Iron Sharpens Iron.

blvd-warriors-e-5-deadly-veA reflective look back at my night of unbridled Niggotry. I speak on the lame liberal mindset that has turned men into pussies. I also answer e-mails about what’s the best street fighting martial arts as well.

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Ben Fields: Zero Tolerance Ratchet Policy.

2015-10-28t22-34-04-966z--1Most of my Mackcity citizens is absolutely gonna hate this show. Me and Niggafucius give no quarter and have no mercy against the toxic levels of Niggotry that is destroying the Black community. Once again we look at the big picture, we never end up short sighted in the manipulation of the useless eater class. Once again another story that is being hyped and used to divide white and black, citizen and cop. These stories only serve to make it easier to usher in absolute police state. Black and whites fight each other over these issues, and cops and citizens get at each others throats. The oligarchs seek to bring order out of chaos, but in order to do this, they must turn everything upside down. The child must rule over the parent, the woman must rule over the man. And the government must rule them all. Listen to this podcast and be utterly disgusted by our common sense and intellectual supremacy.

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The ‘Street Fighter’ or the ‘Martial Artist’ – YOU Decide!!!


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Fallout 4 – Gameplay Exploration (PEGI)



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Yes…I agree with the outcome.

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Deadpool Trailer! Helllll Yesssssssss…


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Never argue with a woman.


See Kaira get down inside the members area.

See Kaira get down inside the members area.


Never argue with a woman.

In the event that you somehow get into a situation with a female that has the potential to turn into a shouting match, my advise is don’t do it. Woman like to push buttons and get responses from men. Especially men who they feel attracted to or ignored by. If you want to attract a female it’s always a good strategy to ignore her. Woman love it when a man passes them by and doesn’t even bat an eye. They perceive that action as the pinnacle of power. They say to themselves why didn’t he look at me? Why didn’t he say Hi? Who is he? You see if you ignore them then they must not be special or worth a look. And if they see you portraying that sort of attitude toward them they are wondering how special you must be. Woman get sweated all the time by cock hound muthafukkaz. Your goal is to not be like the rest of the lame ass Niccaz she runs into everyday. So I repeat if you want a female to take notice…ignore her.

The same strategy must be applied when in an argument situation. Always remain calm, always be in full control. If she is yellin at you and cussin, don’t say shyt to her. Just look at her like she is stupid. You have a choice of walking away or driving away, or hanging up the phone. The idea is to show her who the adult is and who is the child. Only children throw tantrums. And a woman will subconsciously know she looked bad and lost that battle when it’s over if you do not respond to her ranting and raving. You must never allow a woman to unnerve you or get you angry. This will be seen as a weakness and it can be exploited.

Do you remember in high school when kids teased other kids or maybe even teased you? Do you remember who got teased the most and why? It was always the person that got mad or showed a reaction to the taunting that was fucked with on a regular basis. They got fucked with and fucked over the most because there was a Pay Off! If you go to work, you want the satisfaction of getting paid right? No one likes to work for free. Well that’s what an argument is like. The person yelling and screamin is expecting a pay off or a reaction. If you do not give them a reaction or a pay off, they have just put in work for nothing. They worked a day and received no wages. They have become a slave and you have become the master. In showing that you cannot be moved or manipulated into a childish argument you send a clear message to her about the pecking order. A woman will acknowledge this deep down and will see you as a real man if she cannot manipulate and push your buttons. It will intrigue her and fascinate her. Now you can respond to her but never out of anger and dont raise your voice. If your the type of cat that is prone to smack a female in the mouth, then I suggest you just leave the area. It is not neccesary to beat up females in most instances. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you no political correct ho shyt and say a woman should never be smacked. Sometimes you have to defend yourself, because I know females that get so infuriated that you wont argue with them, that they will take a physical swing at you. And when that happens you have to defend yourself. I don’t recommend you punching her or beating her like a man, but I have smacked a couple of females in the grill in my day when they just got too damn crazy. But I stress try and avoid that at all cost, just walk away.

Then you have that special looney tune type female that craves physical abuse and will start verbal arguments in hopes that you will whoop her ass. These females equate love with you stompin a mud hole in her ass. Even if you know that’s what she wants, I don’t suggest you do it. You’ll fuck around and end up like Kobe Bryant in court because the female done flip the script on ya ass and decided she don’t want to play with you anymore.

Just remember that in an arguement situation you always should be the one pulling the strings. You should be the puppet master not the puppet. The minute you become the puppet, you have lost The Mack upper ground and you have become played and not worthy of a females further attention.

For an example on how to deal with an irate, irrational female peep out how I responded to this female named Unique a.k.a hot desiree on my message board. Check out how I de-escalate the situation and even get her to dig me.

Message Board

I remained in control of the situation by not reacting to the insults which in turn intrigued her to the point that she wanted to have me send her pictures of my face. The way I handled the situation made her curious about me even though she was just trashing me in earlier posts. She knew I was a bad boy, she knew I was a pig or a scumbag, but that didn’t matter. All she could think about was me controlling her and the situation and that’s what all woman want in a man. By not playing her game and forcing her to play mine, I macked her. If it were under real life circumstances in a face to face situation and without her knowing that I’m a self proclaimed mack by her reading my site, I could have Macked her with ease.

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