The Willie Dee “Coon” Episode.


In this podcast we discuss Niggaz doing dumb shyt as usual. Katt Williams, and Jon”Bones”Jones. We discuss the crazy black bytch that charged a cop with a battle axe and got smoked. And we also speak on Willie Dee’s new rap anthem concerning “Coons”.

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Marriage: The Good,the bad,the ugly.


We answer listener E-mails in this latest podcast. We have the institution of marriage in our cross hairs. We give our opinion on the matter in true Mackcity Fashion.

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Power Trick Round Table 3: Know when to let them go.

I simp extra hard on this podcast. Me and Tony further explore the life and times of the freaks we fuck with. And I get a bit simpish while speakin on my relationship with Nish. It’s painful to even listen to man..LOL. I also speak on my new interaction with this bad azz white bytch that’s given me full cooperation. Enjoy my Simpin!

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Walking Dead Fuckery 2 and Female Friends.

Chiming back in on the Content of the character of the male Negro Vs the Quantity of the Male Negro on the Walking Dead series. More expounding upon my Tranny nightmare that I experienced in the military in 1990. I speak on one irritating night with the big homey Sidtrixter. I elaborate on the Holly Holm and Miesha Tate UFC title fight. Inner circle Chick tries to get me too sign for a new car. The selfish nature of woman. Low IQ’s equal violent Niggaz.

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Past Log:19 July 04

This chick named Angel (who looks alot like (Lady T) called and she wanna get on wit a Nicca also this week. I met her at “Shakin” show and strip club, gave her my card and told her to holla at me about 3 weeks ago. I told her I don’t know if I’m gonna do anything this week, but I told her she is at the top of the list if anything goes down.

Just got another call from some chick named Ms. Ella. She says that she was referred to me by Chocolate. I asked her age she said she was 42. She claims that she is fine as fuck and she wants to meet me at 4:30 pm today at her crib. I said “Have your I.D ready and I’m gonna honk for you. You need to come outside and get in the ride so we can discuss some thangs, so be ready.”

Seen Ms Ella and she wasn’t as fine as she let on. She looked old and used. She got in the car and I told her I may have a slot open for her but first I need to check out your I.D. She said she didn’t have it with her. But when we was on the phone she said she had it. Gawd damn dawg…..this shyt gets old. Well she definitely will go on the back burner…she ain’t no priority to shoot.

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Magneto Rising.


I (Professor X) tried to use Cerebro to control Magneto, but he has figured out someway to shake off my mental powers. It seems that Tony(Magneto)has had enough! The Dusty Nigga Army must pay for it’s transgressions in blood. No more excuses for dumb shyt and relishing in Ratchetness. Mutant liberation begins today! Witness the meltdown that has dusty Niggaz running scared for the hills. In this podcast Tony speaks on a situation that came about while practicing his occupation as a bail bondsman. Most blacks talk about police brutality and imagine it everywhere they look and turn. But to be honest me and Tony a.k.a Magneto have never personally seen it, and we believe we don’t see it enough. Sometimes these Niggaz need to be fuck’n cracked! Alot of these wild savage azz Niggaz need to be whooped to restore balance to the scales. There seems to be too much ratchet/dusty Nigga enabling going on in society today. This enabling of the ratchet culture is destroying the black community. So sit back and be insulted, flabbergasted, dismayed, and shocked by Magnus’s righteous fury. Let the beatings begin!

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Prepare for War: Listener E-mails Show.


Having a discussion pertaining to a future show I did with Tony. This show will be rough,rugged and raw. So I felt it was necessary to give heads up and warn you playaz about it. I speak on the proper mental attitude of a warrior in combat. I speak on me paying Tony back his 60 dollaz. I laugh at Rick Nasty sending me 100 e-mails, trying to check to see if I’m dead. And much much more gets discussed. Check me out!

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