The Angryman Interview!

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Scorched Earth Policy.


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White She Devil Comix.


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Scared Straight 3: Frozen Toilet Paper!

frozentpThrowing out a show that is not knee deep in the Cosby quagmire. I touch a little bit on Cosby, the whole show is not dedicated to Cosby, I promise..LOL. These are the topics….Griff hates on Cosby. Michael Jai White simpn. Cortez E-Mail. Crackaz hate my Kung-Fu. Frozen Toilet Paper. Cognitive Dissonance. BLM Vs The Malitia. Economic Crash to be tied to Civil War.

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Listener E-Mails: Drunk’n cult sex orgy

Diva's phat bootyIn this episode me and Tony respond to listener E-mails. We discuss The Hebrew Isrealite cult ISUPK. Is there still money to be made in porn? If I had a chance to start all over again and do this porn again, what would I do differently? We discuss the economics of slavery, and do we think that the sovereign citizenship movement is valid. I also speak on my ghetto neighbors kids still jump’n up and down on my ceiling like zoo animals. I chime in after another drunkin cult sex orgy that i had this past holloween, and how I have to deal with drunk hood Niggaz still sniffin around my bytchez.

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Dark Sun 2: An honest critique of Al Islam.

Through the years of me doing this podcast, I have done many shows on religion. But I always managed to leave out and avoid the religion of Islam. Out of all the religions I have studied and practiced, I loved Islam the most. Although I no longer practice the religion and have outgrown it’s borders, I still greatly respect it. And I also credit it for building the man you see today. I am strongly independent, and fiercely intellectual. But Niggafucious seems to have no problem taking up the task of keeping things 100 about the philosophy and it’s impact upon the world. We cover Sunni Islam, The Prophet Muhammad, Noble Drew Ali, Master Farad Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Clarence 13 X and of course Malcolm X. This will be a long podcast(3 and 1/2 hours), Tony did such a magnificent job in giving us the info, that I deemed it a masterpiece and could not bare to slice it up. So if you get tired in the middle of the podcast, please feel free to push pause and take a break. I include clips of Malcolm X’s past interviews to reinforce our position also. So we raise the bar today, no silly Niggotry or ratchet stories to smoke to or laugh at. Only the upper chakras will be stimulated today. Enjoy.

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Dark Sun.


This a metaphysical, philosophical show for the freethinkers in the crew. I tackle the questions: Why are there so few black Atheist in the Black community? What if the Xtian is wrong about his God choice and he goes to Hindu/Muslim Hell? What if GOD wrote the Bible to weed out suck asses, boot lickers and spineless cowards from real OG’s like me? We speak on Obama’s obvious philosophical slant of being a Marxist Humanist, and the plan to depopulate the planet by 95%.

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