see today. I am strongly independent, and fiercely intellectual. But Niggafucious seems to have no problem taking up the task of keeping things 100 about the philosophy and it’s impact upon the world. We cover Sunni Islam, The Prophet Muhammad, Noble Drew Ali, Master Farad Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Clarence 13 X and of course Malcolm X. This will be a long podcast(3 and 1/2 hours), Tony did such a magnificent job in giving us the info, that I deemed it a masterpiece and could not bare to slice it up. So if you get tired in the middle of the podcast, please feel free to push pause and take a break. I include clips of Malcolm X’s past interviews to reinforce our position also. So we raise the bar today, no silly Niggotry or ratchet stories to smoke to or laugh at. Only the upper chakras will be stimulated today. Enjoy.

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A Lesson in Self Mastery

allie-13As I read through the journal logs, I saw that one of the sexiest freaks on this site was nabbed by the police: Ali. I suddenly remembered the log where Big Mike discussed how he came upon Ali and the reputation for setting Niccaz up to be robbed. However, it was Big Mike´s interaction with her that serves as another epiphany that I have had in life. If I recall correctly, during one of the incidents Big Mike stated in the journal log that he LET her see that he was packing. I pondered the meaning of that subtle display of force. He later stated something to the effect that lions or lionesses don’t hunt their own. This statement was indeed a lesson in Life. Although people are suppose to live together peacefully without the scourge of war or specter of oppression, the truth is that people with power make this concept impossible. If you do not have the ability to effect a personal or financial or political consequence you will find yourself a victim at will. In the male/female game, many females wield and ultimately use the power or promise of pussy to bend men to their whim. The pussy will be gotten regardless. But the respect is what should be obtained. Dangerous bitches understand that pussy is weakness for many men. Therefore the Ali´s of the world, both male and female(because some men are bitches too) must be shown in brutal Machiavellian albeit subtle way that the exercise of power for their own selfish ends at the cost of disrespecting the right of other to pursue pleasure will yield REAL consequences. This is the way of the world. Always has been always will be. Mike´s act of display to the uninitiated may seem to be only empty masculine bravado. However, I am convinced that it was this show of force combined with the implementation of game that led to Ali´s willingness to be baptized on at least two occasions. In other words, Poor the pen without the gun, poor the gun without the pen……….

Tony Dreamer.

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