Prepare for War: Listener E-mails Show.


Having a discussion pertaining to a future show I did with Tony. This show will be rough,rugged and raw. So I felt it was necessary to give heads up and warn you playaz about it. I speak on the proper mental attitude of a warrior in combat. I speak on me paying Tony back his 60 dollaz. I laugh at Rick Nasty sending me 100 e-mails, trying to check to see if I’m dead. And much much more gets discussed. Check me out!

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Cosmic Slop Edition: Lebron/Rza and Cosby.

rzashowWhile the rest of these coward azz Niggas suck the white medias dick. Me and Tony continue to dig up the truth and defend our brothas from the fake pro black savage and the evil scum sucking white liberal. Today’s podcast we defend our brothas The RZA, Lebron James and of course Bill Cosby. I’m sorry that I have not posted any shows pertaining to my life with the freaks, but too much serious shyt been poppin up in the media that demonizes good brothas. Me and Tony have no time for tomfoolery right now. We all must speak out and defend our soldiers on the chessboard. Stop reacting to one line that a blackman may say in the media. Judge the man by his history and his deeds and not some bullshyt soundbite.

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Analyses of todays black intellectuals.

dickriderzNo stone is left unturned in todays podcast. Me and Tony speak on the pros and cons, the good and the bad of todays black intellectuals. Boyce Watkins, Umar Johnson, Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed are put under the microscope and analysed by the greatest podcasters in gawd damn history! We also touch on dick riding and nut hugging Niccaz that worship these personalities. Playas, please be your own man, and do not become anyone’s ideological flunky.Lone Wolf and Cub taking heads once again. Enjoy the massacre!

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The pawns go first: Part 1


Smashing your idols into smithereens gawd dammit… dig?! Yes, we at it again, we can’t be stopped! The fat trick Niccaz is on a rampage! Peep the cover art and see what we spitt’n this week. We are the future, our time is now.

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The Rebel Flag: A breakdown of it’s historical significance.


Me and Tony once again showcase total brilliance in podcasting by breaking shyt down and giving you the facts on such controversial topics such as this. I give you my reasons why I don’t sweat this latest distraction about the confederate flag. I say let southern folks have that flag. I’m a warrior by nature and I fully understand that Negroes crying about the flag only screams weakness not strength. I personally don’t give two fux if it flies or not. But if I battle any opponant, I want them at thier best, I want them at thier strongest. I want thier will and confidence to be at it’s peak. Thusly why I want any and all men to fly there colors into battle. Fly your colors so I can fly mine, and when the smoke clears and I have beaten you, you will know I have beaten you at your best.

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Mckinnley Texas Pool Party: The science of gentrification.


As usual Niccaz are being manipulated by the mainstream media into blind emotional stupidity. Thus it is important that me and Tony be the vanguard of intelligence, reason and common sense. Many Niccaz will not like our stance, but we ain’t scared to go against popular thought and opinion in the negrosphere. It takes a real revolutionary spirit to do what we do. The mass of ignorant proletariat goyim seek to turn reality on it’s head. Those that think and reason are deemed race traitors. While the reactionary destructive emotional savage is deemed pro black. Once again we will show the folly of the reactionary emotional negro in the Mckinnley pool party media distraction. The war between the savage negro, and the space age Negas has begun. We are gaining ground, we will not lose.


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