PowerTrick Detox 2: Jessica Rabbit edition.

Why do I insist on punishing myself with the attitudes of these pyscho azz broads. Had to jump on here and once again give a update on the life and times of the notorious Fatmack xxxl. Click the link and be amazed and astounded at the intense amount of Niggotry that I endured this week.

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PowerTrick Detox!

Nothing lasts forever. What goes up, must come down. There must be death, before there is a resurrection. For the first time in 12 years the Mackcity machine has met with adversity. The wheels have fallen off, the engine has imploded! Will the Fatmack survive this bout of uncertainty? There is no place to go but up, once you have hit rock bottom. Never contend with a man, who has nothing to lose. Trust and believe this evil has befallen me to make me better and greater than I was before. The Pimp gods have been displeased with my actions and have punished me accordingly. Click the link and listen to my tales of woe. Fear not bretheren, I always bounce back. Time is my friend.

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Fallout 4 – Gameplay Exploration (PEGI)



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Yes…I agree with the outcome.

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Deadpool Trailer! Helllll Yesssssssss…


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Nerd Mutant Paradigm.


A show where I discuss my personl life in dealing with some of my favorite freaks. I’m talking to my playaz about the whole issue of being called a Nerd and the main thing us Nerds need to do to get at the puzzy. Further discussions involve why you attract what you attract, and how you percieve reality through frequencies and vibrations.

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