The Matrix, The Negro and the problem of Choice.

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Magneto Rising.


I (Professor X) tried to use Cerebro to control Magneto, but he has figured out someway to shake off my mental powers. It seems that Tony(Magneto)has had enough! The Dusty Nigga Army must pay for it’s transgressions in blood. No more excuses for dumb shyt and relishing in Ratchetness. Mutant liberation begins today! Witness the meltdown that has dusty Niggaz running scared for the hills. In this podcast Tony speaks on a situation that came about while practicing his occupation as a bail bondsman. Most blacks talk about police brutality and imagine it everywhere they look and turn. But to be honest me and Tony a.k.a Magneto have never personally seen it, and we believe we don’t see it enough. Sometimes these Niggaz need to be fuck’n cracked! Alot of these wild savage azz Niggaz need to be whooped to restore balance to the scales. There seems to be too much ratchet/dusty Nigga enabling going on in society today. This enabling of the ratchet culture is destroying the black community. So sit back and be insulted, flabbergasted, dismayed, and shocked by Magnus’s righteous fury. Let the beatings begin!

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Ben Fields: Zero Tolerance Ratchet Policy.

2015-10-28t22-34-04-966z--1Most of my Mackcity citizens is absolutely gonna hate this show. Me and Niggafucius give no quarter and have no mercy against the toxic levels of Niggotry that is destroying the Black community. Once again we look at the big picture, we never end up short sighted in the manipulation of the useless eater class. Once again another story that is being hyped and used to divide white and black, citizen and cop. These stories only serve to make it easier to usher in absolute police state. Black and whites fight each other over these issues, and cops and citizens get at each others throats. The oligarchs seek to bring order out of chaos, but in order to do this, they must turn everything upside down. The child must rule over the parent, the woman must rule over the man. And the government must rule them all. Listen to this podcast and be utterly disgusted by our common sense and intellectual supremacy.

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Prison Game 2.


In this episode we discuss how it is best for you to always pay attention to the character of the people you work with and supervise in the prison. And you should not pay too much attention to what clothes or uniformes that they wear. Superficial surface assessments are for people who are not real game players in the world of power. Don’t be stupid it is always good to have allies on both sides of the fence. We discuss the soap opera atmosphere of who is fucking who in prison and we talk about how many black woman end up slaves to prison dick. We delve into the deadly art of goods and services and how it is used to turn straight men into cum buckets. And last but not least, we speak on thug culture and how many black woman have no idea that there man is involved in homosexual acts in prison. And we also explore my inner hidden gayness as we explore these taboo forbidden topics….LOL. (I’M NOT GAY!!!!!I SWEAR IT!!!!)

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Mckinnley Texas Pool Party: The science of gentrification.


As usual Niccaz are being manipulated by the mainstream media into blind emotional stupidity. Thus it is important that me and Tony be the vanguard of intelligence, reason and common sense. Many Niccaz will not like our stance, but we ain’t scared to go against popular thought and opinion in the negrosphere. It takes a real revolutionary spirit to do what we do. The mass of ignorant proletariat goyim seek to turn reality on it’s head. Those that think and reason are deemed race traitors. While the reactionary destructive emotional savage is deemed pro black. Once again we will show the folly of the reactionary emotional negro in the Mckinnley pool party media distraction. The war between the savage negro, and the space age Negas has begun. We are gaining ground, we will not lose.


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The Great Thug Debate 1.

thug1-001bBlack folks always cryin about shyt that don’t mean nothing. Niccaz always gettin distracted by things of no real relevance. The newest media distraction is now all about why the term THUG is only used to describe black folks. I swear I wish Niggaz would stop being so simple minded. How is it that Niccaz get involved and emotional over such horse shyt. So now, once again, the light of supreme wisdom must be shown by us to set the record straight. We will be critiquing Tariq Nasheed’s podcast on the same issue. This show will be divided into two parts. Were back at it again, pissin Niccaz off, and giving fools that work.

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