Lames that love ratchets: The Last Show!

This will be my last show. But I will give the mackcity playaz a chance to save the program if they really feel it is a worth while show to keep on the airwaves. All that is required is that I receive 50 e-mails expressing how you would like the program to continue. Me and Tony have busy schedules lately and I have become quite tired of dealing with ignorant Nigga shyt in the news. So for my mental health I’m gonna bounce. But if the brotherhood truly want and appreciate this podcast we will come back and wreck shop as usual for the crew. 10 years in the game and we appreciate all the support from you brothas through the years. We wish you all peace. Good bye.

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Sweets kickin it wit me.

Went to Best Buy and the nail Shop some years back.

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Black Eyes and Blow jobs.

I give of some game and drop knowledge on some male and female relationships as usual and we explore a small bit of the world of the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby dynamic.

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Lames with Game show.


Contrary to the belief of sucka azz Niggaz. Yes, we lames have game. Tune in,listen and learn.

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Interview with international Mackcity Playa”Vector.”



We cover all sorts of topics from the quality of woman world wide that he has experienced, to his opinions of today’s black intellectuals on the inter-net. And of course we discuss how awesomely mackadoshis my podcast is. Sit back and enjoy 2 hours and 40 minutes of straight talk about life here and abroad.

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PowerTrick RoundTable 5


Click pic for podcast!

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The Powertrick Revolution has begun.


In this latest episode me and Tony examine how our philosophy on dealing with women in today’s backwards feminist hellhole has taken root. Many men are opting out of the conventional out of date methods that leave the man the ultimate sucker and loser. Our methods make sure that men get what they want and at least keep things even so that woman cannot exploit and use you. The eyes of the male population are beginning to open and many woman are feeling the burn. Join us in the revolution and help keep these chicks honest. I’m out.


Obsidian Radio Video


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