Scared Straight 3: Frozen Toilet Paper!

frozentpThrowing out a show that is not knee deep in the Cosby quagmire. I touch a little bit on Cosby, the whole show is not dedicated to Cosby, I promise..LOL. These are the topics….Griff hates on Cosby. Michael Jai White simpn. Cortez E-Mail. Crackaz hate my Kung-Fu. Frozen Toilet Paper. Cognitive Dissonance. BLM Vs The Malitia. Economic Crash to be tied to Civil War.

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PowerTrick Detox!

Nothing lasts forever. What goes up, must come down. There must be death, before there is a resurrection. For the first time in 12 years the Mackcity machine has met with adversity. The wheels have fallen off, the engine has imploded! Will the Fatmack survive this bout of uncertainty? There is no place to go but up, once you have hit rock bottom. Never contend with a man, who has nothing to lose. Trust and believe this evil has befallen me to make me better and greater than I was before. The Pimp gods have been displeased with my actions and have punished me accordingly. Click the link and listen to my tales of woe. Fear not bretheren, I always bounce back. Time is my friend.

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Stardusk, Sugar Babes & Sugar Daddies.

Are “Sugar Babies” Prostitutes?

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Pimpin and Preach’n.





There is no doubt in my Mind that the Ultimate Mack Profession is the religion racket. Preachers, Rabbis, Cardinals, Popes, Imams or whatever you wanna call the so-called men of Gawd are the most Mack’n and Pimpn muthafukkaz on Earth. The Politician runs a close second in the Mack Power game, but they can’t hold a candle to a muthafukka standing behind the Pulpit. I always wondered why I never really felt at home sitt’n in the Pews of any so-called house of worship. I always use to sit in Church and in the Mosque and say to myself” I ain’t buyin none of this shyt this fast talkin muthafukka is sellin me”. As you know the fast talkin muthafukka was the so-called man of Gawd in front of me, tellin me to give up my loot or I was gonna burn in hell. I use to watch as the man of Gawd would speak and have muthafukkaz in a daze. Muthafukkaz was in a trance playa! I use to say damn this Nicca got these people brainwashed. The combination of Music and rhetoric under the label of God, combined with intense fear of damnnation had muthafukkaz on Lock. The Flock dare not question what was being spoon fed to them by their clergy.

I was one of them Hard headed Hoez in the house of worship. I always questioned the shyt the Man of Gawd was hitt’n me with. This made me unpopular with the other hoez in his flock. It only takes one unruly Hoe to fuck up a pimps game. Once the other hoez see The Man of Gawd’s power being challenged, his power diminishes and he becomes mortal. The Man of Gawd Pimp doesn’t tolerate questions, his power is absolute and he must make an example out of those who would seek to fuck up his hustle. Most square Niccaz can’t see the correlation between the Pimp and the Preacher, I can’t understand how a muthafukka couldn’t see the similarities. Remember the whole concept of Pimp’n and Mack’n is about Control and Power. And who has the most juice in the neighborhood or respect? Well around my way it’s the Preacherman, they are frequently at the head of many social movements and  when injustice rears it’s ugly head they can rally the community to meet that  injustice head on. Don’t get me wrong dawg, the comparison between Pimp and Preacher ain’t necessarily a bad one. I fully see the positive these cats do, but I also see the dirt. Game recognize game here son. Look at Reverand Al Sharpton, does this brother look more like a Pimp or a Preacher? Listen to Reverand Jesse Jackson’s speech and lingo? How many Pimps you know slang lyrics like this brotha? Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both students of the Pimp Game fo sho. A Good Pimp or Mack is a master of the Jedi Mind Trick. They can make you see something that ain’t there or not see what is there. They are true magicians and masters of misdirection. Let me ask you this playa. Is it in Jesse Jackson or Al Sharptons best interest that there is no Racism or is no injustice towards blacks? If Racism was eliminated today would they be able to feed themselves and pay their car note? Last time I checked they get paid only as long as chaos, injustice and racism are still social ills. So why would they want to truly see an end to something that keeps their pockets full? While they appear to work towards the elimination of Injustice and racism they secretly fan the flames of social upheaval to stay in business. Ya’ll muthafukkaz ain’t hearing me. This Pimp shyt is real. You can’t bullshyt a Bullshyter, I see through that bullshyt. But I ain’t judging my Niccaz hustle I would do the shyt too if I was in thier position. I have learned that people want to be lied to, the worst thing a man can do these days is tell the truth and Keep it Real. So I say give the people what they want, keep they asses in wonderland or trapped in a Matrix of there own creation.

There are definately two types of people on earth, you are either a being who mostly PIMPs or mostly HOEs. Everybody can’t Pimp and everbody can’t sit back a play a Hoe. Some people are comfortable playin the Hoe role, I can’t sit back and let a Nicca look me in the face and try and Pimp or Play me. And that’s why I could never get into organized religion. My soul wasn’t fit to stand out on the corner and be put on the Hoe stroll. I was definately Mack material, I was always thinking 2 steps ahead of the Nicca in the Pupit. And I didn’t fuck with his hustle as long as he knew his boundaries and didn’t knock my hustle and try and treat me like the rest of them otha Niccaz in the congregation. The minute he tried to flex I would make that Nicca regret opening Pandora’s box, pretty soon they all got the message that I was unpimpable and it was best to leave me the fuck alone.

But the day came where I could no longer sit amongst the sheep knowing that I was a wolf. And I left the Church and the Mosque fully aware of my Mack status. This ain’t a diss to those who sit in the pews and find enjoyment or even God there. I’m just sayin that shyt didn’t work for me. Whatever works for you, works for you. So do what you gotta do to make it to the next day. But give the next man the same space and respect you want him to give you. We all Play a Pimp and a Hoe at certain times in our life, the question is do you Mostly PIMP or Mostly Hoe? What do you want out of life? Do you want control or do you just want others to have it? If your satisfied with other people in the drivers seat while your on the passenger side then by all means enjoy the ride. But be aware that you may not like your destination.

This section just breaks down the similar traits the Pimps and Preachers share to fully show and prove that the two occupations are one in the same.

1.Preachers and Pimps Dress Code: Ya’ll know this shyt is real, Preachers can be seen on B.E.T flossin all sorts of nice ass suites, diamond rings and necklaces of Gold . I don’t know how many times I have met a preacher and had mistaken him for a Pimp. These cats tend to overdue the flash and draw all sorts of attention to themselves. But they have learned through many mack experiances that chicks dig this sort of dress and it adds to there congregation and thusly adds more money in their pockets on Sunday.

2.The Preachers Hoez: The pimp has a stable of Hoez that go to work faithfully and pay him every night. Well so does the preacher. His congregation often mostly consist of the female persuasion. And they often go to church to listen to what the preacher has to say in order to be emotionally moved and to feel a sense of belonging. This doesn’t come for free though, there is a fee. The preacher tells his hoes to go to work and at the end of the work week you need to bring him 10% of what you made in order to be accepted into God’s house. Only through doing this will you be accepted and loved. The preacher tells you that he knows better than you when it comes to matters of the soul and that you need to trust him with your money, he tells you that he is Gods representative and God has delegated his authority to him to be his treasurer and you need to just accept this as truth. So Basically the Pimp and Preacher mostly prey on woman and milk them of thier money. Yeah I know men get pimped too,just sayin the congregation is often 75% female. Thus show-n-proving the link and similar traits, situations and circumstances of both preachers and Pimps.

3.Gift of Gab: You can’t be a Preacher or a Pimp if you don’t have a good rap. The power is indeed in the spoken word. I told ya’ll earlier that the Preacher and Pimp both have similar diction and speech patterns (especially of the black persuasion). They both have the ability to sell you a good story. They both have the power and ability to Induce guilt and fear with just the words they speak. This is one of the reasons woman are so easily pimped by the clergy and by Macks, woman are very vocal or verbal and they live in a reality where words are paramount above all things. A woman loves to talk and she loves to listen. You ever wonder why woman love them damn Romance Novels where they READ about the sex and the relationship instead of looking at pictures of the sex or relationship? Because words are rich and full of life to woman. While men are mostly visual creatures woman are mostly verbal and a woman can be easily controlled and manipulated through the spoken word.

4.The Pimp Ride: Ya’ll know damn well that most pimps and preachers ride in the same sort of  cars. They are usually luxury model cars. Caddy’s, Benz, Mercedes, Eldorado’s, Lincolns and what not. This doesn’t require further explaination.

5.The Names: I began to notice that most preachers have names that are Pimpish in nature. For instance the Names, T.D Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Daddy Divine, Al Sharpton, and many others have a pimpish ring to thier names that makes me think of Blackploitation movies, furry pimp hats and Rols Royces.You think I may be be stretching this one a bit,huh? Fuck it maybe im crazy,but then again maybe you crazy and I’m the only sane Nicca on the planet.

Well dawg that concludes another installment in the mad world of MackCity. If I have offended you with this article then you need to work on your mack skillz. You should never let another man have the power to offend you, sway you or dictate your emotinal state of mind. Being offended is Hoe property, sell that shyt for some Mack real estate and get paid.

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To Trick or not to Trick.


Phat Booty Amber

Phat Booty Amber


Once again I’m here to enlighten Niccaz who can’t seem to think outside the box. What would ya’ll Niccaz do without me? There seems to be even more confusion about the 2 extremes of dealing with woman. Yes, we are back at the Trick Vs Pimp paradigms. I know this may come as a shock for alot of Niccaz but the reality is “NO MAN ON THIS PLANET HAS EVER NOT BEEN A TRICK.” Ultimately we are talking degrees of Trickdome. What degree of trick are you playa? I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 on the Trick Scale, I’m about a two. 10 being the biggest trick rating. This means I’m 8 points up on the Playa/Pimp/Mack scale.

But you sayin “Hell naww Nicca, I ain’t never tricked off my money, a bytch can’t get a dolla out of me because I’m a muthfukkin P.I.M.P.” Well playa let’s examine that for a sec and then tell me how you figure you have never been in the trick role. If you got some brain cells, you can see where I’m goin with this. It ain’t no mystery that to court a woman or go on a date, you gonna spend some cheese man. Ain’t no two ways about that. If you want some pussy (which is the purpose of a date) you gonna have to dig in that fuck’n wallet and make her feel that you are worthy of gettin a shot.

Niccaz spend all kinds of money directly and indirectly on woman to get the pussy. Let me tell you how I would start off my day if I knew I had a Hot date and had to impress a female. First I would go to the Car Wash and spend about 15 to 20 dollaz gettin my car waxed and detailed. Then I would go to the clothing store and get me some new gear which would run about 100 dollaz. I may pay for a shirt, shorts and some new Gym shoes, got to look fly for the honies, ya dig? Then I would buy her a flower or some corny shyt like that. I read somewhere that woman liked that shyt, so I would do it from time to time. That would run about 3 dollaz. I would then buy some drank (like any sort of Brandy) for later, so we could get loose at the Hotel or at her crib. That’s about 20 dollaz. Nicca would stop at the gas station and fill up the tank so I could chauffer her ass around town once the date commenced, ring up another 25 dollaz. Then I would pay for the Dinner, that would run about 35 to 40 dollaz. Then a Movie for both of us, lets set aside at least 20 for that also, tack on another 10 if ya’ll plan on snackin at the movies on some popcorn or Nacho Cheese dip shyt. If your lucky you got your own spot and she does too, so you don’t have to pay for a Hotel. But in the event that you creepin on ya wife and you can’t take her to your spot and she still liven with her moms, then you gonna spend 40 to 50 on a room. So let’s tally up my Date expenses.

100+20+3+20+25+40+20+50= $278.00!

Well, maybe you a cheap Nicca and you just a dinner and a movie type muthafukka. And you like “Fuck a bytch, she just gonna be happy with the basics.” So you don’t buy no flowers, no gas in the ride, no new clothes, no liquor, you get some McDonald’s and you catch a matinee at the dolla movie. And if you get lucky and she fucks you, you may just say “Fuck it, I’ll bone her in my ride behind the High School.” That date may run you about 30 dollaz. Which is actually the same price you could have just ran out to the nearest street corner and picked up a Hoe and did her for that amount, but minus the formal bullshyt. So what do we have here? It seems that Prostitution has always been legal. Once again we deal with word play and euphemisms. “Prostitution” and a “Date”, what’s the difference? The difference is that one is honest and the other is not. In prostitution you give up your money and she gives you the ass and then ya’ll part ways and both are satisfied. On a date you spend money with the hopes of one day or maybe that night being able to hit the pussy. But you gotta play all these fucked up games in order to try and achieve a position in which you will be able to get the pussy. You have to call her, send her flowers, woo and impress her with romantic sentiments. You may have to meet her kids or parents in order to be taken seriously as a potential mate. But what if you ain’t tryin to be her mate, you just want some pussy! So now you got to play this game with her and get her to believe you actually give a shyt about half the things she’s talkin about and you have to pretend to like shyt you don’t like in order to just get close to the pussy. But now you have wasted her time and have quite probably severely hurt her feelings. All because both ya’ll had two differant things in mind when it came down to this dating game. And of course there is no guarantee your gonna hit shyt. You may spend up to 500 to 600 dollaz in all just to try and tap that ass through multiple dates.

So what’s this I hear Niccaz yellin that they don’t trick off they money? Yes, Nicca you do. If you have ever took a female out to eat, to a movie, to an amusement park, bought her presents, flowers, jewelry in hopes of later tappin that ass. Then you have been on Trick status. No one is above it and no one is immune. But like I said “You got to decide at what level you gonna trick at.” For instance I will do dates and I will treat a female right on a date. Even though it will cost me more in the long run versus going out and just buying pussy. I do this because when I go on a date now a days I’m truly not trying to get some pussy, if I go on a date it’s all about bizness with this female. I’m trying to lure her into my world and make her want to be down with my team. Pussy is the furthest thing from my mind. I will pay for some model action from a female but only in the context of doin bizness and I have to document the model session with my Video camera and still camera. But I will never pay for some ass or some head outside of the bizness aspect. If a broad calls me and says come over and let me suck you off for fifty dollaz, I’ll laugh at the broad and tell her “Fuck no.” I’ll only do that if I have my video camera. Bottom line is the Trick and the Pimp modes are divided by a mindset. It’s not the act of given out the money that makes you a trick or not given the money that makes you a Pimp. It’s all about your mindset. Or maybe it comes down to something as simple and mundane as “Anytime you directly put cash in a woman’s hands you are a trick”. Maybe this is it, since many don’t see dating as Trick’n. In a date you give her objects and events to enjoy with the money that you spend. But she doesn’t directly get the money. Does this mean that your no less a trick than the nicca who paid 50 for a headjob in the back alley? Men where born to trick, men do all manner of things in this world to get the attention and approval of the female sex. The only reason you goin to school to get a good education is to get that fly ass ride, you wanna get a fly ass house, and keep your pockest fat, all in the hopes of attracting a fine piece of womanhood to call your own. 

Once again, no such thing as absolutes and we are merely dealing with degrees and levels of just how much are you willing to trick.  It’s like Niccaz askin me if I’m a Liberal or a Conservative. I can’t really say I’m absolutely either one of em. I have Liberal and Conservative views on many topics. But if I had to choose an extreme it would be Conservatism. Simply because I’m more Conservative on things than Liberal. So If someone asked me “AM I A PIMP” or a Trick. I’m gonna say PIMP because I have very little trick qualities about myself. Payin a model for her talents in video don’t make you a trick. If you weigh the scales and see that you are not gaining or coming out ahead of the game in 60% of the things you try in life, then this makes you a Trick. My definition of a Trick is just a Nicca that always comes up short. Whether he comes up short in love, life, finance, sex, jobs, it don’t matter. Tricks don’t take charge of life, Life takes charge of them. That’s why they outright pay for pussy, because they have given up on trying to get the pussy using game. While the casual daters still holds fast to the notion that he has enough game to get the pussy without outright paying for it, he ultimately is the biggest fool, because he still pays for the ass but deals with the headaches and hassles that come with trying to get it through his game. I see both the Dater and the John in the same boat. Only one is deluded and the other sees things with clarity. The John has accepted his fate and has given up the fight. He will be more peaceful in mind since he has finally acknowledged his role in the scheme of things. The Dater is still confused and still ignorant as to how he is no better than the Trick or John. At times I see the John as having attained the highest wisdom. Because this is a pure man, he is bullshyt free. Although he elects to take the short easy route, he is honest and at peace. But if there is no struggle there is no progress, and this alone makes the dater a Potential PIMP or MACK. Through trial and tribulation, if the Dater keeps trying out his game, and polishes it, he soon elevates above the John. But the problem is that most daters never elevate above the DATER level and they in my view are a step below the John. Johns have no hope of attaining Mack/PIMP status because they have eliminated the prime ingredient that creates a Mack. “Adversity”. It takes pressure to create a Diamond playa. And The John has no pressure, he has elected to give away his pressure with the outright payment for sex. The Dater indeed comes out doubly stressed and frustrated than the John, but if he sticks with his game plan and steadily learns from his experience, it will be all worth it in the long run. So I guess it all depends on what your looking for? You want the the long road or the short cut. They ultimately lead to the same destination, it’s just that certain roads are more conducive to others personalities. Bottom line is choose what ever works best for you.

 Now back to me and my Trick techniques. Like I said” I will pay a model for some action, but I triple and quadruple that shyt back. It ain’t nothin but capitalism playaz. When I go on a date which is actually a bizness meeting, I spend money not in hopes of hittn ass, but I’m selling my agenda with hopes that she will buy it and become apart of my company, which translates into me making more cash. But you will nevah see me run ovah a bytch house and drop her fifty dollaz to fuck. Although I do run ovah a females house every blue moon and hit the pussy and get some head on some free shyt just because I can, but I still bring my camera and they betta not tell me “No.”

 Do you see what I’m talkin about when I say it’s all about your mindset? If the alleged trick act does not somehow allow me to make more money or have more power over those I’m dealing with, then I won’t do it. This is a PIMP mind state. Only tricks give away something only to get nothing in return. Another way to know that you are definitely a Trick is to be consumed by passion and lust. If you are doing anything to satisfy your lust or passion for a thing like sex from woman. Then you are a Trick. When I first started doin this shyt about 2 years ago, I was trick’n because I was definitely doin it just to get some new pussy. That was my main focus and goal. But now, woman hold no powers over me anymore, this shyt is just bizness, I ain’t pressed either way for some pussy in most instances. Now I do this shyt just to see how far I can take a female. Just how much will she let me get away with? Where will she draw the line? It’s definitely more of a scientific venture now, than anything. No man is immune from certain Trick situations. Even so-called full fledged real Street Pimps Trick to a degree. The Pimps job is to take care of his hookers. If they end up in Jail he has to bail them out. If they go to the doctor he has to pay for medical care, if they hungry he buys them food. Once again we are faced with a problem. The Pimp is not perceived as Trick’n because he does not directly put the money directly in the hands of his workers, much like the dating situation. But The PIMP and the casual Dater still shell out money Indirectly to keep the pussy. Or maybe he is not perceived as trickn because he is not directly payin for the sex, much like the dater? But what the fuck is the difference between the Pimp and the Dater? The Pimp ends up payin for the Hoes expenses to keep her in his stable and at a later date if the Pimp so chooses he can sex her. Most Pimps do not mess with many of their hoes sexually, but they do on certain occasions when the Hoe has done something extra special and the PIMP rewards her with sex from him. I know this mind state because it happens to me now with a couple of my females.

So in essence, I’m sayin that a trick act is giving something and not getting anything in return. But this would seem to not fit buying a piece of ass. I mean you are getting something for that money aren’t you? I have never really seen payin for pussy extremely taboo. Especially since I see Dating on the same par as buying pussy off the street. So I have to add something more to my trick checklist. A trick act constitutes doing something when one is consumed by lust and passion for a thing he could not get otherwise accept by paying for it monetarily. If you want to avoid the trick label, make sure that when you make moves, make sure people know that your getting a better deal out of it than they are. I do this all the time. Do you think these females I fuck with think they gettin over on me, when I hit em with 50 dollaz for some buck naked pics, while they know in the back of their heads that I’m gonna make money of those pics for years to come. Who do you think feels more used? Well I tell you dawg, I don’t never feel tricked out. Let’s make this clear, I ain’t never had problems gettin pussy and have never had the need to pay a bytch for it. Well okay….there was those couple times when I was in the military in Korea and I seen these Korean females walk’n in a dark alley and I hadn’t had no pussy in about………….uh, well you get what I’m sayin right? Also avoid being consumed by lust to the point that you would degrade or belittle yourself by giving power over yourself to another person. This is the main reason I do not just outright buy pussy, I don’t crave pussy bad enough to go spend money on it. Pussy don’t control me, neither does head. Just ask yourself are you doin what your doin for the Paper or the Pussy? In order to make the Paper you gonna have to spend some paper playa. Don’t let these so-called real Pimp Niccaz fool you. They pay their hoes in many ways, they just do it indirectly. It takes money to upkeep and maintain a stable of hoes. So yeah Street Pimps trick off too. So what’s the problem with given a female 50 dollaz for a video session? Ain’t no problem as far as I can see. It’s all done in the name of makin more cheese. And this is the driving force behind a true PIMP philosophy. Make’n Paper! If you keepin this shyt strictly bizz, you can’t seriously be considered a Trick. There may be some trick elements involved, but the ends will justify the means, and you will soon be respected and seen as a bonafide Mack. But only if you control and subdue your passions.

What I have always had a problem with is gettin a broad to get wicked on camera. And this is what I pay for. I pay for their modeling on Video. Otherwise I wouldn’t even fuck wit em. This whole site came about because I have always had this video fetish and I like to video tape beautiful woman doing all kinds of shyt. I wish I could show ya’ll some of my videos from my personal collection. I got some fine muthafukkaz on video doin some shyt. But a Nicca can’t show his private stash that would be foul. So once again, no man can escape being in a trick mode at certain times. A man’s whole existence is to be provider and protector and these two roles are gonna make you a trick in certain situations. Your doing everything right now in life in hopes of getting the best pussy you can get your hands on. So think twice before you squawk about a bytch can’t get a dime out of you. You know that shyt ain’t true. Prostitution has always been legal, it’s called a Date. And even the most Hardcore Pimps has to throw out some ends to appease his female workers and keep them on his team. Really Niccaz can say what they want about this game and how it’s played. There really is no right or wrong answer on how to make this shyt happen. Some Niccaz see themselves as strictly Tricks in the Game and others see themselves as Pimps. But you better believe that when it’s all said and done, as far as I’m concerned, I’m gonna be sitt’n on top and make’n moves. And I’ll be the Nicca they run too when all is lost. Only a Nicca with Power can help those without it. Tricks have no Power aside from the bills they throw around from time to time to appease the female species. These females call me for everything dawg. If they need advice, guidance, knowledge, money, food, pampers, a ride. They don’t run to any otha Niccaz because otha Niccaz can’t get shyt done like I can. Otha Niccaz can’t give them the guidance and wisdom that I can. This is why they call me. They know there ain’t no use in callin me and just askin for money. That kind of shyt gets no play with me. A freak gots to earn this money. Some will say that most Niccaz ain’t dumb enough to run and help these freaks just like you do playa? That’s a fair statement, but like I said the whole role of Pimp is much deeper than a Nicca that just collects a bytche’s cash. I have found a technique that works for me and I ain’t losing in any area. I get the Money, I get the pussy if I so choose, and I get the Power. Now that’s Pimp’n! 

When deciding if your a Trick , a Mack or a Pimp you have to look at your over all game. You can’t look at one aspect of your game and base your assessment off of it. You have to look at the big picture. Much like when one is being scrutinized for a work of art or a book that is deemed obscene. You can’t look at one page of a book and then base your opinion of that one page. You can’t look at a web site and deem it obscene just by looking at one web page. You have to consider the whole work. You have to look at the WHOLE book and the WHOLE web site to truly see it for what it is. Now if your whole game is comprised of gettin played, payin bytches, and gettin no respect. Then I guess you can be happy in the knowledge that you are in fact a Trick ass Nicca to the extreme. But my Game is not a Trick game. I’m cummin up aces and spades in too many areas. So look at your whole game and then decide what you really are. Don’t focus in on small shyt or individual acts to assess your whole game. Even if you have moments of trick’n in your over-all game, this does not mean that you have a trick game. It only means that you are smarter than most Niccaz and you see where taking a trickish stance will benefit you in the long run. Let go of the ego playa and bend in the wind.

So let me sum this up……in my humble opinion, I’m 2% Trick and 8% Pimp. What’s yo ratio Nicca?

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Stealth Pimpin.

Phat booty Amber

Phat booty Amber

What is stealth Pimp’n? Stealth Pimp’n is the art of Pimp’n a person without them knowing that they are being Pimped. Well what is Pimp’n for that matter since people may be lost on this definintion also. Pimp’n, is nothing more than the ability to capitalize off the hard work of others. Hmmmmmmm…this sounds familiar to me…….I’ll come back to this later.

 Well I’m writing this little ditty because some Niccaz lack understanding about life and how only those who have adaptable life skills will make any sort of progress in this world. Some Niccaz are so limited in their thought processes that they only have room for rigid definitions of what things are and are not. We get so used to accepting so-called conventional wisdom that we have no room for new expansive workable paradigms in our heads. So what is the point of all this so far? The point of this scroll is to get you to see shyt for what it really is. The point is to get you to read between the damn lines playboy. The point is that your definitions and rigid codes of thought don’t mean shyt to a new age outlaw like me. So still you say ” Get to the damn point man!” The point is that the most successful Pimps in the world are those who deny that they do indeed Pimp! The point is that through the artful use of wordplay I can snowball and hoodwink anybody. Let’s play a game shall we? I’m gonna say two words and let’s see how your brain processes the information.

Capitalism                    Pimp’n.

What do you think of when you see and hear the words Capitalism? What sort of nasty, evil  thoughts get conjured up when you hear the term Pimp’n? Are they different philosophies or are they one and the same? What you are dealing with above is called a Euphemism. Euphemisms are words used to play down the original meaning of a word or action. When our Military kills civilians foreign and domestic they don’t say “We killed Civilians”. That is too harsh and bound to raise draw attention to a very hot situation. If you do not wish to alert and get the civilian population angered then you must re-word the action to make it seem less serious, even harmless. So the government came up with the term “Collateral Damages”. Sounds a lot less serious and much more sterile and clean. When you hear the term “Collateral Damages” it just goes in one ear and out the other. But if I keep this shyt real and say “The military slaughtered and killed 30 civilians today” that kind of wordplay gets your attention and actually tells you the real.

If someone dies and you have to ease the news to loved ones, you don’t come out and say “Your father is DEAD”, it is said to be much more painless if you say something like “Your father Passed away”. To say that he is dead is too real, it’s too harsh, so we make up words and phrases to disguise meanings and make them more palatable.  “Friendly Fire” means “You killed your own forces”. “Liquidation” means “Murder”. “Neutralized a Threat” means you “Killed a man”. To “Take down or Take Out” means to “kill the enemy” in military terms. “A Freedom Fighter” is a Terrorist that we like or agree with. “Detainee” means a “Prisoner of war”. Casualty means a “Person killed or seriously Injured in war.”

See the sanitizing effect of the word play here? Well I believe you get the message so now on to the main euphemism that I love to pick apart. The Capitalism Vs Pimp’n definition. I sit in awe of the blatant stupidity of people in general, how can one person endorse Capitalism and in the same breath condemn a PIMP. Let’s look at Capitalism for what it truly is. Capitalism when you get to the root of the definition is to just merely capitalize off the blood, sweat, tears or work of others. When we go to work we have Presidents and CEO’s who call the shots and decide what is good for the employees. The CEO makes most of the money, he then distributes that money as he sees fit. You do all the back breaking gutter work while he sits in his office drinking wine and smoking Cuban cigars. But your at the bottom and have trouble even payin your fuckn light bill. How the fuck is this any different from what a PIMP does? A PIMP is just a CEO and his company consist of females and they all sell a valuable commodity ( Pussy). He is the brains of the operation, he gives them guidance, insight, motivation and protection. The Pimp lives far better than his hoes. He does no physical work and he reeps the most benefits and rewards from the work of others. What the fuck is the difference between the PIMP and the CEO?

What is the difference between Pimp’n and Capitalism? I don’t see a difference. Same shyt just worded to convey a different feeling. How about lookin at shyt the way it was meant to be seen. Look at this euphemism….. “Employee” actually means “Hoe”. What is the difference between the Employee and the Hoe? Only difference is the commodity or the service they sell or provide. The concept is still the same. The fact is Hoes and Employees have no control ultimately over their position in the company, its all up to the CEO. They both make the CEO/PIMP alot of money and they get crumbs in return. CEO’s have ultimate power and talk cash shyt to you when you are not pullin your weight in the company, they typically verbally bytch slap you and make an example of you in front of the other Hoe/Employees. The funny thing is since you are told that you are in a capitalist society you believe that this system does not exploit and use you. We have been hoes our whole lives and being Pimped to no end but we never noticed it because the government don’t call it PIMP’n they call it Capitalism. So this makes it okay in the eyes of the dim witted populace. And then people have the nerve to chastise a True Bonafide street PIMP and his Hoe? The hypocrisy in this is astounding. So it is my belief that The whole United States of America is one big Hoe Stroll and that the Hookers and Hoes are totally oblivious to the fact that they sell their asses everyday in order to make the Next Man rich. I watch and I learned from American History and I found this bit of knowledge very enlightening. This is absolutely some Matrix type shyt. You have millions of people going to work everyday and becoming slaves to a never ending cycle of exploitation. But they seem oblivious to it, in fact they seem to love their servitude. They don’t seem to know that they are truly more enslaved and exploited than the average street Hooker.

But like I said “Capitalism” is “Stealth Pimp’n” and that’s what I have opted to practice. Many Niccaz see what I do as Trick’n, but I’m a new breed of Pimp or Mack. I guess they say anytime you pay a female for anything you have ceased to be a PIMP and have now become a Trick. Once again rigid thought and belief systems shackle the minds of the less informed. I have elected to PIMP the way the capitalist forefathers have elected to PIMP. I do it through guile and stealth. I have elected to portray myself as a Capitalist ,I really don’t consider what I do Pimp’n because it’s too rigid a philosophy using it’s present popular definition. First off, have you ever seen a Pimp who has been in the game too long? Most of them are burnt out mentally and are strung out on dope. The extreme lifestyle that the PIMP indulges in consumes and destroys his life. Many brothas opt for the type of pimp’n that is extreme in the fact that a bytch can’t get shyt, and he is the soul controller and ruler of all. This is extreme and can only be implemented for so long before it backfires on him and he is destroyed by others who hate and despise him for his extreme stance on the treatment of his Hoes. Many Pimps end up dead and in Jail all because they chose to be a so called REAL PIMP that dominates and abuses woman. If these Niccaz had some damn sense they would study history and know how a true pimp works. A real Pimp, Pimps you while you are oblivious to the fact. A real PIMP makes you love your Hoe/Slave/Employee status. All I do is hear how great it is to be an American, and how America is the best place in the world to Live by a nation of exploited, over worked and underpaid Hoes. The American Citizen is totally convinced that he has a choice in this game, he is totally deceived and duped into thinking that its a fair game. No one is better at the stealth PIMP game than Politicians and Preachers. If you wanna know how to stealth Pimp observe one of these occupations. I elected to study the Clergy more than the politician due to the Clergy steady dependence upon Blind obedience, Faith and Emotionalism. In my view these things make people much easier to control and exploit.

So I have decided to do my Pimpn just like a CEO would. I give out rewards, I give promotions, I provide structure, I have them give me input and I want to know their ideas. I give them options to help give them the illusion of being in control. To all you so called real Pimp hard core Niccaz runnin around smackin bytches and totally using and abusing the females, your time is short. Get wise Nicca and understand that you are building up a Karmic debt that you will pay one way or another. You need to find a balance and try and leave what ever you touch better off than when you first touched it. So what the fuck is a REAL PIMP? I tell you this I’m all about the long haul and longevity, and if your Pimp style is apt to get you killed, incarcerated or mentally fried, then that ain’t NO REAL PIMP philosophy. If it destroys you in the process then that ain’t the kind of Philosophy I want to fuck wit. I am a Capitalist Stealth PIMP. I’ll give away 50 dollaz to make 500. Ain’t this the American Way?

The only thing that one can say about what the true dividing line between Capitalism and PIMPN is, is the whole “sex is taboo” thang that stems from a Puritanical and Calvinistic stance. This is the true reason why PIMPN is looked down upon. It all goes back to religion. If it were not for the warped perceptions of religious zealots through history concerning sex we would not be stressin this dumb shyt. What’s the big deal about tappin some ass between two consenting adults? Why the fuck does your local government and law officials feel the need to regulate who your dippin your wick in as long as its Between two consensual adults? It all boils down to you are participating in a thoughtcrime, you are being punished for being morally bankrupt and devoid of good Christian values in the eyes of your Government Masters. Let’s keep this shyt real people, it’s all about one group of people trying to impose their value system and mode of God worship upon others.

People often point to the fact that Prostitution spreads disease and devalues woman. If it was legal this wouldn’t be the case. If you regulate it and make it so one must have periodic medical check-ups then the whole VD argument would be null and void. As far as exploiting woman and devaluing their worth, how is this the case? Woman right now do sex work because they want to. If you legalize it nothing will change, they will till do it because they want to, the main thing that you will have to watch out for is the rush of woman who get into the prostitution bizz if it’s legal. If it’s regulated and made a viable career option due to legalization. There is gonna be some serious money being made and alot of the stigma attached to the profession will disappear. The European countries don’t seem to have our backward view of sex and they don’t have our prostitution problem. They don’t have the diseases and they don’t have the rampant abuse that comes with pushing the profession underground. In Europe prostitution is legal  and is monitored closely to make sure no abuses happen to those who work in the profession. But what about the theory that the prostitution and porn lead to sex addiction? That’s true in some instances. But I can make the same argument for religion and Catholic Preachers having sex addiction from the fact that they have TOO LITTLE SEX.  In fact they get so perverted that they don’t even want pussy, they chasin little boys and tryin to gobble nuts and play with male rectums. So what’s the solution? You wanna ban Church and Religion Now? Let’s make being a Preacher, Cardinal, Father or Pope Illegal because the lifestyle promotes pedophilia. I can see through the bullshyt people. Bottom line is extremes always lead to addictions and deviant behavior. You just have to be strong enough to regulate your intake of whatever your poison may be. The fact that I am in the Adult Entertainment bizz has had the opposite effect on me. I don’t want any sex anymore. I could give a fuck about some pussy. If I see a nude woman with a banging ass and tits the shyt don’t phase me anymore. It’s like being locked in a Candy store for a week with nothing to eat except the candy and when you get out you have no desire to even touch any candy because your just sick to your stomach from consuming all those sweets. So I’m not addicted to sex at all, if anything it repulses me and I find myself not even wanting to have females even touch me dawg. I get so much play that the prospect of gettin more pussy bores me. The funny thing about this situation is that now that i’m not pressed to even see some pussy, I get it thrown at me all the time now. Females can sense when your not even impressed or controlled by what they usually use to hypnotize other men. And this makes them want you even more since you seem to be immune to their seducing powers. Don’t get me wrong, I still gotta get my groove on and when I choose to do that, I grab my camera and I go hunting for a freak that will perform for us. In fact the only reason sex really appeals to me now is the fact that I document it. If I don’t have a camera, im really not interested in gettin freaked. Hahhahaha…yeah playa, I’m a bit strange according to most ya’ll cats, but ya’ll reap the benefits of my strange behavior through some real live homegrown freak adventures.

I chose the Capitalist (Stealth Pimp) technique because it maintains a balance. It gives me the power and control I desire and it gives my employees the illusion that they are in control and that they are not slaves to my agenda. Much like our modern day masters have duped and fooled the populace of the whole western world into thinking we actually live in a Democracy and that we are all actually free. What a fuck’n joke. Through my Stealth Pimp (Capitalist) technique I get my employees to love their dependence and slave status to me. This is an important question that we all must answer. If given the chance to be enlightened to the fact that you are indeed a slave or to live in blissful ignorance of the fact that you are a slave, which would you choose? Many of you have chosen the blue pill, you have chosen to not admit that you are slaves or Hoes to an oppressive system. I am often reminded of dialogue from The Matrix( one of my favorite movies of all time) between Morpheus and Neo, when I hear people question me about my lifestyle and how they fail to see that they are just like I am, except I am Honest with myself and they lie to themselves and deceive themselves in hopes of not facing there own demons.

In the movie, when Morpheus is about to offer Neo the choice between either the red pill or the blue pill, he explains:

“You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain — but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life; that there’s something wrong with the world; you don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“The Matrix,” Neo asks?

“Do you want to know what it is? The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes; it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

And Neo asks, “What truth?”

“That you are a slave Neo, like everyone else, you were born into bondage; born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch; a prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to experience it for yourself.”

Ya’ll been living in a capitalist prison from day one. Ya’ll have been Pimped from day one. Now does this mean that capitalism is bad, No it doesn’t mean that Capitalism is bad. If I defend the street Pimp’s cause then how can I be against Capitalism since it’s the same philosophy only repackaged and presented to the populace in order to keep them sleep. And to make them oblivious to the fact that they are all Hookers sellin ass in one way or another. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy in the system, Im just tellin you people that you have been caught up in doublespeak and the word game has you blind to reality. Reality is that there is no difference between a Preacher, a Pimp and a CEO. The Reality is that there is no difference between an Employee, a Church Goer or a Hoe. No difference between prostitution and the capitalist system. So for the government to criminalize one and say that the other is okay is utter madness.


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True Jedi Mind Tricks.


I touched on this topic when I first opened my site a couple years ago, I wrote an essay about it, but fucked around and erased the web page on accident. So right now I’m gonna write about it again but this time the article will be even better because I’m gonna show you how to apply this tactic to these freaks in the streets. The first article I wrote I didn’t do that. But before I proceed I must tell you what The Jedi Mind Trick is. Most of you who have seen Star Wars know that the Jedi Knights which are a spiritual warrior order practice mind control and manipulation powers over the weak minded. The Jedi Knight says something to an advesary who wishes to do him harm, like “You will give me the light saber.” and the weak minded enemy automatically falls in line and just gives you the weapon without any fuss or hassle. Damn playa wouldn’t you like to get a hold of some magic like that? Well I have found a tactic or technique that works just like the Jedi Mind Trick and thusly I have named it after the mythical Jedi order mind control technique. So instead of asking for a Jedi light saber you can ask a freak for a shot of pussy or some head and she gonna do it without hesitation. Let me break this shyt down.

First of all the Jedi Mind Trick is all based off deception. In my previous article I broke down how black people are the biggest dupes and dummies in the American system because they repeatedly fall for Jedi Mind Trick shyt. Such as “White Liberalism, and Wel-fare.” Niccaz see the word “Free and easy” and go into retard mode. Niccas pack the halls of wel-fare offices yearly wanting to try and get over on the system, not fully understanding that they are not getting over at all. They were deceived into thinking that the Free and Easy route was the path to liberation and power, when it is exactly the opposite. It’s actually a prison without walls. They get free food stamps, a wel-fare check and health care. But what happens once the Liberal establishment decides they don’t wanna give you free shyt anymore? What will you do? What would you do in order to try and keep them from taking away those damn crumbs that they throw at you? Even though you receive only crumbs from the masters table, these crumbs still hold your head above water and keep you alive. You get complacent and lazy and see no need to go out and do anything for yourself and support yourself. As long as the government will pay your rent, provide food and healthcare you think this is easy street. But you have painted yourself into a corner because while being attached to the free and easy system they tell you that the minute you try and better yourself and get a good job or put a good man in the house they will cut the freebies off and leave you to provide for yourself. Now this scares a person who has always been a leech, they have never been able to consistently provide for themselves and live well off. So they just would rather stay in the projects collecting the safe and secure crumbs than roll the dice and improve their situation financially and socially. When affirmative action and intergration was implemented black folks forsaked the institutions, business and schools we had set up for ourselves and by ourselves. Having our own establishments meant we had POWER. We had the ability to build from those power bases and become a Nation within a Nation. But when White Liberalism came in and told the black folk that white America would take care of it’s former slaves through wel-fare, intergration, affirmative action and what not, we dropped everything that we made and went to live in the masta’s house all in the name of peace and security. Now we got Zip.

So liberalism comes in under the guise of helping you when it actually is harming you. It encourages laziness and incompetence. It has always been important for America to control it’s former slaves and to harness our dollar and buying power. If America could devise ways and schemes to make sure that Black folks remain consumers and not producers then they could control the destyne and fortune of Black America. Black folks are so slow that they see that to be a consumer means that you are being served or serviced and this implies power to us because people SERVE YOU. People come around and break their neck to give you this and that. People trip over each other to be the first to serve you that which you want and desire. Black folks see Producers as the ones that are powerless because a producer “WORKS” or provides a service. And how can a person that “WORKS” have Power over those they work for? Black folks see themselves as getting over because they use wel-fare, but never think once about the people who give you that free shyt are actually the ones with the power and are really getting over on you for mentally encouraging you to eat scraps and crumbs. And thusly stay dependant upon their mercy and good graces. Okay here is where we use this Mack Tactic to suite our fiendish needs.

Now if you tryin to get these project chicks to do what the fuck you want, when you want, then you gots to use stealth and deception. You have to swallow your pride and sweep your ego under the rug playa. Your gonna have to play your hand a way you probably have never played it before. You gonna have to be a TRICK! Hhahhaa, hell yeah man that’s right. Trick Trick, Trick. Now This shyt may not work too well if you are a broke ass Nicca and if you don’t have a Cyber-Pimp hustle. But if you have some loot and you wanna keep flippin that loot over x10 then you can use this shyt to the fullest. In short, you are gonna be the wel-fare system on a smaller scale.

You need to hit these freaks hard and fast with everything you got. You need to pull up in ya best clothes, your tightest ride and hit them with some serious money in they pockets. You need to get em spoiled and use to gett’n the royal treatment. The first impression will make or break you so make sure you dazzle em with the A game. Now I have met females who have had jobs and who have been hooked on the wel-fare system. They all seemed to be doing pretty good though, they lights, heat and rent seemed to stay current. But as soon as they meet me and I have dealt with them for 3 or 4 months, they can’t keep they lights on, they can’t keep the rent paid, they can’t buy the babies diapers. Now why is this? It’s because I spoiled them with my TRICK game. I don’t know why but alot of these females seem to think that my money and my attention will last forever, so they get complacent and comfortable and get used to being able to just call me and I’m gonna take care of what ever problem she has. Now people laugh at Niccaz that Trick, but if you are a smart Nicca you can use this Trick Label with deadly precision and Mack bytchez to the 5th power. They got so use to the good life and of just being able to call me when things got bad that they said “Fuck a Job, 3XL will help me out.” They said “Fuck going to my next wic or public assistance appointment to keep my wel-fare check comin in, 3XL will help me.” Man it’s hard to believe, but yes too many females have been evicted and kicked off public assistance through fuckin with me due to their stupidity in thinking that I would save them forever and keep them safe. You have to know the nature of the beast that you are dealing with. These females have been living in a culture where it pays to be lazy. They have been taught from day one that the lazier you are, the better a chance of you getting a hand out. So I typically count on them using me as a security net when they don’t want to be responsible and keep appointments that keeps their county check and food stamps coming. Or when they no longer wanna wake up in the morning and go to that fast food restaurant job anymore. It’s just so much easier for them to just pick up the phone and call me for some help rather than fuck with all that real world responsibility bullshyt they hate so much. I had these freaks duped into thinking that I was a true bonafide Trick Daddy. So now a bytch has no job, and has no wel-fare check, thusly no income at all. So now she has to totally depend upon what ever you throw at her. And in having her dependant upon your compassion, she is now YOUR slave. While just a few weeks ago she thought you was the slave or the powerless one in this relationship, here you come out of nowhere with your demands on how shyt is gonna be run. And she is in too much of a fucked up situation to challenge your position. She will comply to your every whim and need if she has any sense at all. You have now become her life line, without you in her corner everything will crash and burn. Your job will be to present yourself as a Trick but when the game fully unfolds they will know full well that they have been deal’n with a Pimp. And after they realize that you are a Mack they won’t even be mad at you playa, they will oddly enough be even more drawn to you and under your spell. Before it’s all said and done these girls will kill for you dawg, even though you played them like a fiddle. Street bytchez love and respect a Nicca with a tight game and a good hustle. You will slowly start to become a legend in the place that you live and your rep will intrigue and fascinate every freak that runs into you. The bytchez wont be able to figure you out and this alone will get them flying around you like bees to honey. They will have heard many stories about you, but they don’t know which stories to believe. They gonna hear the PIMP and the TRICK stories and they gonna want to test the waters. Curiosity always kills the cat, the moth is always consumed by the flame. And so shall it be with you and these street freaks. The nectar you hold will be too sweet for them to pass by without a taste, but just because they taste doesn’t always mean that they will get addicted. Some get wise and bail out before you sink your hooks in them, while others keep coming back for seconds, thirds and fourth helpings of this game I play. If they call me on my phone more than 3 or 4 times in 7 to 10 days I know I got one hooked.

Think about how these freaks must be laugh’n at you and talkin about you because every time they call, you run over to save they ass from all manner of dumb shyt they do and get into. They thinking that just because you have elected to SERVE that you have no power and because they are being served that they have the power. But what happens once you stop serving them once they are use to using your services? If they are use to you giving them 100 dollaz a week for a month and you suddenly stop, they will miss that. If they are use to you giving them transportation to and from the grocery store so that they don’t have to ride the city bus with they kids and 8 bags of groceries and you suddenly stop, they will miss that. The key is to get them hooked on as many things as you can in the service department. You have to get them so dependant on you for so much shyt that they don’t dare displease you or so “No” to anything that you require of them. They always gonna have the fear in the back of their mind that the minute they piss you off they will be fucked in the game if you decide to close your wallet, your car or your time to them. So you gonna find that you can damn near say and do anything you want once you have made her depend upon you for her very survival.

Now you thinking that this type of control is too expensive to maintain. But the reality is you only have to trick for a short time. I say Trick hard and fast, but short to get the desired effect. You can dangle the carrot in front of their faces after you have shown them that you are capable and definitely have the means to provide for them. So you can promise them all sorts of shyt later on and never actually deliver to the point that you did when you first met them. When I meet these chicks I take care of em for about 3 months and then I cut them off so that they feel the sting of reality without me in their lives. They often don’t like the way that feels so they end up trying to do all sorts of shyt to try and keep me interested in them. I can come over and fuck em and get my dick sucked and get a breakfast, lunch or dinner if I want. And I don’t have to spend a fuckin dime to get it. Now the PIMP phase can begin. And it’s funny how this all just creeps up on them females, they all of a sudden realize that the roles are reversed, but by the time they notice, it’s too late. They have come so dependant on shyt I do, that they have grown comfortable and don’t even want to press any issue that may endanger their stability.

They kind of think that your a soft weak muthafukkin joke at first because each time they call for something, you immediately jump up to meet their needs and demands. I mean I’m doin so much rippin and runnin for these females I burn a full tank of gas in a gawd damn day. I have a certain amount of money that I will spend to turn a freak out. I have a 1000 dolla limit. Now once again this seems like alot to the average Nicca. But since I’m cyber-pimp’n I can do that because I get the money right back. Plus I get so much more in return for that 1000 dollaz. Ya’ll don’t know how many times I have shown up with my video camera and told a freak to just get naked and suck some balls for no money at all. I do this shyt all the time. Virtually endless freak video footage! They feel obligated, they fear to tell me “No”. But like I said a grand is the limit, sometime I can get the job done for 100. Now you can’t get a hold of these freaks minds and keep a hold just by doin this tactic alone. But this is a key component and probably 60 percent of the answer to make’n them comply fully to your demands. The main problem with this tactic is that you can sometimes take on too many freaks to try and mack at one time and they all will bleed you dry of every cent that you have. It is best to only fuck with 1 or 2 freaks at a time. Believe me you don’t want to be juggling 5 or 6 of these hungry females at once. In doing this you defeat the purpose of the whole tactic. The purpose is to show that you can get shyt done, that you are in control and that your pockets stay fat. You can’t have any of the latter while dealing with so many females. You will always know if your dealing with too many females by the hole in your wallet. If by the end of the day you still have 75% of your money left on you then you are doing well. If your below 50% then you are defeating the purpose of using this tactic. Even though you tryin to make them think you are a Trick, you are not to actually be a trick and be broke by given a bytch or bytchez all your cash. So to be on the safe side limit the amount of females you deal with while pullin the JMT. The less females you deal with the longer your recourses will stretch and last. Now if your one of them Niccaz with SUPER GAME and can juggle 5 or 6 chicks at a pop and still have 75% of ya cheese left then so be it. I ain’t even gonna lie, I ain’t that good to fuck with that many on a fullblown JMT mission. So only deal in small numbers, you want a good quality freak anyway, ya don’t want a whole bunch of half ass brainwashed females, that ain’t nuthin but trouble.

Now this tactic can easily blow up in your face playa. If you don’t slide into as many areas of her life and take control then the tactic wont work. Don’t just use the giving and taking of money to exercise your power over her (even though this is the most powerful tool you can use). If you just throw out money with no polish or psychology behind it, they will just take the money and run and leave you lookin slow. My two big areas of control reside in the money department and the transportation department. I make myself readily available at all manner of day and night for these females. I’m a gawd damn Taxi Cab, only I don’t charge em for shyt. Now this seems small and insignificant but this is a big deal with these freaks. They hate to ride the bus they always wanna go somewhere in a hurry. If you get them use to being able to go anywhere at anytime at a moments notice they get hooked on that. It’s damn near impossible for them to go back to ride’n the bus. And most thug minded Niccaz ain’t gonna Taxi no bytch anywhere for fear of being perceived as being a soft Trick bytch nicca. So the majority of the Niccaz they know ain’t gonna drive they asses nowhere. They can’t call relatives because your sisters and brothers want Gas money to do all that drive’n all around the city. So they soon get stuck callin on you, you have to be convenient and affordable. You have to be “Free and Easy” to them. “Free and easy” will get them addicted to your services and once faced with the realization that you may not provide that service anymore, she will do what ever it takes to keep you in her life. But like I said you gotta wedge yourself into as many spots in her life as possible and take control. You will have a hard time Mack’n a freak with just minimal control over one facet of her existence. I like to control at least 3 areas in which she can’t effectively make moves without me. I have other things I do to get them hooked, but I can’t share that with you playaz. I have to keep some of my jewels a secret to protect my pimp game. Ain’t no tellin when my freaks gonna read this shyt, so I got to keep some of my tactics on the hush. Man, ya’ll see the main freaks on my site that just keep popp’n up right? I ain’t payin them to do this shyt anymore man. They do this shyt because they want to, and feel the need to do what I say because they are hooked on my “Liberalism.” Now when a freak calls me for a ride or for some money it’s more than likely gonna be “No” the majority of the time. But I have become such a fixture in her life and I have been so deep into her mind that it don’t matter what I do or what I say now. She is always gonna see me as her savior in many ways. I can tell her “No” 99 times but she won’t trip about it, she is just holding on for the next time that I say “Yes”. So now when you lookin at this MackCity shyt and you see the same females that keep poppin up over and over doin all kinds of videos for this Fat Nicca, trust and believe it’s all because I Jedi Mind TRICKED em.

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